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Green Tara

By DawnstarW
This has been an on-and-off painting that I've been working on since midway of 2019. I kept setting it aside again and again due to other projects popping up. So finally finished it up yesterday and I'm happy with the end result.

Watercolor on paper (8x10 inches)
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Beautiful job with those hands!

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If she could talk, I'd bet a cool $mill, that she'd introduce herself as "Atraxia" (a ver old Latin word... Ah Trex e ah that means
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I'll see your million and I'll raise you another million that her name is something cute and Indonesian.
Ooh wow, and you say it's an 8 by 10 piece? It feels so much bigger than that! Congratulations on finally finishing her, your painting is beautiful. 😊
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Many thanks! I may revisit this theme at a later time but on a larger scale but yes, this one is only an 8x10 inch piece. The largest I get these days is an 11x14 and the smallest (which I rarely do because a lot of patience is involved) is either a 1x1 or 2x2. 
Oh whoa
Hey, you and I work pretty opposite! Small pieces are the easiest for me, and the larger works drive me insane! 😅 Maybe using colored pencils has something to do with it 😅, but I'm still pretty afraid of paints at the moment.
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