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So I'm almost done with my current doll HOWEVER I *must must must* finish this stupid baby shower gift TODAY. I keep putting it off. I have the hardest time doing more than one thing I love at a time and lately I just want to draw. Anywho so yup.. I'll probably upload something new by this weekend... :D

Oh and I've been hanging out at DA's Digital Doll's chat room and I'd encourage anyone interested in dolling to pop in. There are some really really nice people there who would love to help give critique or just chit chat off and on while everyone is drawing in the background. lol Nice place.. nice people.. would love to see ya there...

Okay I never do these but I saw this at :iconhucupcake: and I thought it was kind of cute so I thought I'd try it...
(Just bare in mind the names of the search results aren't necessarily what I searched FOR...) ;)

Answer the questions below
-Take each answer and type it into the DA search box
-Take a deviation from the first page of results (may use ' popular' or 'newest' and post thumb (for subscribers) or link (non-subscribers)
-You can't copy the persons answers who posted this before you

1.The Age You Will Be on your next birthday
Spring Attack

2.A Place You'd Like to Travel
Amalfi Coast

3.Your Favorite Place

4.Your Favorite Object
Morning bedroom

5.Favorite Food

6.Your Favorite Animal
the cutest dog in the world

7.Your Favorite Color
Fade to Red

8.The Town/State/Etc you live in
Texas Road

9.Name of a Past Pet
Commission: Tess

10.A Dream Come True
I Found Your Heart

DawnSierra Contest Entry

12.Middle Name
High Sierra

13. Favorite Smell
Bit by the Baking Bug

14.Bad Habit of Yours
Hello, I like to procrastinate

15. 1st Job
Draping Fabric

16. Favorite Movie Currently
The Dark Crystal

17.What are you Doing Right Now
sitting in clouds

18.What's the Weather Like?
One Balmy Summer Evening

19.Favorite Sport

20.Favorite Music/Style/Band
Downtempo Delight

Proud Member Of
:icondollers: :icondollingclub: :iconpixel-artists:
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Submitted on
April 23, 2009