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No worries.. I haven't lost interest in drawing or in deviant art. Just a quick apology for not updating lately. I have an excuse .. well not really but.. well.. kind of...

I'd been a little bit down and well I still am truthfully but... Mike and I have been talking and we'd both really like to pursue this idea of moving to Japan. (Seriously.) No I don't have an extensive Hello Kitty collection and use words like "kawaii" in everyday life nor do I or Mike have some anime obsession (though true we really like it just not to the extent some people on DA seem to.) lol I've just always really wanted to go...
My parents lived in Japan when my Dad was stationed there, before I was born. All my life my parents would talk about the good and the bad of living there and every time they did they'd both smile. They loved it there so much and I think they would love to return even if just to visit if they could.
I always ASSUMED someday I'd go. Like when you might ASSUME someday you'll get married, have kids or heck travel to Disney world but then one day it hits you.. that thing you thought would somehow magically happen for you didn't. You then finally see you have to somehow MAKE it happen.. or let it go. I'm 34 now *gulp*... and aside from being fortunate to find the love of my life.. I haven't accomplished anything I thought I would. This is one of those things that I always wanted. Not to say its my ONLY dream I obviously have others just like you.. just this happens to be one I share with Mike. ;)
(I was also really motivated but a blog I ran across about a teacher in Japan. So by all means share your dreams with others! You never know who you will inspire!) :D
So I told Mike I wanted to go and I told him how we could make it happen. He said 'Let's do it.' So we've made a little plan for us both and hopefully thing will work out well.
I don't want to go on and on and give every little detail but basically the plan is this:

1. Get Mike a bachelor's degree.
2. Additionally get a TEFL certification for Mike (maybe me too.)
3. Learn Japanese.
4. Save money for travel expenses/etc. :fingerscrossed:
5. Apply to Jet or other ESL program.

Right now we're waiting to hear about the grant Mike applied for and I've been working on my Japanese. I'd love to show off but my writing skills are nil and my speaking is almost as bad. I can understand more than I can speak. (Maybe at about 20+ words now? Its a tedious process but I'm using Rosetta Stone and it seems to be helping.)

One fatal flaw in this plan of course is.. in the meantime.. we still have to live here.. with my parents. *cringe*

Anywho... wish us luck..

In the meantime I am sorry I've been so caught up in my studying I haven't had the time/energy/willpower to draw or socialize online much. I'm sorry.. but hey I DO check for notes and my message program in on most of the time. *nudge*
Oh and I'm also sorry for all the wonderful artist's on my devwatch.. I always TRY to comment and fav but I've been so busy. I still loves ya.. :hug:

Jaa mata ne! Sayonara!

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Grafiketgrafok Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
ganbaro! ^^ I've spent 4 years learning japanese so... I have nothing to say but "good luck"! haha! :) This is just fantastic to decide to do such things in life! As I am 31 I can understand!!! I took so many important decisions this year too... Not the same though but... I'm sure you understand! :)

ganbare! jaa mata ne! :)
dawnsierra Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much! :hug:

Well I work on Rosetta Stone a few hours everyday and its a SLOW process but it does work. When I get really stuck I pull out my "Japanese For Busy People." Though the romanjii isn't exactly the same (I find it seems to vary between sources.)

(It is encouraging to know that people have moved to Japan with NO idea how to speak Japanese and done well, like my own parents. So every word I learn I look as simply bettering my chances there in communicating without attaching any kind of desperate finality towards learning it.)

We're still waiting to hear if Mike got the grant for college however he was approved to be consider for the grant (if that makes sense.) So.. we shall see.. :fingerscrossed:


Arigato! Sayonara! ;)
Grafiketgrafok Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
My best luck and wishes to you! ^^ Don't worry, motivation is your best friend! Learning japanese is a very interesting experience! I hope you'll give me news about all this! I cross all my fingers! :D
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July 3, 2009