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Ok so I'm quietly freaking out here. I've been agonizing over this crochet contest I entered and now voting has finally begun! However on top of the fact its the first contest I've ever entered my crochet in... they put the wrong name on my entry. *Eek!* I'm sure they'll fix it soon but I'm so worried it might effect the results. I guess, though, that anyone who DID actually want to vote for me would know it was mine. :o
Anywho.. if your a member please vote, whether for me or not. However if I won.. gaa.. that would be awesome! I think my already mammoth head would float right off my shoulders. lol I don't think that'll happen though... there weren't many entries but everyone worked very hard.
Oh if your not a member you MIGHT still be able to vote without signing up and if you should sign up just to vote (Wow! How awesome are YOU?) then you should know I don't think I've gotten any spam after signing up with them. I really love this craft forum! ;)
I'm SO tempted to start writing everyone I know and asking for their vote... but that wouldn't be right. Afterall I don't think I should bug everybody just to vote for me... I hardly know anyone who actually crochets.. and I don't want to be a bother. :(

In any case.. please wish me luck! I'm honestly a bit shakey I'm so nervous! LOL.. Gaa.. I'm such a dork .. I know..

Ok just one more time... last chance.. :thanks:

Please come vote at the Craftster Crochet Contest!

The name is now corrected! Phew! Thank goodness! lol My entry is called Rainbow Booties & Bonnet for Baby by dawnsierra and.. oh my.. its already losing. Ouch! Go vote!
Also it looks as though you can't vote unless your registered .. damn.

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Submitted on
April 29, 2009