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fooAvA 1.03

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Published: June 22, 2007
New version of my foo:

Components needed:
> Lyric show
> Foo_peakmeter
> Panels_UI 0.13.8
> Cwb Hooks
> Album Art panel
> Columns UI
> Album List
> Lyrics DB
> Playlist Dropdown
> QuickSearch Toolbar

- WSH Panels (Unstable. May crash your foobar)
- WMPVis

Date: 22.06.2007
- some performace tweaks
Other changes:
- transparency mode,
- mini player mode,
- New lyric show panel,
- better text alignment,
- inserting (...) when title is too long,
- full codec name on bottom bar,
- New settings window,
- Ratings ON/OFF,
- CD/Vinyl images and effects ON/OFF,
- easy font size in lyrics change.

Thx to odyn1982 (hosting and beta tests)
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P5YCHOPTHobbyist General Artist
Nice, thanks
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XXXTrilicHobbyist Digital Artist
Best looking skin ever. Thanks so much!
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wow cool can you tell me how to do it
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What version of foobar does this work best on? I get a messload of errors on the current one... and mainly because foobar doesnt support panels UI anymore..but some of the older ones won't run the new dll's of the components. i BEG of you... please upload your theme WITH all the components..because this is what happens when you don't.. :(
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Nevermind, fixed it :].. .Stupid user control settings lol.
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I can't find Foo_peakmeter anywhere, and the FooAva installer doesn't patch foobar correctly :|
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Awesome work! B-)

Can you please upload the components?
(because I can't find all of them)
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Wonderful,this is the best skin i've ever seen!
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dawxxx666Hobbyist Interface Designer
There was some preview version for foobar2000.pl's users: [link] There's no final version for now...
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First things first, awesome theme, and very user-friendly install to boot.

I'm new to Foobar, though, and have no real idea how to change things on skins that already exist, so what I want to know is if there's a way to do the following:

1. Load my media library in the playlist pane, rather than use the little popup window/file browser window,

2. Make multiple folders/artists collapsible/expandable.

For example, this is what my setup looks like: [link]

I'd really like to have all of my music loaded in the playlist side, but for each album to expand only when selected. I've seen this in other themes, but I'd rather use your theme of course, so can you tell me how to do this, if it's an option? Thanks in advance!
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dawxxx666Hobbyist Interface Designer
1. Go to menu (first button in left corner AFAIR) -> Library -> Search, insert %path% PRESENT and click on the button in right corner:
2. Impossible in fooAvA
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Excellent, that worked. Thanks!
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Sweet skin!
Just have one problem;
The lyrics..
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dawxxx666Hobbyist Interface Designer
AFAIR, just go to settings (first button in lower-right corner) and change lyrics mode.
Virrel33t's avatar
Oh >.<

Thought I had been there and changed that one :P
But how do u get the lyrics as like u have it at the picture with the U2 song? Do you have any tips? Mine is pretty ugly atm :P
But thx anyway! :D
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dawxxx666Hobbyist Interface Designer
You can change it in Preferences [ctrl+p] => Tools => Lyric Show Panel => Display
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Fix it up pretty nice now :D

Just got one question; How do u change the background so it's not a colour but a image? Like in the u2 sample :P
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MrNakataHobbyist Interface Designer
How can I make Foobar always visible? I've tried with the keyboard shortcut but it did'nt work.
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dawxxx666Hobbyist Interface Designer
Unfortunately, it won't work in PanelsUI.
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Dr-BeeHobbyist Interface Designer
Everything works great but I get failed to load the lyrics ui and columns ui.dll's. What are the exact versions I need for this? Thanks man
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I'm not downloading it this time because I already got it from another page but I wanna say that I love this skins. I've been using it for a year already
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Great theme man love it
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dawxxx666Hobbyist Interface Designer
Femto-01's avatar
The skin that made me use foobar2000 again.
The best I've seen till now.
Thank you very much!

I have one question though : how do you set the font (colors, in caps, highlighting color...) for the lyric show component like in your screenshots? I only have a green ugly font...
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