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A Prison of Flab :iconeyebeast:EyeBeast 253 20
Mature content
Many More Malasadas :iconweeb-lord:weeb-lord 135 19
Mature content
Bountiful Fields - Chapter 7.3 (Hinata Hyuuga WG) :iconplump-hinata:Plump-Hinata 19 1
Mature content
Bountiful Fields - Chapter 7.2 (Hinata Hyuuga WG) :iconplump-hinata:Plump-Hinata 17 1
Mature content
Bountiful Fields - Chapter 7.1 (Hinata Hyuuga WG) :iconplump-hinata:Plump-Hinata 20 1
Weight-mare (WoW WG Story)
   Within the forests of Val’sharah, within the village of Lorlathil, there resided a young Night Elf by the name Elliana Silverheart, or Elly for short. She lived with her mother, Syhuun, a Druid who was assisting in cleansing their forest of the Nightmare wrought upon them by Xavius. Elly was only around 6 years old, had long green hair, and light purple skin.
   “Mom!” Elly cried, watching as a group of adventurer’s rode through the town on their mounts. “I wanna go fight the Nightmare too! Why can’t I go?”
   Syhuun laughed softly, sitting next to her daughter on the steps leading up to their home on one of the many hills in Val’sharah. “Someday, dear. But not now. You are too young, I couldn’t bear to see you get hurt.”
   “I won’t get hurt! C’mon, Mom, pleeease?” Elly pleaded, grabbing onto her mother’s dress tightly.
   Syhuun shook he
:iconchubby-chimaera:Chubby-Chimaera 21 0
The Alien Doll
“Okay, Let me try to explaing this to you again… So you grew up playing with dolls, correct? Of course you did!” The voice said, as the owner of the voice peered through Jane’s memory, seeing everything she had experienced as a child. “Similar to dolls on earth, we get play-things for our kids, except ours are… more interactive…” The voice said, a sinister tone shining through.
The last thing she remembered she was walking to her apartment from her complex’s in-house gym when suddenly all she saw was a blinding light before waking up strapped to a metal table.
“Just tell me where I am!!!!!” Jane screamed as she tried to move her head enough toward the voice that had been talking, failing to see the figure that was holding her captive. The voice was hard to comprehend… it was speaking English, but didn't sound human if that makes sense. It sure didn't make any sense to Jane but that was the only way she could explai
:iconnovicefa:NoviceFA 21 2
Mature content
Supersized in Space :iconrevivedracer209:Revivedracer209 78 14
Mature content
Overgrown in Space :iconrevivedracer209:Revivedracer209 29 7
Mature content
Colossal in Space :iconrevivedracer209:Revivedracer209 17 5
Mature content
Oversized in Space :iconrevivedracer209:Revivedracer209 33 11
Heavy Times in Space
    "This is Biscuit 8 to command, come in." The voice came from a new Trekker: Josephine Stilton. As a recent Trekker, she certainly was a woman who kept her nose to the grindstone. But she always placed her greatest faith in her specialized handbook. Unfortunately, her ship was quite messy, meaning she would never find such an item. She pushed a button again. "This is Biscuit 8 to command, come in."
    No response, just like the first few times. Had she truly gone on her first mission, just to end up lost? Josephine sighed and retracted herself. She then ran her hands down her long brown hair. It was going to be a long flight. But she was still confident she'd find someone. 
    A number of asteroids later, she came across a floating piece of metal. Recalling one thing she had learned long ago, nearby debris meant that someone had their ship wrecked, be it through combat or otherwise. Thankfully not using a cargo ship, the Trekker gripped her hands
:iconrevivedracer209:Revivedracer209 46 2
Mature content
Weighed Down in Space :iconrevivedracer209:Revivedracer209 69 5
Mature content
The God of Excess :iconwoodenturtle89:Woodenturtle89 16 0
Mature content
The volcano Goddess :iconwoodenturtle89:Woodenturtle89 36 0
Mature content
The God of Abundance :iconwoodenturtle89:Woodenturtle89 22 3


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