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Fan club for any shipping pairings with the lovable Hikari/Dawn from Pokemon!!
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Fan Club

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Group Rules

This is for ALL MEMBERS to read and abide by. Failure to follow these rules can and will have you removed from the Group and blocked from ever returning. (I do give everyone a few chances, though)

-MUST be a fan of Pokemon

-MUST like Dawn/Hikari and at least 1 Shipping featuring her, and all art submitted to the club gallery must contain Dawn/Hikari with at least one character (Crossover Ships, i.e Dawn with another character from another show outside of Pokemon, are allowed too, as well as OC/SI x Hikari)

-NO flames

-NO EXPLICIT hentai-we MUST adhere to the dA rules and terms of service, nudity is fine as long as a mature-content filter is issued, so otherwise, keep any and ALL pieces RELATIVELY PG-13

-Pokemorphs are fine, as long as they are kept within the rules

-Only the members are allowed to submit deviations and participate in contests. If you're just a watcher, that's all you can do: watch.

Submission Rules:
-Must contain Hikari and one other character in an implied romantic picture.
-Only submit artwork YOU have drawn.
-DO NOT submit others' artwork.
-DO NOT submit bases or base edits.
-DO NOT submit coloured linearts.
-DO NOT submit photomanips or edited artwork from other deviants.
-DO NOT submit doll creations/edits.
-DO NOT sumbit desktop screenshots.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in a written warning from me. If you are warned 3 times and still fail to follow the rules, you WILL be removed from the Group. If you have a problem with any of that, I'm sorry, but this is how the Group is run.
:new:17 February 2010

Alrighty, looks like things are pretty nicely under way for the Group; thank you to all the newest Group members. :D And thanks to those who have submitted artwork to the Group; I'll be working on removing all the previous submissions (when we were a regular club) and getting all my Hikari-related shipping artwork up. So if you want to see your Hikari-related shipping stuff here, too, submit away and I'll get right onto putting it in the Group gallery. (or laprasking will approve 'em, too, lol)

Okay, so the main reason why I'm updating the main journal is to tell you guys I'm changing up the method as to how you can submit your deviations to the Group. Cause the other way doesn't work right anymore. ^^; So read the "To Submit Artwork" section below to find out about the new way to get your stuff submitted, mmkay?? And I've added a couple rules to the Group Rules and have them now posted on the main page of the Group; please go read them and make sure to abide by them. I've had some issues regarding members' submissions, so hopefully this will clear things up.

dragonoflightning, co-owner (and PearlShipping Kaiser, lol)

List of Hikari Shippings

TO JOIN: All you have to do is click the button at the top of the page that reads, "Join Our Group". A little dA window will come up, so just click on "Submit Request", and that's it!! You'll automatically be approved as a member.

TO AFFILIATE: Send a note to the club titled "Affiliate", and request for affiliation. If you run a Group, please specify what your Group is called. We'll accept regular club affiliation requests, too.

TO SUBMIT ARTWORK: (MEMBERS ONLY!!) Go to the page where you have your deviation uploaded. On the right side of the page, just below your submission, there should be a link that reads, "Submit to a Group..." Click on that. Then, when the dA window comes up, click on "Type a Group Name". Type in "dawnshippers", then click on "Check". When you are ready, click on "Submit" at the bottom, then click on "X" to close.
You can only submit one deviation at a time, so at first, this will be a slow process.
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