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Hey everyone!! *waves* *hugs & kisses all around*

Well I'm SO very sorry I've been absent. You see my computer had a complete meltdown. My information was backed up, well as much as was current, on our server. Unfortunatly.. that too may have been lost. We won't know until its fixed and well.. we can't afford the parts at the moment. (Don't ask me for further details.. as much as a geek I may be.. I'm NOT savvy when it comes to the technical aspects.)

Anywho my paint program(s), my webpage design program(s), all my years worth of projects (both webpage and art related), family & friend pics and ALL of my projects that I did have underway are effectivly GONE. That means if I told you "Sure.. I'll make a *blah*..I'd love to!" its probably not gonna happen. Again.. I'm VERY sorry.. :(

Lets see in other news I lost one roommate, whos now moved in with another friend, is gone. *sigh* We miss her dearly but we definently keep in touch. In her place we got a new roommate! Yeahhh! :D
(So for those who know me well that makes me, my hubby and 2 roomies.)

Also, oh yeah, I almost forgot.. not only did my computer die but YET ANOTHER FRIGGIN MONITER BURNT UP! Arg! WTF? Seriously.. I'm cursed with the moniters I swear. lol Seriously I've killed several but this is SECOND ONE to literally crackle, flicker, send up wisps of smoke and die. It was my best moniter ever.. which makes it worse. A gaint black beauty.. damn I'm gonna miss it. So thats yet another thing I'll need... (good thing my birthday AND Christmas are on the way.. huh?) lol
*prays to God, Budda & anyone else listening* "Pleassseeeeee.."

For the time being.. well I have been half heartedly been doing some oil pastel work but no graphics. I'm using my hubby's computer and for one thing it doesn't have all my precious little program to keep me safe and warm.. the moniter/graphics card is just plain awful... its all blurry. So its unlikely I'll be doing any art/dolling... but who knows.. maybe.. big maybe there. Theres always MSpaint... so what if all I see is blur.. I can zoom. ;)

Well I missed everyone and I'm sorry for not keeping ya' posted. I'm terrible about that I know. I hope all my viewers and friends alike have been well. *hugs*

much love,

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popnicute Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2006  Professional General Artist
dawnsierra Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
kry!!! :wave:

I missed you! How are ya!? :glomp:

I'm sorry I lost that little doll I was making you. On an up note though I'm actually typing on MY OWN COMPUTER! W00t! lol Mike fixed it and got me a new moniter... only problem is nearly all my files are still MIA though.

Anywho I'm back.. gonna try and climb back on the horse.

So good to see you again.. :dance:
popnicute Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2006  Professional General Artist
wow! that's awesome!! w00tles! :w00t:

hehe.. so good to see you again!! it's been a long time indeed :glomp: i'm happy atm, hehehe.. :love: read my latest journal :giggle: :boogie:

no problem with the doll :hug: but i hope your all of important files are recoverable tho!
dawnsierra Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Well I may have lost a few important files (legal files, family photos, etc.) Sure it sucks but I'm not broken up too badly about it really. It had been down a long while and I knew it was a possibility. Though I did a rough tally... looks like I lost about 90% of my things. (Did I mention that already? Dunno.. sleepy.. brain no werky.)

Mostly I'm bummed about having lost all those unfinished probjects. Guess that'll teach me to stop being so lazy.. ;)
As soon as I'm done with these couple of doll bases I'm workin' on I'll see what I can do to get the uploaded. Since their doll related though I might want to upload them to my website before uploading them to the gallery.

Ok I'm rambling again.. and my eyes are so dry.. need sleep. Must draaww.. NO ... SLEEP.. must sleep... draaaaawwwwww... *drool*
popnicute Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2006  Professional General Artist
aww.. sorry to hear that :hug: i guess we will always have something to learn from our problems in the past ;)

hope you got a nice sleep :sleep:
i need to back up my files too.. my computer is falling apart AFTER i upgraded it ;___; oh well.. i'm going to fix it this afternoon.. hope it'll be alright.. :pray:
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October 6, 2006