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Waiting Warrior

I plan on doing a little parallaxing with this picture, however my first attempt at it in that new motion book thing dA has ended in utter frustration as I could not even get the layers to upload cohesively. So now I plan on going through and doing it by hand in Flash and or After Effects. Not entirely sure when I will get that done so I decided to upload it as a still image for now.

You all will prob not recognize this character as its been a while. That and you all know him better in a different form. However for any that can name this fellow I will give you a virtual cookie and will be very impressed. You might also being seeing more characters from his story pretty soon as its been on my brain recently. 
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He looks amazing oh my gosh. I want to grab his face! I have to just say, although it's not really of great importance, but I have a shapeshifting character as well who turns into a jaguar. Big cats are awesome bro. :iconfistbumpplz:
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Beautiful! :) He's one of the characters from LotN yeah? Though I don't remember who. The eye color makes me think Lonesabre? 
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