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Well, believe it or not, I HAVE actually been drawing. I haven't posted anything new yet being I'm VERY slow and it takes me days to finish a doll under normal circumstances.. let alone my also being out of practice. Anywho the one I'm doing is.. *bleh*.. nothing special at all.. just something to get me warmed up.

Unfortunately I still need to finish this set of hats and booties for my husband's friend at work who's expecting twin girls. I need them all done by this Friday and not unlike my drawing... sloowww. Their all but done now so its mostly just the making of little flowers and what not left to do.
(Should I bother posting my crochet? Yes? No? Or maybe just post crochet that I've personally designed and not ones I've done from a pattern/ Or no?) :o

As far as my deviant art to do list.. not only do I need to put up some new work, I also need to put up some OLD yet unposted works. I have to say my past pixel dolls are DREADFUL and I'm SO tempted to delete them all. Of course my current drawing is also rather pitiful. And here I had thought I was improving towards the end there. *shrug*

I've been looking through my doll's links list and SO many sites are gone now. I don't just mean amature sites but really really good doll/pixel art sites. What a shame...   I really hope the dolling community is *gulp*.. dieing off?
I am trying to get involved again despite doller's disappearances. I recently just Glam!, a doll forum. The people seem very nice and I'll be excited to start participating in contests and collabs and what not. I've also been hanging out a bit at deviant art's doll makers chat room; its a bit quiet but again.. very nice people. I think alot of people, like me, are probably drawing while chatting and so slow to reply. lol Oh and another thing..  I joined a couple of new clubs, links below. One of which, The Dolling Club, is having a little Beach theme collab so make sure to go check it out.
Glam! -
DA's Doll Chat -…

Oh and on a side note.. AugustC4 is.. *eep*.. gone?? Thats right.. it seems all of his work is deleted and I can't seem to get his website to come up. I think some of his work still may linger in the shop section but otherwise.. PooF! I wonder what happened? I was starting to make little fanart dolls of his work and I had planned to make some more. I'm sure I'll find other inspiration but still.. hope hes alright.

Okay again.. I RAMBLE.. big time... sorry about that. I'll get a little more drawing in and then its off to breakfast.

Things are a bit different around here now.. but its still good to be back. :D

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Submitted on
April 20, 2009