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So yah.. hey there sexy people.. ;)

I'm SO bad about keeping up with things. I ran into Wayuki, whom I'm sure many of you know is an AMAZING artist (3d, pixel, etc.). I saw her name on this craft forum I belong to... cause ya see.. I'm obsessed with crochet now. lol Anywho it was a bit weird running into someone from the pixel/doll community on a unrelated site but it got me thinking. A stirring of guilt in my tummy made me think I should TRY at least to give a little time to pixel art again. I know I know.. I'm not very good but I really love doing it. I just tend to get passionate about just one thing at a time... lately its been crochet.
I supposed I COULD post my new crochet here... after all I've JUST started trying my hand at making my own crochet patterns. Its nothing artistic though.. rather boring baby related stuff mostly.

So I'm not fully 'back' but I'm thinking about scribbling something up and posting it. Or maybe making something crochet related to post... maybe call it fiber art. lol

I'm honestly, genuinely racked with guilt for not posting anything for So long.. for not drawing in ages..


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Hey everyone!! *waves* *hugs & kisses all around*

Well I'm SO very sorry I've been absent. You see my computer had a complete meltdown. My information was backed up, well as much as was current, on our server. Unfortunatly.. that too may have been lost. We won't know until its fixed and well.. we can't afford the parts at the moment. (Don't ask me for further details.. as much as a geek I may be.. I'm NOT savvy when it comes to the technical aspects.)

Anywho my paint program(s), my webpage design program(s), all my years worth of projects (both webpage and art related), family & friend pics and ALL of my projects that I did have underway are effectivly GONE. That means if I told you "Sure.. I'll make a *blah*..I'd love to!" its probably not gonna happen. Again.. I'm VERY sorry.. :(

Lets see in other news I lost one roommate, whos now moved in with another friend, is gone. *sigh* We miss her dearly but we definently keep in touch. In her place we got a new roommate! Yeahhh! :D
(So for those who know me well that makes me, my hubby and 2 roomies.)

Also, oh yeah, I almost forgot.. not only did my computer die but YET ANOTHER FRIGGIN MONITER BURNT UP! Arg! WTF? Seriously.. I'm cursed with the moniters I swear. lol Seriously I've killed several but this is SECOND ONE to literally crackle, flicker, send up wisps of smoke and die. It was my best moniter ever.. which makes it worse. A gaint black beauty.. damn I'm gonna miss it. So thats yet another thing I'll need... (good thing my birthday AND Christmas are on the way.. huh?) lol
*prays to God, Budda & anyone else listening* "Pleassseeeeee.."

For the time being.. well I have been half heartedly been doing some oil pastel work but no graphics. I'm using my hubby's computer and for one thing it doesn't have all my precious little program to keep me safe and warm.. the moniter/graphics card is just plain awful... its all blurry. So its unlikely I'll be doing any art/dolling... but who knows.. maybe.. big maybe there. Theres always MSpaint... so what if all I see is blur.. I can zoom. ;)

Well I missed everyone and I'm sorry for not keeping ya' posted. I'm terrible about that I know. I hope all my viewers and friends alike have been well. *hugs*

much love,

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Hey everyone!!! *big massive hugs*

Okay heres whats been goin' on...

Well first off my best friend is no longer living far far away in the big city.. shes moved HERE... and not just HERE but.. shes now my new roommate! Whoohoo! Unfortunatly the circumstances that led her to move here weren't all that peachy and cheery but thats alright shes doing really well. I'm so proud of her and glad to be rid of one of my old roommates. (Long story.. happy ending.) ;)
So for the last month we've been moving her things in and rearranging the entire house. Also after all this time job hunting, when not bogged down with the flu, shes found a job! Yeaahh! Seriously shes the best... I'm so glad she's done so well and shes a joy to live with. Not the neatest girl in the world (haha) but she does help to cheer me up and never turns down on opportunity to pitch in.
Oh also I should mention my poor computer has had yet ANOTHER MELTDOWN! (Hence the 'Ka-BOOM!"..) My poor computer..  first it died and we backed up everything, got a new tower, I got nearly all my goodies set up and installed once more and now.. alas.. shes died AGAIN. My hubby says its the power supply.. so until we can afford a new one I'm stuck using his computer. Meaning no artwork aside from an occassional MSpaint doodle. Also meaning I can't continue practicing with my beloved tablet. *sigh* Oh well.. I'm sure my genius husband will fix it. He's kind of amazing like that...
Oh but heres another bit of good news. While I continue to try and help my new roomie settle in and wait for a new power supply... I'm learning to SEW. Yes its true! Me.. sew... seriously...  Ok so your not impressed.. well thats ok. I've always wanted to but my Mother's medical condition got much to severe for her to instruct me before I had a chance to learn. My Mom was such a sweetheart though in letting me use her Bernina(sp?).. apparently its the rolls royce of sewing machines. Also my new roomie (haha.. again with the roomie news) knows how to sew and shes been teaching me how. So far I've managed a poorly made barbie dress.. not project.. pot holders! W00t! (If I actually make anything really decent.. I might add it to my gallery. lol)

Ok I'm rambling on a bit so I'd better cut it short..

Sorry for being off for so long but ya know.. real life always takes precedence.
I DID miss ya.. so don't go thinkin' otherwise. ;)
I WILL continue drawing and creating and what not.. but at the moment.. it'll probably mostly via the sewing machine until my computer is working.

Well I think that about covers it..  

Much love,

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By the way for all those who are interested in Sunrise Mountain's recent doll contest winners for The Girl Next Door Contest.. the judging HAS concluded and the winners ARE posted. Just go to my website for more info.
Congratulations to all the winners and my thanks to all those who entered! :w00t:

Hello everybody! Its so good to be back!!! :wave: :wave: :wave:

I had a WONDERFUL time visiting with friends and family for the holidays. I was gone a bit longer than expected though. So to all those waiting for those goodies I promised ya' hold tight.. I'll get started ASAP. *hugs*
I originally went down to visit for Christmas but then my hubby decided to come up for New Years so I stayed for him and then we all went down to the bay and had a fantastic time with the family (dragging our friends along also.. who said they had a pretty good time too.) Margaritas and BBQ.. fireworks and champagne.. it was awesome. I even managed to avoid the evil evil karoke! Yeah me! :boogie:  

I have SO many messages to respond to so if I'm not able to answer each and every one I'm terribly sorry. I've been terribly busy since I got back. I've actually been back a few days now but having been gone nearly a month and with my hubby plus a couple of male roommates to boot well... lets just say cleaning has been a real chore. Now that I've at least got it reasonably tidy I can finally sit down and start drawing again. Speaking of which.. :excited: I GOT A TABLET FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!! WHOOHOOOooooo! I'm SO excited about it I can't begin to tell you. Thanks so much to my parents and my husband for all chipping in. I know it was a tad expensive but I love it, love it, LOVE it! I've only had a wee chance to fiddle with it so don't be expecting anything grand until I've at least got the hang of it.. actually don't be expecting anything grand period. lol Still though I can't wait to started playing it.. I just can't thank my parents and hubby enough. I love you.. :love:

Ok I'll hush now and get straight to work. I've got a couple of deviant friends who've been waiting ages for me to make something/anything half way decent for them so I'll do my best. Okay hushing up now (sorry just had 4 cups of that yummy fancy coffee I got for Christmas.. CAFFINNNEE!!) :blahblah:

Love to everyone,
Missed you all terribly (not only those of you I know but those whos deviations I've missed,)

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:excited: Sunrise Mountain is finaaalllyy done and uploaded so please please please go check it out. If for any reason you have trouble using the domain url you can use this one instead.
I may submit the website design as a webpage type deviation not sure yet. Honestly I'm so happy to finally have it up. I'll continue to add to it for now I only have a few more tutorials in mind I'd like to add and some more dolls for my little collection. :D

I hope everyone will be happy with it. Remember its a work in progress and not unlike me... its not perfect. :blush:

much love,

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Well my birthday was both very very good AND not so good. But we basicly got to do some things my hubby and I had been wanting to. We went to a reasonably priced family restaurant and then off to the cheap theatre to see Serenity once more. Gosh that movie is good but damnit... I wished they hadn't of killed some people. Arg! Oh well I don't wanna' give anything away to anyone who hasn't seen it yet.
Oh just wondering.. has it occured to anyone else our Dan Radcliffe aka "Harry Potter"  turns 18 soon? hehe rofl :giggle:

Anywho the site, the site, the site...

Well the website is was essentially completed then we decided to give it a snazzy PhP script but then the server hosting it had a major security problem. So the script is a bust however in that time I decide to launch the site with a contest all ready and waiting but then I needed to complete the graphics for it.. yadda yadda. Now the site is pretttty much done. I still need to convert the trophies to gif format and maybe maybe make a special title for the contest. BUT now a new snag... well not so much a snag.. lets say a major potential snag. My Father gave use some spare computer parts to fix my hubbys computer and upgrade mine as well. Which was awefully sweet of him (Thanks Dad!!!) but thats means my computer is going to have to have EVERYTHING backed up. Then the poor thing is going to have its guts torn out, new stuff packed in, etc etc, so on and so forth and in the end hopefully allll my precious crap will be up and running. If not I may end up having to reinstalled my paint programs, webpage design programs, and allll my other precious junk. Well lets be honest if it all goes wrong I could make due with MSpaint and Notepad.. but I don't really want to.
I don't know how long all this mess will take but I'd care to guess if all goes as usual I should have the new site up around Monday or Tuesday. I doubt anyone out there is waiting with bated breath though.
Oh and please please forgive me but I MIGHT be msging a few dollers on devart to try and get them to come have a peek at the site and encourage them to enter my silly contest. It'll be quite easy though I have more difficult contest ideas in mind for the future. I'd really love lots of helpful feedback when its all said and done more than anything else.

I'll be so happy to have it done though. The longer I hold onto the site the more I want to change. I'm already disatisfied with some of main page artwork. *sigh*

Oh I hope all my American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy your weekends off!! lol :wave:

Much love and as always I await to hear from you regarding the site, my gallery and anything else thats clearly a cry for attention.. hehe :D

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Well I'm now officially too old to have to admit my age. :D
Today is my birthday... nothing much planned. I'm hoping for a little shopping spree later being I just got my payment for a comission AND some birthday money from Sadie! :glomp:
:excited:  It was so increibly sweet I can't begin to tell you. Yesterday the handmade birthday card she sent finally came in the mail. It was all hand drawn and colored in watercolor. lol It was awesome.. I was so happy I nearly cried. Inside she had neatly folded a ten dollar bill. Gaa.. isn't she a sweetheat? Thank you Sadie!!! :thanks:
I can't believe its been a year already. For my last birthday I baked myself a cake and attempted to decorate it. Everyone said it was cute but trust me.. it was a rather pathetic attempt.. but fun to do. hehe We all drank margarits and smoked cigars on the porch while my hubby grilled up some dinner. This year hmm... I think after getting a couple of girly neccesities I'll see about getting myself some chocolates. Then I might just get all bundled up and sit outside, snuggled with my hubbyboo, watching for the meteor shower's peak.
For all those of you born today.. may your birthday wishes come true. As for myself.. well... just knowing that my friends and family cared enough for me to wish me well and bless me with knowing them is enough. But dang.. a card and ten bucks! Whoohoo! Thats the icing on the cake... hehe :boogie:  

:writersblock: Oh! And the website IS underway.. I continue to tinker with tutorials, contest ideas, etc. while I await my php script. My site is hosted on a server that doesn't support PHP. Also the script needs to be able to receive message with specific fields and send files. It might be a little while I'm sorry for the delay. No worries though I'll get it done soon enough.

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A tad better..

Sat Oct 22, 2005, 8:48 PM
Well I was in a bit of a pissy mood recently. Just a little hyper I think. Sometimes all those little things I try to avoid thinking about come crashing down on me. Know what I mean? :crazy:

Anywho I'm proud to say I'm still, slowly.. ever so slowly, working on my webpage. At the very least I'm working on the main graphic. The internal mechanics shouldn't be difficult for me to do later on .. just a little time consuming. No biggie..

:w00t:  Also AWESOME NEWS!!!!
Jaeden's site is back up! Whoohoo! (I totally screwed up my post(s) on the shoutbox.. oi how dreadfully embarassing.) I've been telling Sadie (fellow dev'r and bestet friend) all about how Jaeden is SO terribly talented.. it blows my mind. Her work is astounding and whether your a pixeler or a doller or couldn't give a flip about either .. you really need to check out her work.
Her doll website is located here..

Also, lucky us, she has a account here...

:dohtwo: However in other news...
Unfortunatly another beloved artist has apparently decided to close her doll site. Ack! This just breaks me little heart.. shes also another one of those people whos so talented. I really hope someone out there is able to convince her to at the very least leave some of her work. Heck.. I'll host! lol (Hey not to mention I bet theres a many many other dollers who'd love to too.)  Anything to keep her amazing stuff available to the public.
Her website (at this time) is pretty much closed but you can leave her a tag..
Dollassic Park

Again, thankful, at least we can still see some her work here...

Ok so heres me.. getting back to work...
I'm not promising anything special though. So don't get all.. ya know..  

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I must have OCD...

Fri Oct 21, 2005, 8:23 AM
I never ever post in my journal either here or at diary-x. I hardly ever make any art of any kind anymore and even if I do I never seem to finish it and what I DO actually finish I don't even bother to upload.
I'm the ependemy of laziness..

Then one day I'll start thinkin'.. hm... I never did make that doll website. So I start working on it 24/7 completely neglecting my latest obsession, Guild Wars. So its all my attention from one thing to another...

Arg I wish I was more consistent. Well at least in my attempts to find inspiration, bases, etc. I managed to clear out some of my doll related links. Which is a good thing considering I have literally hundreds. (What'd I tell ya...?)

So .. since I'm utterly disappointed in myself at the moment I'll make a small goal that I can very easily achieve so I feel some kind of gratification. Whether I finish my doll website (don't expect anything spectacular) or not.. I'll post whatever I've done when I've decided to give up or (as is my usual) "postpone" it for "just a short while."



Have you ever felt like screaming and cussing and behaving like a pissy teenager (assuming your not already one) and divulging all those things that would make you a generally hostile and inconsolable person but you don't being you KNOW that would make you totally unlikable ... and we can't have yet.


By the by.. please stop sending me those encouraging little notes. I know I know.. you mean well but I hate finding those little helpful reminders that make me feel guilty for not uploading enough of my 'artwork.' Your sweet for thinkin' of me though.. thanks..
If you really wanna' help me ... I could use some rent money or .. possibly one day.. a kidney.

Back to obsessing over my latest obsession which will most likely be abandoned for yet another shiny sparkly new thing...

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Arg.. Arg I say! Pff.. *sigh*..  :raincloud:  
Well I still haven't heard back from that local company I wrote concerning a possible webpage design position.
I wish they'd let me know.. if they hated my work or what not. I didn't send them the BEST stuff BUT.. it would be good to know in what areas they believe me to be weak so I can improve myself and possible try again with them or even another company (though there isn't much to choose from here.) *sigh*
I could really use the money. Its something I've been trying, as I get older, to NOT complain about but still... money would be nice. We've almost out of dish soap and still need drano or something to unclog the tub drain.. guess that'll have to wait until next paycheck. (That doesn't necessarily mean I'll get either of those things or any of the other tiny household or personal essentials when the next paycheck arrives.. its just something we say around here.) :O_o:  

Anyways... on a more artistic note..
Being I live pretty close to Houston and have family there I was really excited to read this article. To think .. theres actually fun, interesting talented people not much more than a 2 hour drive from here. Cooollll..... :XD:  
Man I would LOVE to actually get out of the house and work with a group of people making a mural or something. That would rock... How I envy you people, seriously. Oh well.. *sigh*
Oh! Also I've started another vector or vectorish project. I found some really fantastic stock from donia. You MUST go see her stuff and give this girl some snaps. Her work is beautiful .. and despite what she may say.. so is she. hehe Makes me wish I had some sezzy little photos of me to put on here... but.. naaaa... :blush:
As far as the vectoring.. its pretty much a learning process at the moment. I was going to try and outline and then fill but that wasn't working out well; perhaps I need a steadier hand. Now I'm trying the technique I was playing with when I did the hair on the last vector I did. I start with the highlight and work my way down.

Anywho.. back to drawing for me.. while I wait for that company to get back to me. Oh pleaassee write back.. pleeaassee.. :pray:

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Well its been a while and being I was dropping in to check my msgs and what not I thought I'd give a little update. ;)
Talking about msgs.. daaanngg... over 100 since I was last here and its only been a couple of days. Ya know I really need to stop stalking so many people; but pff.. what am I supposed to do when there are SO many talented artists here at dev?? I ask you.. hehe

Mike started up a conversation with this gentlment who owns or co-owns (not certain) a local company that does tech repair, computer cleanup, networking and webpage design. Turns out they only have one webpage design person on hand. Sooo..
I've been making a little vector to show SOMETHING of my artwork. I mean I can't send the guy one of my pixel doodles or canvas paintings now can I? So even though I hadn't really done one before (one minor attempt done of myself some time ago but it hardly counts) I've made one to send him as an example of my artistic ability. Its not terribly good but I don't *think* its aweful.. I really don't know. I know squat about vector. In fact being vectoring in PSP is always such a pain and I don't have a program for that exact purpose I just opened up my flash mx and did it in there. I hope that still counts.. ack..
Anyways right now I'm working up an accompaning webpage example to send alot as well being I don't have anything really current to send and I really need to show SOMETHING. I'm so nervous and this is going to be difficult for me (me.. the housewife who hasn't worked in AGES) but we could use the income. Not to mention I'd LOVE to have the opportunity to learn more and meet another webpage designer and see what they know that I don't and visa versa. (Seriously!)
Wish me luck... it may happen it may not..

I'll be adding my attempt at vector in just a bit so if you have the time PLEASE go take a look and tell me what you think.

Welp back to work for me... cheerios...

Well I finally got up the nerve and sent off the 'how do' email hoping to open up some communication. It took a couple days and a follow email but I finally heard back from the company yesterday. They asked to see some of my work so I packaged up the new vector in a blog styled webpage format as well as some other webpage/graphic works of mine (even included some graphic free pages for preview.) I heard back the same day and he said and I quote...
"Thanks for the info.  We are going to look at it and let you know where you can help."
So I'm so excited being this wasn't a "No!" lol Well its not a yes either so I'm just hangin' tight and waiting as patiently as possible to see if they ARE in fact interested in using me. This will, unfortunatly, NOT be for a full time position but it will most likely be a case by case contract deal. Which is ok... maybe if I really prove myself and work hard they'll eventually hire me on or what not. We shall see..
Looks like things are lookin' up... wish me luck... ;)

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Okay so this morning I was having a rather bizarre dream, well not THAT bizarre but still.. My husband, who happened to look exactly like Ben Afleck, and the rest of our 'team' we're on our way to our final meeting. We were planning on some kind of huge bank heist and our leader, a pretty and very cheery hispanic lady, was waiting for us at the .. park? Anyways each time we went for our planning session we'd pass this enormous church that had apparently been bought out by some Mexican food franchise of some kind. Each time we passed the Mexican food place (formerly a large grey church) the sign would change being it kept getting shut down, possible due to not meeting with health codes, etc. ..(I guess thats why we never ate there and preferred to brown bag it over to the park..)...
Sooo.. after several name changes where they were simply to cheap to buy a new sign and would just changed around the letters the very last name of the place was something like "PACO FRACTAL" or maybe it was.. "END FRACTAL" or something like that (which I found rather funny at the time.) I could be wrong being the dream has quickly fled my memory but I think at some point it may have been called "TACO HOTEL" or "PACO'S TACO HOTEL".. I only happened to vaguely remember this being in the dream my husband made the joke "Where tacos check in but they don't check out.."..  :lmao:
The End.

So the reason I'm up and around at 7:15am, writing my silly half remembered dream.. Just as I was in a deep peaceful sleep with the alarm blasting loud enough for the neighbors to hear Mark knocks on the door. Apparently his idiot adopted brother called him very late last night to tell him their Mother's funeral is early this morning. So Mark had to come and wake up the unwakeable one (my husband) so he'd have time to drop him off at work. (Our van is busted... in some shop someplace at the moment.) so for once I actually remember at least a tiny slice of my dream and decided to share..
Aren't you lucky? :blahblah:

Oh and on a deviantart related note.. :gallery:
I have Neopet's pixel fan art I haven't submitted, allllll those friggin' paperdolls I haven't submitted, those few extra little doll forum projects I.. (take a wild guess...?)..haven't submitted and those stupid webpage ideas I realllly need to put together as examples. A friend of mine has invivted me to join his webpage design team through which I should receive the ocassional graphics subcontract order but it would probably be helpful if I had some example of my work and quite frankly my old work isn't..well..  worth bothering with.
For the moment I think I'll wrk on one of those useless little pixel project I've been meaning to do and then somehow incorporate any ideas I come up with during the process in my next webpage scheme. :work:
Or not.. :relax:

Oh and psstt..
Have I mentioned I haven't won a single damned doll contest yet? Not a friggin' one! Arg! I asked Mike why and he said.. "Hm... maybe because theirs is better." Oh FFS... :confused:

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I finshed The Birthday Girl as well as another entry for the contest, Bourbon St., I have to admit by the time I got to the second one I was a little burnt out but I worked really hard at putting in those little unecessary details. I think both are worth a little zoom time.. hehe
(Just ignore the green peticoat.. lol)
At least this experience, if nothing else, will have given me a little contest practice for when dollers has its next competition or group project. Yeahhh.. :dance:
Okay its 2:41am.. I should get to bed.. :sleepy:

Well I've been doing alot of pixel art lately. What with members like these to inspire me.. I simply can't resist but try..
Not to mention ohhhh so many more. Thats right.. you know who ya are. :nod:
It's been so much fun... though I have to admit I'm sort of disregarding my intended purpose for this account; which was to create a kind of portfolio for my webpage designs. Dagnabit...  thats just me though.. sidetracked sooo easily. :hmm:

Speaking sidetracked...
I'm getting SO frustrated trying to acheive that sort of kawaii style all the girls are doing. You know.. with the big big eyes and big big hair and super mega oh so sugary sweet you could get diabeties just from looking at it cute? Well its not something I've attempted before so I thought since I was considering entering this contest and I'm bound to lose anywayyys I thought I'd give it a try. So its turning out to be a bit of a struggle for me so I thought I'd take a little break and make a quick ribbon tutorial (if anyones interested)... :blush:

By the by my dear best good friend StrangeScreams aka Sadie finally joined deviantart!! Whoohooo! She's SO talented and I do wish she had a scanner or a really nice digital camera to showcase her drawings. Well she's just now learning how to deal with photoshop and even on her first day.. she managed to turn out some really decent schtuff. She's the shiznit.. please stop by and make her feel welcome. :glomp:

Okay.. thats it for me now back to work. Wish me luck.. :fingerscrossed:

<a href="…"<What is pixel art?

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I'm sort of bad about keeping up with journals. I'd much rather be drawing.. :dohtwo:

Well I've managed to add just about all of my tradional artwork that I have already on the computer. Also I've added a few of my little dolls.
I was thinking about adding some of my paperdoll stuff but I'm a wee bit frightened of frakendollers and recolor copy cats (gr.) Also I don't know how to display them I don't think it would be good to have tons and tons of submissions for each and each little dolls.. especially since the clothing you draw for the dolls are supposed to mix and match (for palace chat.) Well I might go ahead and make groupings of my paperdolls wearing whatever to whatever time period of clothes and hair... :hmm:
Anyways I'm slowly building up my gallery and I'll be adding more and more stuff. Meanwhile other people online (such as my friends on Red faction) are wondering where the heck I've run off too.. lol
Its everyones fault here! Look?! See whatcha' did?! You got me all inspired and now I can't stop drawing... :excited:

On a final note (oh now I'm Jerry Springer apparently)... I do wish I had gotten more comments on my latest deviation. Figures that, lucky me, I'd submit right before the whole site went into read only mode for ages on end and then it didn't want to show up as my most recent deviation until today.. phlebt.. :shakefist:
So take pity... please for the love of God and chocolate... please please please leave a comment for Xandorra-Portrait 2... :sniff:

Update... :w00t!:

Thanks to landymysti for the link regarding what pixel art IS...…

Now a proud member of...
Well I did manage to do a wee bit of what I had planned for today (though somewhat lacking from what I had hoped for.) :blush:

:bulletgreen: Updated gallery with more of my tradional works.
:bulletred: Made shotty avatar. (recycled pixel flowers I had made)
:bulletblue: Gave a friend some somewhat overdue avatars.
:bulletpurple: Cleaned house.. well hardly at all but a little.

Its not much.. in fact it shows my absolute laziness that I would think the above list was actually anything nearing "accomplishment." hehe Well I'll try and get myself on schedule sooner or later. *cough*ain't-gonna-happen*cough*  
Gotta try harder... :coffeecup:
Again any help, advice, commentary, money, etc. anyone feels like throwing my way.. have at... ^^;
Though its not a masterpeice, not to mention is a very bad digipic, I did want to add my little ribbon winner. I really love it.. but I don't know why. I do wish I had had a full size of it to put into my gallery.. :deviation:
All the same at least my gallery is no longer empty. I may even add some more things later on today or tomorrow. One thing I am dreading is critisism though... arg.. I hate critisism. As if I could have done it better but didn't.. lol... trust me if I could I would. I know I know.. its alllll part of being an artist but still.. :paranoid:

Thanks again to all those who've made me feel so welcome and to Buddles for inspiring me to join up. :hug:
Well I finally did it. I had been prompted in the past to sign up here at deviantart but never got around to it. Being that I've been seriously considering selling webpage templates and the like I thought.. well it'd be a good idea to have someplace I can show some of my collective works.
So thats it for now.. my very first entry...