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My Glam Avatar

By dawnsierra
This is my avatar for Glam!. I know its not perfect and I'd rather have the animation a tad better and well.. I've been working on this for days nit picking every little detail, trying to correct every flaw. CC is welcome, as always, though I think I'm finished with this for now..
Thanks to every at Digital Dolls for helping me sort it all out.

Oh and yes this is entirely in pixel.. no gradient fills, no tooling of any kind done here. Of course the number of colors.. *eep* Much much more than I normally use... lol.. just don't ask. ;)

This avatar is NOT adoptable however being I was asked I decided I should put one up people could adopt if they'd like.. the adoptable version is located here.


base by lithriel
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lithriel's avatar
You know I love this Dawn, but I would really prefer it without the Glam background here on DA, because it steals the light and becomes the focal point with the harsh white and black versus the soft beautiful rose tones in the rest of the doll.

It's lovely!
dawnsierra's avatar
Well gosh had I known it would get any attention I would have left it off.. lol :blush:
Rijio's avatar
It's amazing how vivid you can make pixels look! I'm really impressed!
Princess-Peachie's avatar
Oh my goodness that's AMAZING!!! :wow:
You have such professional pixel-art talent!
I absolutely adore the animated touch to her necklace, it's beautiful and so subtly done!
Her whole outfit and colouring is so inspiring! :) :heart:
MeganClare's avatar
it's so awesome!!!
dawnsierra's avatar
Thanks Meg.. :glomp:

You did help with all your CC and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. :D
Juanalene's avatar
:glomp: \(^O^)/
- LIKE O.M.G Dawn!!!
That is the most freaking awesome thing I've ever seen!
Congrats on your DD hun!
You soooooo deserve it! :dance:

:heart: Lene
dawnsierra's avatar
Thank youuu!! :D

Aw man.. why in the world haven't I already put you on my watch list? Dang..
Cherieosaurus's avatar
CONGRATS! Well deserved on this one!
dawnsierra's avatar
Aww!! Thanks Cherie! That's means so much coming from you.. :glomp:
demonsaya's avatar
That is lovely. I've never seen such detailed work with pixels before. Simply beautiful ^_^
dawnsierra's avatar
Thanks very much! :thanks:
bleeding-marble's avatar
Awesome doll! I love it!!! I wantz it preciousssss :icongollumplz:
dawnsierra's avatar

Aww.. and that's why your the bestest.. :glomp:
bleeding-marble's avatar
Icecradle's avatar
Beautiful palette and gorgeous shading and detail. <333
dawnsierra's avatar
Thanks hun! Much appreciated.. :D
legendofwish's avatar
I actually saw this on Glam today before I knew you got a DD. Congrats on that. But I totally shit bricks when I saw it at Glam. Its amaaaazing.

dawnsierra's avatar

Thanks Ubi!! :glomp:
meihua's avatar
love it! the lips look great
dawnsierra's avatar
Thanks very much.. :thanks:
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