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.:BG Happy Birfday Mega!:.

Birfday present to :iconomegarain: ! Been a while since I've done something like this for him. I figured this could be the next best thing since I'm kinda strapped for cash at the moment ^^; Everyone go wish Mega a Happy Birthday! FLOOD HIS PAGE! BUAHAHAHAAHAHA!


...and now I can pass out. @_@;
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so is this a picture of what he really got or just a picture?
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Um, that's a good question. I'm sure he got something like that XD
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Love your lingerie Dawnie. :drool:
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Nice present... lol on the reaction... and it's more interesting after what I've read in your comments- since he's Bunnry's BF... nothing like fanservice for a bday present!
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BahhahahaXDD <3 I love Mega's comments. Excellent job, Dawnie.
I am always amazed by your poses lately o-o You've been getting more bold in them. Good job =)

I love the lace, too~
*hugs* :heart:
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Hehe ^^. I'm glad you like it! And I appreciate that you think so! <3 I'm trying to get better. Grant it, I was a little lazy with this piece, I always want to do something different :)

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Happy birthday you perverted little man! :giggle:
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truly a lucky man if the outfit gets put on
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I'm sure Bunnry has something like this in her house...somewhere. XD
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This is AWESOME!
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So why is it as a kid you ask for some awesome toy or Video game thing... but as an adult all you need is a sexy person in sexy clothing and BOOM!
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:lmao: Come on, Bunnry. Where's your spirit of generosity?
Mine's coming up in May, btw. :D
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see it or not Im still incredibly jealous of Mega =3= lucky -rest mumbled-
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:rofl: Awesome gift! I love how mad she is. :XD:
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It's wierd you wanna pass out, most of your other comic pages are more detailed than this.
Just sayin, maybe you're coming down ill, or something?
Look after yourself k?
I also added Mega to my watch hope he doesn't think I'm too wierd.
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Oh goodness... XD I love his question at the end. Btw, I've seen him in Baked Goods before, but I forget: Is he just a friend, or is he dating one of you, or what kind of relationship do you and Bunnry have with him?
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Mega is my other best friend, but also is Bunnry's boyfriend :)
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Ah, ok, that makes sense now! :D YAY!

... LOL! I bet he REALLY appreciated THAT picture, eh? ;) Or how did he react?
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I have no idea. He hasn't seen it. Probably won't be til much later today, I'm sure. Though, I'm curious to see how long he takes to get onto DA and catch it. XD. I hope he likes it ^^;
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I hope he does, too :) Heck, I bet he will!!! :D
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He did, and he loffed it XD. Got a text about it lol
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