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The Periodic Table of Storytelling, Second Edition

The Second Edition incorporates all of the learning I received during my three years at the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. It has better typography, more story molecules, and updated kilowick counts, but the identifiers are the same so as not to break compatibility with the first edition. And there's now a clickable version here:… No more typing names into the TVTropes search box - just click the trope and you're there!
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This is brilliant! Thank you!
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Well... What can I say more than "Very good job that you did here"... XD
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Please make in larger poster size for classroom, similar to the periodic table in the science classrooms.  I would buy two of 36" by 48" (or whatever the proportions work out to be).
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Beautiful! As an aspiring writer this is exactly what is missing from my learning resources. Thanks SO much for sharing! =)
This is brilliant!
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This is so freaking awesome.
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I want to buy this so bad but I wish I had the money T_T
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This is awesome! Love it!
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impressive. adds to the original table are excellent.
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This is very cool! Nicely done!
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This is pure awesomenes!!
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Thanks for using the hero in the five man band.
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This is so glorious.  I think I love it... Yeah, I definitely love it.  Unfortunately, now I want to go waste more time I don't have on TV Tropes.

... it's still awesome.
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Wow. This thing is amazing...
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You know you read too much in TVTropes when you can spell "Phlebotinum" without even looking for it in TVTropes.
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What really made me laugh is the fact that Bwb (boob) is Fanservice, because it's just too true not to be funny. 
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Can someone please explain this in laymen's terms? I'm lost.
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