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Safe and Sound

"Safe and Sound"
Aerith falls asleep and Squall covers her with his jacket.
This is by far, one of my favorites.
Blame Kingdom Hearts for this pairing! lol I don't care what anyone says, they are quite cute together O\\\O
go read the manga<3
Aerith's staff is totally cricked lol hopefully nobody can tell!
I got my title from Taylor Swifts & The Civil War's new song for the hunger games, Safe and Sound.
Those lyrics are very powerful and I've fallen in love with that song =3
Tool: Wacom pentablet
Program: Paint SAI
Aerith Gainsborough and Squall Leon(c)Square Enix

Please do not take and make you own. If used credit me.
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This is so beautiful!  I really love everything about this!Love 

Yes, blame Kingdom Hearts for this! XD  But Squall/Aerith is so cute! 
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I also love them very much! ><
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O.O I love Squall ahhh this is so beautiful yeah I don't care who he's with, he so hot good job!
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I loved this picture so much, it was forever burned into my brain. While searching for a game one day, I found this picture - [link]

It looks just like yours! Perhaps you've used this as an inspiration? You should add it to your description! n_n
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Oh yes! this was when I first started out! and had to look at different references. Though I didn't intend to copy or make it look similar ^__^;
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yes true..... true true trueeeeee....

I love this pairing than rinoaxsquall XD
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this pic is so lovely *___________*
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This looks amazing; remarkable work. :D
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This is amazing! Yes, I agree - it is all KH's fault for making us love this pairing :P
Keep up the great work!
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man this is so sweet! nice drawing, one of my favorite crack pairings ever.
I agree, their cute together. Yeah more Squall and Aerith! ;)
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I love love love this pairing :)
Nice to see more artwork of them together.
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Yea. I would love to see more art of them too ><
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mah kh otp c:
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Yay! =D welcome to club SqAerith! LOL
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love this couple in KH :O!!!
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@@ I do too. You are now my best SquallAerith friend.
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yaaay xD read one of THE finest story on this couple a one shot but looooonnnggg one shot about emin FN!!! its so darn awesome made me fall in love wit the couple instantly.
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