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.:CB Hello Ladies:.

Just throwing up some Code Black :3

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masterfug's avatar
I love the art but the chest grabbing is a little to... how should I say, tempting
Rosencruez's avatar
Do the "ladies" have names? xD
Dawnrie's avatar
Dawn(Dawnie) and Diana(bunnry) :3
Rosencruez's avatar
I meant the "ladies" that Diana seems to be referring to. xD
HandxPalm's avatar
oh dear...

someone's a bit naughty today aren't they? XD
the-kid36's avatar
TraceMem's avatar
Very cute, especially the expression on Bunny's face.
GazTV-inc's avatar
I think I remember watching you ink this on liveStream feed thingyjigger. ;p
Good times.
Android3000's avatar
Hay there, can I join in? lolz
yamihoole's avatar
Ahh memories. Maybe you should do one of Jon doing that, lol! :D
Dawnrie's avatar
I thought about it~ We shall see XD
OmegaRain's avatar
You have truly captured the essence of my Bunneh!
Dawnrie's avatar
She's mah Bunneh too! D: lol But I thought I did a good job of it~ X3
BalloonPrincess's avatar
Viral-Vastorado's avatar
Ahh, I remember this being inked.
Dawnrie's avatar
Yeaaaaah, took me a while to get around to finishing it ^^;
Lux-Vertas's avatar
Hehe! typical perv!
Ookami2000's avatar
*grabby hands* Me next Me next!

BigMac1212's avatar
Scary scene.

I wouldn't do that to any lady. ^^;
her-only-rhyme's avatar
...Angel and Buffy's love theme just came on as I clicked on this. INAPPROPRIATE MUCH?! Haha. :heart:

This shouldn't be hilarious. It really shouldn't be. ...but it is. XD;
Dawnrie's avatar
Haha, inappropriate at it's FINEST. But freaking hilarious! X3
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