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Will Schuester I Hate You

Really quick image I made that is dedicated to the hatred Sue Sylvester has for Will Schuester.

I apologize for the crummy image quality. :(
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She hates his hair more though... and the elves that live in it
mayagypsy17's avatar
haha that reminds me of the Madonna song sue did in the first season! ahhh!
Mr-R0bby-R0b's avatar
I love how you captured Sue's hostile brow and lip.
jasper4ever's avatar
and behind his back she says omgomgomg i love you!!!!!!
this is cool :D
chibiCharlie-chan's avatar
oh! how did I miss this? very cool! these two are hilarious when they interact ;)
LibraryChild's avatar
i love what you did with his hair. Their hate relationship is one of the best parts of Glee... and Finn.....and Kurt...
ClassyChassiss's avatar
Dem noses mm~
Wonderful~! I love their expressions and oh God, your Sue hits the nail on the head in terms of appearence
Hermiteese's avatar
XD muy original!
Satori-Blackthorn's avatar
Lol, love it! Their relationship is part of what makes Glee as epic as it is :) Lol, Will's curls look great! ;)
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