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How ya' doin'? 

Good, good. 

So I haven't been drawing AT ALL. I've only been crocheting. And now alot of people are telling me I should try for the Texas State Fair. So... that might be happenin'.. ;)

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You know a deviant art page is dying when you keep seeing, "I'm still alive!" posts again and again. lol I've just been so busy making my crochet baby things to try and sell I haven't been drawing at all. 
I DO want to keep drawing I just can't keep up right now. Plan to though...  ;)

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I've been so incredibly lazy lately. I haven't been able to get myself to draw for some reason. I've been crocheting, so that's something. I don't know if I should post crochet projects I've completed unless I've made the pattern myself. What do you think? I've made several pairs of baby booties. I love making them so much but haven't found a way to sell. (Yes I have an ETSY, its closed due to no money.) 
Anywho, I hope everyone else out there is having a more productive week than I'm having! ;)

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I've been a little down lately and just haven't been able to get myself to draw. :cry:
Funny enough I've been crocheting a lot. I should probably TRY to take some decent pictures of my crochet to post. Anywho, I AM still drawing occasionally. Promise. I'll post at least one doll soon-ish. ;)

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I'm still here and drawing a little now and then. I have my hands full with Mommy stuff but I'm still alive, promise. I'm working on a doll for the base race over at Glam. I hope it turns out alright I'm nearly done now. I have NO IDEA what I'm drawing next. As for now I'm a little bit slowed down, more than normally, due to be sick and now all this medication they have me on. 
I hope whoever you are, wherever you are, you have an amazing week. :love:

I'll update soon enough...  :thumbsup:

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I was only able to tear myself away from the kitchen for a little bit but I was able to pop on and say hi and join in on a quick event. It was SO good to get to see other dollers online!! Too many really talented dollers have fallen by the wayside. I miss the old dolling community. If you follow me and have stopped creating dolls or other pixel art please join in and let us see your work! We need you! See "dollers" below!
Anywho I'm still drawing, I'm just very very slow. I'm working on a base edit (that I majorly failed to do anything decent with in the competition) and I've got a couple little cute dolls I've been fiddling with for fun. Dang, I really wish I didn't take so long to draw. I'm very highly critical of my drawing and extremelyyyyyyy picky. 
Since :iconbeblue: has been SO kind to leave my webpage up I really want to update it but that's another project I need to work on. I might put it off for a few weeks though. My daughter just started gifted and talented and we may have more home projects and studying to complete than usual. 

I love you my dollers! I want to see you draw and create on every skill level!!! 

Peace. :D

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I promise I'm still here. I don't have alot of time to draw now a days. Also my daughter has been home sick with pink eye so I've had my hands more full than usual. I'm working on a new doll and trying out some waves/draping. We'll see how it comes out. 
I have a lot of crochet work I could post but I'm not great at photos. 

I hope whoever happens to be reading this you have an AMAZING day!!! 

Oh! Also I joined a vegan group that shares beautiful pics of food they've made. I'd like to see more recipes but still.. cool beans! :D

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Last update I was pregnant. Now that little girl is six and in kindergarten. lol She says I should draw again, she loves to draw too. 

I'll try but I can't remember all those little techniques I'd use, etc. I've lost all my old dolls and bases. All my old pixel art friends are probably gone. 

I'll try though. 

If anyone remembers me... HI!!! I'm so sorry, I got really busy with life. 

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Okay so I'm not saying I'm BACK or anything BUT...  

Well it's been about a year! Geez! I feel just awful about having been gone for so long. Quite a bit has happened since last I was on.

Last I was here my hubby and I were talking about trying to get him into college and eventually get to Japan. lol Well I'm afraid college didn't pan out since it costs as much as it would for us to buy a home PER semester. (Ouch!) Also travel is out of the question... you see...

I'm pregnant!

Yup! 8 months now with a little girl. The name in the lead has been 'Twyla' however the hubs also likes other names like 'Freya.' She's healthy, I'm healthy (aside from some recent nerve pain.) She's due the day after my own birthday so I'm definitely crossing my fingers on that one. (That would be the bestest birthday present EVER! lol) :D

Anyway, as I said, a lot happened. I've been sick or depressed (due to family issues & also job/money issues) much of this year and the end of last but having our little girl on the way definitely cheers things up. (We didn't think we'd be able to have children. Oh and .. she may be our one and only.) I haven't felt like drawing in so long. Right now I'm SO fatigued and nauseous I doubt I'll be getting into it right now but I DO want to get back into drawing again.. I miss it...

I may have my hands full with the baby soon and be unable to get back into drawing for a while OR I may find with my free time drawing may be a good stress release. *shrug*

I am VERY sorry for fading away and not keeping in touch though. I've felt genuinely very guilty about it. :(

I don't know how well I'll KEEP in touch but I wanted to touch base and say 'YES! I'm alive!' lol So if you'll excuse me.. there's half a pint of ice cream in the freezer calling my name and a little girl kicking my liver.

Much love,

The new layout here at DA... um... *eep*.. What can I say? I don't like change! lol Seriously.. I miss the old layout.. a lot.

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No worries.. I haven't lost interest in drawing or in deviant art. Just a quick apology for not updating lately. I have an excuse .. well not really but.. well.. kind of...

I'd been a little bit down and well I still am truthfully but... Mike and I have been talking and we'd both really like to pursue this idea of moving to Japan. (Seriously.) No I don't have an extensive Hello Kitty collection and use words like "kawaii" in everyday life nor do I or Mike have some anime obsession (though true we really like it just not to the extent some people on DA seem to.) lol I've just always really wanted to go...
My parents lived in Japan when my Dad was stationed there, before I was born. All my life my parents would talk about the good and the bad of living there and every time they did they'd both smile. They loved it there so much and I think they would love to return even if just to visit if they could.
I always ASSUMED someday I'd go. Like when you might ASSUME someday you'll get married, have kids or heck travel to Disney world but then one day it hits you.. that thing you thought would somehow magically happen for you didn't. You then finally see you have to somehow MAKE it happen.. or let it go. I'm 34 now *gulp*... and aside from being fortunate to find the love of my life.. I haven't accomplished anything I thought I would. This is one of those things that I always wanted. Not to say its my ONLY dream I obviously have others just like you.. just this happens to be one I share with Mike. ;)
(I was also really motivated but a blog I ran across about a teacher in Japan. So by all means share your dreams with others! You never know who you will inspire!) :D
So I told Mike I wanted to go and I told him how we could make it happen. He said 'Let's do it.' So we've made a little plan for us both and hopefully thing will work out well.
I don't want to go on and on and give every little detail but basically the plan is this:

1. Get Mike a bachelor's degree.
2. Additionally get a TEFL certification for Mike (maybe me too.)
3. Learn Japanese.
4. Save money for travel expenses/etc. :fingerscrossed:
5. Apply to Jet or other ESL program.

Right now we're waiting to hear about the grant Mike applied for and I've been working on my Japanese. I'd love to show off but my writing skills are nil and my speaking is almost as bad. I can understand more than I can speak. (Maybe at about 20+ words now? Its a tedious process but I'm using Rosetta Stone and it seems to be helping.)

One fatal flaw in this plan of course is.. in the meantime.. we still have to live here.. with my parents. *cringe*

Anywho... wish us luck..

In the meantime I am sorry I've been so caught up in my studying I haven't had the time/energy/willpower to draw or socialize online much. I'm sorry.. but hey I DO check for notes and my message program in on most of the time. *nudge*
Oh and I'm also sorry for all the wonderful artist's on my devwatch.. I always TRY to comment and fav but I've been so busy. I still loves ya.. :hug:

Jaa mata ne! Sayonara!

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I hate leaving my deviant art page unattended so I thought I'd post a quick hello just to let my watchers know I'm still alive. I've honestly been busy with this silly Neopet tournie (Don't judge me!) and I've also been a little down lately too. So I don't like to spend hours on the computer if I'm already feeling a tad bummed. I'd love to get out more got gosh its So flipping hot here!

Anywho I have a little doll in progress I've set aside but as soon as the tournie is over I'll return to my pixeling. That is of course barring in major life changing event *fingers crossed*.. no worries though.. doubtful.. very doubtful. lol ;)

Oh I will add I found <a href-"…">these nutritionist videos on you tube I think they're pretty informative. I would say I agree with 99% of her advice and she's got a positive attitude which is nice to listen to as I play my silly game. (I always like to listen to something when I play to keep my mind active.)

That's its for now.. just letting you know I haven't lost internet and I'm really looking forward to returning to making my little pixel dolls ASAP. :eager:

Oh and a special thanks to those who've tried to cheer me up recently.. you know who ya' are.. your the bestest.. :hug:

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So yah.. my checklist.. this is what its looking like right now..

1. Mike's birthday is June 1st: Got him a couple of gifts not much really.. he deserved better. In all fairness how was I to know The Spirit would be epic fail in disk form? Seriously..

2. Sunrise Mountain STILL needs a MAJOR update & makeover.

3. My first patterns being tested: Still stressing BUT found major error & I think its corrected. :fingerscrossed:

4. Harem doll: DONE

5. Collabs: Still haven't done any busy with Neopets tournie. Don't judge me!

6. Still tired and achy.. :sleep:

I'll try and pop into our chat room here at deviant art but I have been using what computer time I can manage to grab at the tournie.

However... ya know I've honestly, no joke, been very depressed. *sigh* i wasn't even going to say anything but..
I feel compelled to mention... no one seems to have noticed my head has literally sunk lower and lower over time at the dinner table. I hunch over my plate eating slowly, staring at my food.  I hardly look up or talk and.. seriously.. its not intentional, I noticed it only just a couple days ago myself, but no one has said anything. Every request is an order and I have no means of escape. I'm not happy.. I'm really not happy.
Maybe its hormonal..  :raincloud:

Oh well..  I'll be fine I'm sure. After all you can't expect to be happy being a married adult forced to move in with your parents, one of whom is suffering while wheel chair bound due to MS (with just the one arm she can use & that failing & the pain & the cries late at night.) An angry Father with a lot on his mind .. who's.. disappointed.. very disappointed. With a car to pay off and rent to pay and no money for simple pleasures. Plus what with the anxiety disorder and the unlikelihood of overcoming panic attacks to find a job to better the situation.. yup.. I think anyone would be kind of bummed. *phlebt* Well I'll get over it.. eventually. At least I have a wonderful husband who works hard for the both of us. I just don't know what I'd do without my boo. :heart:

A less self involved/depressing side note...

I highly recommend The Dresdon Files as read by James Marsters (Spike from Buffy.) Its EXTREMELY good and much better than the show they made based on the books.

Oh and sorry I haven't submitted anything new in a little while I'm always slow to draw plus I've been busy with the crochet the tournie and ya know.. bummed. I'll post something new as soon as I can. Maybe something ethereal or maybe classical.. I dunno yet..

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Steampunk Pageant Accepting Entries NOW

I'm helping to judge the STEAMPUNK PAGEANT currently underway. We are still in round one and I'd love to see more people enter. I'm really hoping to see some imaginative entries from you! So enter!

In the exciting world of crochet...
I have not one but two testers helping me with my crochet patterns. I wish I could do something for them and all their hard work. I suppose they get the pattern but still.. pff.. I think I couldn't afford the postage though. Damn. I can't thank them enough!

Anywho heres a few of the things I'm currently worrying over...

1. Mike's birthday is June 1st. I have NO MONEY. :fear:

2. Sunrise Mountain needs a MAJOR update & makeover.

3. My first patterns being tested.. makes me stress.. a lot.

4. Harem doll for Ubi's harem.... nevermind.. its finally DONE!

5. Collabs: I'm stressed and just not good enough to enter on collabs that are SO dependent on me doing well especially with my being so slow.. :o

6. Tired.. very very tired... :sleep:

Okay well I suppose that's enough of an update for now. I'll be available at our chat room here at deviant art if I'm needed or just leave me a comment.

Cheers! :D

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Well I've got one person helping to test both patterns right now so that just leaves one more. I've had one volunteer since but its not confirmed yet. Anywho position is still open if anyone is interested. :D

I recently won a crochet competition over at Craftster and now my award winning little beauties will soon be available at my etsy shop! However before they will be made available to the public I need help testing the patterns first. I refuse to sell them without making absolutely certain they are clearly written. So...


I have two patterns that need testing. I'd really like to have people who are experienced crocheters however experience with thread specifically isn't required. Both projects are I'd say around intermediate or so. As far as how many testers I need... I'd really like 2 people to do both patterns however if you can't do both then see if you can grab a friend who is also experienced to come volunteer for whatever pattern you won't be able to do. Hope that makes sense? lol

I ask that only if your willing to really examine the pattern, take notes if corrections need to be made and are able to get your projects in a timely manner that you sign up. I'd like to get feedback on the patterns before the middle of June. If your making this for your baby please let me know how well everything fits. In return for your help you get a free copy of the pattern or patterns you'll be testing to make for friends or family or even to sell in small production such as on etsy SO LONG AS YOU DO NOT DISTRIBUTE THE PATTERN OR PATTERNS.

You aren't required to use the same colors as I've done so long as you use size 10 crochet thread and a size 7 steel hook. Also you're not required to post pictures but gosh I'd appreciate it if you did.. I'd really love to see how they came out! ;)

The first pattern is my Thread Crochet Shell Stitch Hat. It fits around 3 months old or older.

The second are Thread Crochet Shell Stitch Booties they run slightly small but should fit newborn up to 3 months.

Both patterns are available in Word format, that meaning name.doc type files, or if you'd rather have them in txt format I can arrange that also.

If your interested please note me. If you have any questions just leave a comment here.

Please remember I'll be depending on you if you should volunteer. Please only agree if you know you have the time to finish the project(s.)

Thanks so much for your interest! :D

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Okay.. its officially official.. yes .. yes its true..

:dance: :boogie: :dance: :boogie:I WON! I WON! I WON!:boogie: :dance: :boogie: :dance:

Our mod had some personal business to attend to (nothing bad thankfully.. good to know) so it took a little bit to make it official BUT.. yes.. its true.. I actually won! :w00t:
I'm genuinely amazed being this was my VERY first competition, I'm a virtual unknown over at the craft forum and this was my very first time making a pattern! Speaking of which.. damn.. now I need to finish correcting my errors and have people test it and then post it on ETSY. *Eek!* I'm a little bit nervous about that but I will get to it asap. Tricky thing is I can't say ON the forum that I've got the prize winning pattern IN my etsy shop.. not allowed to advertise. Hm I don't know how to go about doing that bit...
Anywho it'll have to wait until I'm done with my Mother's Day gift for Mom. I'm NEARLY done except for the whole dreaded blocking bit. Let's hope I don't mess that part up.. *cringe* :o

In other news I AM rather busy with my Mom's gift but as soon as I have some free time (aside from the few minutes I give myself to relax after my morning walk to fiddle around on the computer) I WILL get crackin' on that. So far I've managed to get a rough outline of some unfinished bits and soften the hair a tad. Although I've been using an unGodly number of colors.. far more than my usual. Granted most come from the base itself and I can't really help that too much without destroying lithriel's lovely base work & since this isn't for a palette competition.. I'm not going to be doing THAT. I also need to make a background and gosh.. I WISH I could do decent animation to make some rotating gears or something... damn...

Okay I'm babbling now.. sorry just exciting about officially winning the contest. hehe Everyone will be SO relieved to not be hearing about it anymore! lol :giggle:

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Ok so SUPER exciting news here...

I MAY have won the crochet competition! W00t! :w00t:
I say "may" being I haven't gotten official word or anything.. just someone replied with congratulations (Thank you!!) and I saw the voting had been closed a few minutes ago. So I guess I'll find out soon enough.. officially. :excited:
I know I'm bad but I couldn't help myself. I asked the person who's supplying the prize for the winner IF I won would be it alright to substitute the custom dyed wool yarn with cotten thread instead. *Eep!* God I reallllllly hope she doesn't mind. I know she's already going to be going to alot of trouble and expense on my part.. er.. well the part of the official winner of the competition. lol Arg! I just hope it was ok to ask.. :o
Anywayyys... we'll see...

THANK YOU SO SO SOOOOO MUCH to everyone who voted for me! I always feel like I'm just not really GOOD at anything and never really WIN anything but this.. this makes me a very happy girl. :nod:

Oh and in more pixel related news... I'm STILL working on that bloody avatar for Glam! It will be finished.. eventually.. :phew:

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Ok so I'm quietly freaking out here. I've been agonizing over this crochet contest I entered and now voting has finally begun! However on top of the fact its the first contest I've ever entered my crochet in... they put the wrong name on my entry. *Eek!* I'm sure they'll fix it soon but I'm so worried it might effect the results. I guess, though, that anyone who DID actually want to vote for me would know it was mine. :o
Anywho.. if your a member please vote, whether for me or not. However if I won.. gaa.. that would be awesome! I think my already mammoth head would float right off my shoulders. lol I don't think that'll happen though... there weren't many entries but everyone worked very hard.
Oh if your not a member you MIGHT still be able to vote without signing up and if you should sign up just to vote (Wow! How awesome are YOU?) then you should know I don't think I've gotten any spam after signing up with them. I really love this craft forum! ;)
I'm SO tempted to start writing everyone I know and asking for their vote... but that wouldn't be right. Afterall I don't think I should bug everybody just to vote for me... I hardly know anyone who actually crochets.. and I don't want to be a bother. :(

In any case.. please wish me luck! I'm honestly a bit shakey I'm so nervous! LOL.. Gaa.. I'm such a dork .. I know..

Ok just one more time... last chance.. :thanks:

Please come vote at the Craftster Crochet Contest!

The name is now corrected! Phew! Thank goodness! lol My entry is called Rainbow Booties & Bonnet for Baby by dawnsierra and.. oh my.. its already losing. Ouch! Go vote!
Also it looks as though you can't vote unless your registered .. damn.

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So I'm almost done with my current doll HOWEVER I *must must must* finish this stupid baby shower gift TODAY. I keep putting it off. I have the hardest time doing more than one thing I love at a time and lately I just want to draw. Anywho so yup.. I'll probably upload something new by this weekend... :D

Oh and I've been hanging out at DA's Digital Doll's chat room and I'd encourage anyone interested in dolling to pop in. There are some really really nice people there who would love to help give critique or just chit chat off and on while everyone is drawing in the background. lol Nice place.. nice people.. would love to see ya there...

Okay I never do these but I saw this at :iconhucupcake: and I thought it was kind of cute so I thought I'd try it...
(Just bare in mind the names of the search results aren't necessarily what I searched FOR...) ;)

Answer the questions below
-Take each answer and type it into the DA search box
-Take a deviation from the first page of results (may use ' popular' or 'newest' and post thumb (for subscribers) or link (non-subscribers)
-You can't copy the persons answers who posted this before you

1.The Age You Will Be on your next birthday
Spring Attack

2.A Place You'd Like to Travel
Amalfi Coast

3.Your Favorite Place

4.Your Favorite Object
Morning bedroom

5.Favorite Food

6.Your Favorite Animal
the cutest dog in the world

7.Your Favorite Color
Fade to Red

8.The Town/State/Etc you live in
Texas Road

9.Name of a Past Pet
Commission: Tess

10.A Dream Come True
I Found Your Heart

DawnSierra Contest Entry

12.Middle Name
High Sierra

13. Favorite Smell
Bit by the Baking Bug

14.Bad Habit of Yours
Hello, I like to procrastinate

15. 1st Job
Draping Fabric

16. Favorite Movie Currently
The Dark Crystal

17.What are you Doing Right Now
sitting in clouds

18.What's the Weather Like?
One Balmy Summer Evening

19.Favorite Sport

20.Favorite Music/Style/Band
Downtempo Delight

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Well, believe it or not, I HAVE actually been drawing. I haven't posted anything new yet being I'm VERY slow and it takes me days to finish a doll under normal circumstances.. let alone my also being out of practice. Anywho the one I'm doing is.. *bleh*.. nothing special at all.. just something to get me warmed up.

Unfortunately I still need to finish this set of hats and booties for my husband's friend at work who's expecting twin girls. I need them all done by this Friday and not unlike my drawing... sloowww. Their all but done now so its mostly just the making of little flowers and what not left to do.
(Should I bother posting my crochet? Yes? No? Or maybe just post crochet that I've personally designed and not ones I've done from a pattern/ Or no?) :o

As far as my deviant art to do list.. not only do I need to put up some new work, I also need to put up some OLD yet unposted works. I have to say my past pixel dolls are DREADFUL and I'm SO tempted to delete them all. Of course my current drawing is also rather pitiful. And here I had thought I was improving towards the end there. *shrug*

I've been looking through my doll's links list and SO many sites are gone now. I don't just mean amature sites but really really good doll/pixel art sites. What a shame...   I really hope the dolling community is *gulp*.. dieing off?
I am trying to get involved again despite doller's disappearances. I recently just Glam!, a doll forum. The people seem very nice and I'll be excited to start participating in contests and collabs and what not. I've also been hanging out a bit at deviant art's doll makers chat room; its a bit quiet but again.. very nice people. I think alot of people, like me, are probably drawing while chatting and so slow to reply. lol Oh and another thing..  I joined a couple of new clubs, links below. One of which, The Dolling Club, is having a little Beach theme collab so make sure to go check it out.
Glam! -
DA's Doll Chat -…

Oh and on a side note.. AugustC4 is.. *eep*.. gone?? Thats right.. it seems all of his work is deleted and I can't seem to get his website to come up. I think some of his work still may linger in the shop section but otherwise.. PooF! I wonder what happened? I was starting to make little fanart dolls of his work and I had planned to make some more. I'm sure I'll find other inspiration but still.. hope hes alright.

Okay again.. I RAMBLE.. big time... sorry about that. I'll get a little more drawing in and then its off to breakfast.

Things are a bit different around here now.. but its still good to be back. :D

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So yah.. hey there sexy people.. ;)

I'm SO bad about keeping up with things. I ran into Wayuki, whom I'm sure many of you know is an AMAZING artist (3d, pixel, etc.). I saw her name on this craft forum I belong to... cause ya see.. I'm obsessed with crochet now. lol Anywho it was a bit weird running into someone from the pixel/doll community on a unrelated site but it got me thinking. A stirring of guilt in my tummy made me think I should TRY at least to give a little time to pixel art again. I know I know.. I'm not very good but I really love doing it. I just tend to get passionate about just one thing at a time... lately its been crochet.
I supposed I COULD post my new crochet here... after all I've JUST started trying my hand at making my own crochet patterns. Its nothing artistic though.. rather boring baby related stuff mostly.

So I'm not fully 'back' but I'm thinking about scribbling something up and posting it. Or maybe making something crochet related to post... maybe call it fiber art. lol

I'm honestly, genuinely racked with guilt for not posting anything for So long.. for not drawing in ages..


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