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Dear Princess Celestia


One of the best card games I've picked up this year is Love Letter. It's an excellent "light" game about gaining the favor of a princess--easy to teach, and you can finish a game inside of half an hour.

Because it's so successful, Love Letter has been re-themed a bunch of different ways. As I was playing it with a pegasister, she wondered if there was an MLP version. So we looked, and there was , but it was super simple--it would only work for someone who already knew how to play. I wanted a version that engaged with MLP's own rich history of writing letters to princesses.

If you own Tabletop Simulator on Steam, you can easily play this game with friends! Just go here and click "Subscribe". If not, this PDF will allow you to make your own cards.

Edit, Jan. 30: By request, released a new version of the PDF with crop marks and bleed zones.
Edit, Aug. 29: Released a new PDF with a "story" card, as well as improved alignment for the card backs.
Edit, Sept. 26 2017: If you have access to a 3D printer, you can now produce scroll tokens for keeping score:

In condensing the rules to fit on one card, some detail was lost. If you can't figure something out, look at the official rules here.

This project owes its good looks to the artists of MLP Vector Club. It would not have been possible without their work. List of works used:……………………………………………………………………………

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Nice matching with Spike!
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Is it just me, or do the card backs not match up size- or location-wise with the fronts?
Otherwise, very nice!
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At first I thought you were seeing this because printers very often fail to align the fronts and backs when printing double-sided. But you are correct--the backs were sized incorrectly! I have uploaded a corrected version.
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How do you make a PDF with playable card arts with which program?
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This was primarily made in Adobe InDesign, with some help here and there from Illustrator and Photoshop.
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Hey, do you think you could offer a download of image files? I'd like to print these on actual playing cards on artscow, but you need seperate images for all the cards for that.
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The shipment from china took forever (6 weeks), but they're finally here! :D

The printing quality is actually better than expected. Hopefully, I'll be able to give them a whirl with some friends later this week!
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This was a great idea. I ordered my own set from and they look awesome. Thanks for being the pathfinder on this one. :ahoy:
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Well, thanks for making these! You have no idea how much we played with ours (so much in fact that we just recently ordered new decks since the others started to really wear down from use). I probably played hundreds of games of this IRL in addition to the hundreds of games we played on TTS. Thanks for introducing me to the game (and by extension, Love Letters)!

In fact, through that we also discovered Coup, another great simple game. And we're about to try Lost Legacy: The Spaceship, which is said to be similar too. Yay for TTS making trying new card games easier than ever!
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I am so glad to have brought joy into your life. :w00t: Happy gaming, and merry Christmas.
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Awesome, thank you! I'll make sure I'll shoot you a photo once it's done.
What product did you select? I'd like to order a set myself. 
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I used the "Playing Cards 54 Designs" product. It has enough room for 2 sets of Love Letters and then some extra cards. Just disable the poker card faces (there's a checkbox for that somewhere in the product designer) and add the cards. I can PM you the album I used. Just some words of warning: Zoom in a bit more on the card back. The way I did it the golden border is printed on the card, which doesn't seem so bad until you realize that the cards aren't printed perfectly centered everytime, so you can tell from the thickness of the border which card it is. Good luck!
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Nice to see you've put it on TTS! I'd have had to (try to) do it myself, and I'm...not very good with that so far.
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If you have Tabletop Simulator on Steam, feel free to add me--same name as here. You can help me playtest! :D
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