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Hey everyone!!! *big massive hugs*

Okay heres whats been goin' on...

Well first off my best friend is no longer living far far away in the big city.. shes moved HERE... and not just HERE but.. shes now my new roommate! Whoohoo! Unfortunatly the circumstances that led her to move here weren't all that peachy and cheery but thats alright shes doing really well. I'm so proud of her and glad to be rid of one of my old roommates. (Long story.. happy ending.) ;)
So for the last month we've been moving her things in and rearranging the entire house. Also after all this time job hunting, when not bogged down with the flu, shes found a job! Yeaahh! Seriously shes the best... I'm so glad she's done so well and shes a joy to live with. Not the neatest girl in the world (haha) but she does help to cheer me up and never turns down on opportunity to pitch in.
Oh also I should mention my poor computer has had yet ANOTHER MELTDOWN! (Hence the 'Ka-BOOM!"..) My poor computer..  first it died and we backed up everything, got a new tower, I got nearly all my goodies set up and installed once more and now.. alas.. shes died AGAIN. My hubby says its the power supply.. so until we can afford a new one I'm stuck using his computer. Meaning no artwork aside from an occassional MSpaint doodle. Also meaning I can't continue practicing with my beloved tablet. *sigh* Oh well.. I'm sure my genius husband will fix it. He's kind of amazing like that...
Oh but heres another bit of good news. While I continue to try and help my new roomie settle in and wait for a new power supply... I'm learning to SEW. Yes its true! Me.. sew... seriously...  Ok so your not impressed.. well thats ok. I've always wanted to but my Mother's medical condition got much to severe for her to instruct me before I had a chance to learn. My Mom was such a sweetheart though in letting me use her Bernina(sp?).. apparently its the rolls royce of sewing machines. Also my new roomie (haha.. again with the roomie news) knows how to sew and shes been teaching me how. So far I've managed a poorly made barbie dress.. not project.. pot holders! W00t! (If I actually make anything really decent.. I might add it to my gallery. lol)

Ok I'm rambling on a bit so I'd better cut it short..

Sorry for being off for so long but ya know.. real life always takes precedence.
I DID miss ya.. so don't go thinkin' otherwise. ;)
I WILL continue drawing and creating and what not.. but at the moment.. it'll probably mostly via the sewing machine until my computer is working.

Well I think that about covers it..  

Much love,

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popnicute Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2006  Professional General Artist
sewing! :XD: i can sew too, but nothing grand.. i can run a sewing machine at least :P never had any real lesson but my mom was an amazing sewer (not working as one but a very neat sewer).
she used to make all of our dresses when we were kids :giggle: we (me n sis) always had the best clothes in our class :w00t:

i'm sorry for your computer :hug: i hope it get fixed soon :D
Lostprincessofoz Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yay! sewing! I've been sewing lately too, it's fun, but sometimes I don't have the patience for it (especially when my sewing machine eats the pretty blue satin i bought to make an Alice dress with ARGHRGRGRHRHRG) I can't wait to see your creations!
dawnsierra Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
lol Well I'm not far along enough to bother using any really nice fabrics. I knew for sure I'd find some way to ruin them.. :blush:
At the moment I've found using old blankets and holey t-shirts works pretty well. I still need sharper sizzors or a cutting pad for this rolling cutter I've got here. I don't know if I'll ever be good anything to making something entirely original however I woudl gladly settle for something wearable.. ;)
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February 23, 2006