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.:CB Carrot Dilemma:.

Inspired by Bunnry herself.

She's a rare bunny that doesn't like carrots, and will take cookies over carrots any day.

Though hanging a carrot over head is a little degrading XD.

Diana is my character from my webcomic, Code Black, found here: [link]
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vayne1aurelius's avatar
ok then i have the cookie, now what :)
TraceMem's avatar
It's her facial expression that really makes this one for me.
hilarious. my cat's have a similar behavior.
HandxPalm's avatar
will a carrot cupcake do?
runeechan's avatar
how about a carrot cookie? hahaha
star-light22's avatar
buahahahahahahahahaha XD oo nice haha and someone put a cookie in a comment xD lol gob job
yamihoole's avatar
I dont blame her. Carrots dont taste that good. ;)
Twinsnake-Coatl's avatar
:D How about a carrot cake?
Android3000's avatar
CattBon's avatar
funny and cute!
dianabunny's avatar
Can't reaaaaaaaaaachhhhh
Android3000's avatar
Need a stepstool, bunny?
dianabunny's avatar
;_; Yus please..
QueenOfMallets's avatar
How about carrot cake? XD
masterfug's avatar
lol I like that one funny, cute and talking of a cookie ^_^
NamelessManic's avatar
You know you want it, and if not can I have it?
noshibeya's avatar
TheifysSoul's avatar
aww *gives cookie* when you gonna update Code Black? Out of mild interest, i really like that XD

i love the fact that shes a rabbit that hates carrots XD very unique
GazTV-inc's avatar
Yeah, make mine a donut. ;p
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