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This is my entry for *MoonsongWolf's contest to create a character -in my case 2- based on the world her comics take place in.

Unfortunately you can't see most of Finches bleached features with the shading and Dresden in the way, so i'm going to try to draw up another thing, but right now this is what i have.

This is Finch -the Fossa- and Dresden -the Degu-

Species - Fossa
Gender - Female
Age - 2 years

Pelt distinctions:
-bleached face and splatter on her left side that resemble a wing

-Anosmic (inability to smell)

Species - Degu
Gender - Male
Age -5 years

-carries a fishing pole
- scarf made of fishing net
-small leather satchel to hold the Minos he catches

Their Story:

While hunting in the Vesper facility a young female Fossa fell head first into a bucket of chemicals that had been left out. Terrified by the burning sensation she fled from the scene. But the chemicals were still burning on her face, and more importantly her eyes. She was finding it harder and harder to see as she ran for her life. Eventually she ran right into a flooded section of the facility which helped to rinse the chemicals away. However at this point she could no longer see anything, not even which way to head for dry land. Scared and terrified she thrashed about in the water till she did come to the edge and was able to pull her self out. Not knowing what to do she backs herself up into a corner she bumped into and cowers. Time passes and she falls asleep. In the morning the sound of something skittering about wakes her up. Her eyes have still not recovered from last night, and once more she finds that she can no longer smell anything. This frustrates and terrifies her, making her sink lower to the ground. but the creature making the noise sounded so much like prey, and she was still really hungry that she decides to try to hunt it.

The creature making the noise was a degu called Dresden, he had come early that morning to fish, as he did so everyday. When he saw the Fossa creeping up he noticed something was off. She looked so lost and terrified, but the stance was unmistakably a hunting crouch. When she lunged at him he was able to avoid her with ease. Most of the time he didn't even need to doge as the cat's aim was terribly off. Eventually she gives up the chase and cowers back to a corner. Dresden watches with interest, but does not go to investigate.

Each day the Fossa tries to hunt him as he comes to the pond to fish, and each day she returns to her corner a little thinner. When the day comes that she no longer has the strength to try to hunt him Dresden take the largest fish of his catch and lays it in front of her. Her ears perked but she did not even seem to notice the fish. Confused the degu moves it closer. Still she shows no interest. Finally he pushes it right up to her mouth, which makes her jump a bit, but she returns to it and nudges it curiously. After a slow inspection she nibbles to fish, slowly gaining more confidence. Dresden continued to give her fish each night after he was done for the day.

One day as he was setting up his pole and net the Fossa walked up to him. He was cautious about her approach but didn't see any signs of aggression so staid his ground. She came right up to the edge of the water where he sat everyday and laid down. Her eyes never locked onto him, but drifted around aimlessly, and it was then that he realized she was blind. He did not dare touch her as she just inches from where he sat, but he did talk to her. She never spoke back as their language was different from each other, but she did seem to enjoy his one sided conversation so he continued.

This continued for many days, to the point where Dresden had become to enjoy the cat's presence and she seemed to enjoy his. The degu started giving more and more of his fish to the Fossa who hungrily snatched them up. Eventually she slowly started to allow him to touch her, giving her little scratches behind the ear or shoulder until he felt comfortable leaning against her soft fur as he fished. The nickname little bird was given to the Fossa over time as she reminded Dresden of a lost, wounded, little bird, which eventually spawned her true name Finch.
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WolfatHeart667's avatar
this is beautiful! I actually work with a fossa and little Finch looks just like her! I would just love to see more of Finch! Excellent job!
girlgunner's avatar
Small nitpick, since Finch's eyes have been blinded by chemicals, her eyes should be a cloudy blue.
DawnFrost's avatar
Yeah realized that after I made it. That's why in the other picture I  have of her, her eyes resemble more of the cloudy blue traits of the blind. But that you for the heads up.  I do appreciate it as sometimes my mind obviously forgets logic. =]
Henva's avatar
this is beautiful!! and so is the story :) love it
shadowsteed15's avatar
Oh thats adorable. :)
Inaydo-Dreamwalker's avatar
TheRebelLion96's avatar
That story was brilliant!
JEAikman's avatar
aww, how adorable :)
WarAdmiral's avatar
I absolutely love the lighting in this picture.
But if I may, the story was a bit distracting because you switched between present and past tense quite a few times, which is always jolting in any piece of writing.
Filly8's avatar
Cute; i love your artistic style! It's funny how many of our entries includ second characters lol Also Fossa is a good idea; mine was a fisher cat but admittedly he looks slighly fossa ish lol because of leg length and a few other things haha

Good luck to you! :3
professionalamature's avatar
professionalamature's avatar
And I think your styling would fit in nicely with her worlds as well.
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Lone-wolfkay's avatar
Aww that's brilliant :) a beautiful story too :)
DragonStiches's avatar
dawn, I love these two. they are adorable.
HandyFox345's avatar
You're art is so AMAZING!!
NovaArt18's avatar
This is so ironic, I just discovered what Fossa's were yesterday and I have been wanting to create a Fossa OC! XD
anniefeng93's avatar
Love it!!! My story is so evil compared to yours....
Saakilla's avatar
Lovely story and characters <3
thesilvermist's avatar
How tragic and beautiful, it must be horrify to loose two of your main scenes but at least she made a friend with noms.
DoubletheU's avatar
D'awww--Love the story. It's way cute :iconrlytearplz:
SiofraTural's avatar
Awwww! That story is so cute. Friendship stories get me right in the feeeeeels.:iconfinallyplz:
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