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So yah.. hey there sexy people.. ;)

I'm SO bad about keeping up with things. I ran into Wayuki, whom I'm sure many of you know is an AMAZING artist (3d, pixel, etc.). I saw her name on this craft forum I belong to... cause ya see.. I'm obsessed with crochet now. lol Anywho it was a bit weird running into someone from the pixel/doll community on a unrelated site but it got me thinking. A stirring of guilt in my tummy made me think I should TRY at least to give a little time to pixel art again. I know I know.. I'm not very good but I really love doing it. I just tend to get passionate about just one thing at a time... lately its been crochet.
I supposed I COULD post my new crochet here... after all I've JUST started trying my hand at making my own crochet patterns. Its nothing artistic though.. rather boring baby related stuff mostly.

So I'm not fully 'back' but I'm thinking about scribbling something up and posting it. Or maybe making something crochet related to post... maybe call it fiber art. lol

I'm honestly, genuinely racked with guilt for not posting anything for So long.. for not drawing in ages..


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Submitted on
April 15, 2009