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Okay so I'm not saying I'm BACK or anything BUT...  

Well it's been about a year! Geez! I feel just awful about having been gone for so long. Quite a bit has happened since last I was on.

Last I was here my hubby and I were talking about trying to get him into college and eventually get to Japan. lol Well I'm afraid college didn't pan out since it costs as much as it would for us to buy a home PER semester. (Ouch!) Also travel is out of the question... you see...

I'm pregnant!

Yup! 8 months now with a little girl. The name in the lead has been 'Twyla' however the hubs also likes other names like 'Freya.' She's healthy, I'm healthy (aside from some recent nerve pain.) She's due the day after my own birthday so I'm definitely crossing my fingers on that one. (That would be the bestest birthday present EVER! lol) :D

Anyway, as I said, a lot happened. I've been sick or depressed (due to family issues & also job/money issues) much of this year and the end of last but having our little girl on the way definitely cheers things up. (We didn't think we'd be able to have children. Oh and .. she may be our one and only.) I haven't felt like drawing in so long. Right now I'm SO fatigued and nauseous I doubt I'll be getting into it right now but I DO want to get back into drawing again.. I miss it...

I may have my hands full with the baby soon and be unable to get back into drawing for a while OR I may find with my free time drawing may be a good stress release. *shrug*

I am VERY sorry for fading away and not keeping in touch though. I've felt genuinely very guilty about it. :(

I don't know how well I'll KEEP in touch but I wanted to touch base and say 'YES! I'm alive!' lol So if you'll excuse me.. there's half a pint of ice cream in the freezer calling my name and a little girl kicking my liver.

Much love,

The new layout here at DA... um... *eep*.. What can I say? I don't like change! lol Seriously.. I miss the old layout.. a lot.

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Juanalene Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congrats DAWN!!! (^-^)
- I just got back on DA myself about a few days ago.
I haven't been very artistic myself either so we're in the same boat. lol!
I LOVE the name 'Twyla' you picked.
So pretty and very unique. :)

Hope your well & talk to you soon!
dawnsierra Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
OMG! A comment! lol

Thanks so much for the kudos on the name! I just hope she likes it! *fingers crossed*

I'm still not drawing BUT, more than likely, I'll probably get back into it more after the baby gets here. I've been wanting to but I'm so preoccupied with getting ready or, hell, just WORRYING constantly about my little tummy munchkin I can't focus on my little pixels...

I'm SO out of practice... it'll probably be crap but I'll try and get something up before, say, the end of the year. hehe
(Yay! For low expectations.)

Oh and I'm 37 weeks TODAY. W00t! It looks like she'll be here relatively soon.. or at the very least not late. ;)
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