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I decided to paint a snake today for a personal project, and I've realized how mush I enjoy painting these guys. Thinking about doing a little study on some of the different types. This one is based on a black momba. Anyone who owns a snake or knows someone who does, please send them my way to get a commissioned painting!
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I have a snake! 
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Wonderful ! :clap: :clap: :clap: 
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Wow. Had to come in for a closer look...I thought this was REAL! GREAT JOB! :heart: 
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And you did a damn good job on it, DawnFrost. ^^
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I found another one, dievushka! :iconstrassenlaterne:
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Yes, snakes are very cute creatures. XD
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Not just any snake. Extra shiny one!
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Oh, this is beautiful! I love how it looks realistic and it has mischievous look. I have had three snakes, two corn snakes and a ball python. Corn snakes have both passed and I'm really missing them, especially my first corn snake called Cleta. She was amazing snake and she couldn't have been better. She passed away on age of 10. Here is one of my favorite pictures of her
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This is gorgeous. I really love the shine on the scales. I have 5 snakes, all boas ^^
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This is fantastic! =O I love the little tongue sticking out. :D I've got two ball pythons. :) These are mine: Soba and Ember.
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Here's my baby Milo!
08055c05a7928a94a35ea61b1b2b6b60 by NocturnalRascal
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Ooo lovely morph!
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looks like a super pastel - very nice little snoot
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Thank you! He is very special to me! :3c
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very good :) 
It's wonderful :) 
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