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Ruzi-the-Spider's avatar
So did this lead to a full comic? Project? I am so intrigued now by the character and concept art haha!
DawnFrost's avatar
Its a personal project that will prob start off as a comic but i have done some animation rough storyboards for. If you would like I have more art for it on my Proboards site
Ruzi-the-Spider's avatar
Sorry for replying that late.. :( But I browsed your art
and Proboards site: Love "Little Lion Girl", too!
EJ4CUL8's avatar
The black on in the middle and the white one in the end are just like the two little guys I used to have XD
And there facial expressions totally matched their personalities...
Nice job! :)
OnyxDragonArts's avatar
um can i ask how come they are not full rats?? sorry have to ask and would it ever be consisdered? eg like in pom poko
DoubletheU's avatar
I've always been super intrigued by all the concept art and such you've made for this and can't wait to see where you're heading with it.

Keep it up, it's lookin great :)
HollyleafR0CKS's avatar
Awesome! I like the black one and the soft brown one.
Sabi-Arts's avatar
Awh I like the short brown one <3
The one on the far left looks very cool!
Duzloo's avatar
Lovely soft shading!
WildeMaehne's avatar
just awesome! fantastic how different the characters look in shape and expression.
MangoBirdy's avatar
characters are looking awesome. ^u^
MangoBirdy's avatar
dawn,  your alive. XD
DawnFrost's avatar
YAY I AM ALIVE =D now if only I can stay alive. that's the key. staying alive.
MangoBirdy's avatar
its like that song by the beegees. X3
Hermittrollart's avatar
Nice set of characters!  I like the body shapes and postures of each rat - all are unique.
Lupas-Deva's avatar
Personally, I want to know more about the black one with the sleek eyes.
WhiteWolfToddet's avatar
Beautifully coloured~
Atroquine's avatar
im super excited to see where youre going with this. All the animatics and concept work you have so far look like its going to be brilliant what ever you do with it. I watched the heros escape clip earlier and I can easily see this being made into some full length animated film. Not sure what the entire plot is for Factory Rat- but the escape sene has me hooked :D 

I love how diverse the characters are c:
DawnFrost's avatar
Thanks so much ^^ more good stuff is to come hopefully. My goal in the next few weeks is to have a prototype for an animated comic page. 
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