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fooAvA 1.05

fooAvA 1.05

PanelsUI config, so not compatible with further version of foobar (since v0.9.5.3)

you can get necessary foobar2000 version here:

Warning! Foo_chronflow may crash your foobar, especially on configurations with ATI video card - I'm not an author of this component so I can't explain why...
Before using, please update your graphics card drivers. More info here:

* new setup
* Graphical Browser support
* CoverFlow Mode
* new mini-player mode
* official Playcount support
* new design for bottom bar
* tweaks...
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Excellant !!

J'ai testé avec la dernière version de fb2k mais ça coince ...! Donc j'ai chargé l'ancienne version car je m'en sert en portable sur clef USB pour aller au taff.
9a me fait un lecteur relativement complet et léger.

Encore bravo
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Can somebody do this for latest versions of foobar?
what tech needed for this, JS?
is it impossible, or colums ui have limitations?
Works like a charm...i just find that the size of the buttons below are too small.
Is there anyway to enlarge the size of the bottom bar/buttons?
After that, it will be perfect !!!!!
Works like a charm, great stuff...i just find that the size of the buttons below are too small.
Is there anyway to enlarge the size of the bottom bar/buttons?
After that, it will be perfect !!!!!
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how to make it show embedded art rather than album art? since i put all my song in the same folder...
Ive been using fooava 1.05 since forever, a virus ha infekted all exe files so I had to reinstall.

Now I cannot se the information about the playing artist, guess its just a setting and I can not find it.

Wery mouch apriciate help
Can anybody package this up for me and host it? The installer crashes at 5% :(
Thanks for a great skin! It works perfect except one thing.. When i turn off Foobar2000 and turn it on again. My skin settings has been reseted. How to save it? I can't see any button to do it... Any1 got the same problem and got it solved?

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Okay... I really love how this lookg but I have no idea how to make my foobar look like it. I have been using foobar for some time and I have done the layout changes manually (only with guides though). So, I made a fresh installation of foobar ( and then installed your fooAvA 1.05. Then what? Could you please help me? :tears:
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Okay, forget what I said. It was 1.03 and now that I installed the newer version it works perfectly! Thanks for the nice layout!
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I installed foobar and then I run the fooAvA 1 05, chose the PanelUI, but I got a white screen when I open foobar :s I have an ATI card but it's a recent card and I have catalyst 10.12 with the newest drivers installed, so I don't see the problem.. Do you have to do anything else to make this working?
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Лепота... то же самое и для Аимпа бы, или хотя бы нового Фубара
i have Windows X64 and dont see scrool show, add folder, now playing icons :(
what is bad pls.
Thank you.
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Is there a way to see the music list like the album list when the view is by folder structure?

Thanks a lot!
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Can You Help Me? I Found This Bug...i Use Foobar 1.5.2 In Vista This Is The Screen Shot : [link]
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Awesome !!! I love it! Thank you so much :D (Installing now...)
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I can't seem to get the playcount to show with the miniplayer, I also seem to not be able to change a song's rating after the first time, and assigning a song 4-stars makes the rating dissapear from the miniplayer. Is there a way I could possibly troubleshoot to fix any of these issues?
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Firstly, many thanks for this creation! Even though i've tried a few configs since first using 1.05, i always come back

Could you help or advise on one small issue..........I got the RGB options via the settings button bottom right & i have it set on blue at the mo but in the playlist column, the artist name is white like the song titles >>> see screenshot


Could you tell me how i alter the script [what i put in] to amend please so the artists name is colour co-ordinated to the relevant theme

When using in mini mode, everything's fine :-)
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Nie wiem dlaczego, ale po świeżej instalacji foobara i Twojego pluginu wciąż mam domyślny wygląd i układ.
Nie robię niczego ponad instalację - cóż może być nie halo ?
okey i got the lyrics to work, but there are some songs where the program couldn't find, what now.... is there suppose to be another seach engine looking for lyrics... also how do u change the background like ur picture that has a blue,red,green backgruond thx
oh btw everything is workign great thx you!!!
hey i'm new to this, but when i download it, how do i get the lyrics things to work, having tourble and don't no what to do, thx
Świetny skin naprawdę :D Specjalnie dla tego zmieniłem winampa na foobara :D Tylko taki jeden problem mam. Po ustawieniu sobie tła i przezroczystości przycisków, a nastę;pnie zrestartowaniu foobara wygląd się resetuje. Jak temu zaradzić?
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