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I just watched the first episode of the new Death Note live action drama, and it was terribly disappointing. I don't mind if there are a few changes from the manga/anime, but completely changing the personalities and interests of characters I love? No.

First of all, Light Yagami. His character was completely destroyed. He somehow got changed from an evil genius anti-hero with a god complex to... an incredibly normal and nice student? Sure, he is still smart - but not genius-level. He also is a fanboy of Misa - which is completely out of character for him. He also has some random friend character that is exactly the same as him. I have no clue why the creators would think it would be a good idea to change Light this way. Light is one of my favorite characters of all time. But the live action drama's version of him is just forgettable. Also, he is too nice and spends WAY too long trying to get over the fact that he killed someone - even though that guy ALMOST KILLED LIGHT'S FATHER? What? Light? What happened to you? He also maybe contemplated suicide, but I'm not quite sure. It was sort of vague.

Next, there is L. L, like Light, has been changed way too much. He is no longer the quirky weirdo that he should be. He doesn't eat sweets or strawberries, but squeezable applesauce. He either sits normally or stretches his legs out. He walks normally, wears a white button-down dress shirt, and instead of having dark bags under his eyes, he just wears eyeliner. Oh yeah, he also wears shoes. (His hairstyle is correct, though.) HE also seems to be a germaphobe, since Watari sprays Soichiro with air freshener...what? At least he seems to be equally intelligent to his anime counterpart.

Soichiro is about the same, except he is given a ridiculous tragic backstory involving his wife's death. Yes - Light's mom is dead. I have no clue how she died; it was never explained. And he gets held as a hostage by an over-the-top insane criminal with a knife.

Ryuk is about right. Besides his awful CGI, he acted about the same, with one exception. He had an extreme obsession with scaring/surprising Light. Since Light in this version is hilariously wimpy and easily frightened, this was sort of funny.

Misa hasn't done much yet, but we know Light killed the criminal that killed Misa's family not simply because he was a criminal, but because he wanted Misa to notice him and support Kira.

Near appears briefly at the end. I'm not sure why exactly. Most people don't even like Near. He is seen with a ventriloquist dummy of Mello. Again, I'm not sure why yet.

Thankfully, the Lind L. Tailor scene was done correctly.

I will keep watching this to critique it.
I'm taking Touhou sketch requests. You can request up to 3 characters. I'll only draw canon characters, not OCs.
So, According to this game (, my favorite Touhou characters in order are:

1. Patchouli Knowledge
2. Cirno
3. Komachi Onozuka
4. Flandre Scarlet
5. Marisa Kirisame
6. Nitori Kawashiro
7. Youmu Konpaku
8. Reimu Hakurei
9. Nue Houjuu
10. Sekibanki
11. Seija Kijin
12. Yuyuko Saigyouji
13. Sanae Kochiya
14. Reisen Udongein Inaba
15. Byakuren Hijiri
16. Suwako Moriya
17. Remilia Scarlet
18. Sakuya Izayoi
19. Alice Margatroid
20. Yukari Yakumo
21. Kotohime
22. Ellen
23. Mystia Lorelei
24. Sunny Milk
25. Parsee Mizuhashi
26. Tenshi Hinanawi
27. Minamitsu Murasa
28. Hong Meiling
29. Letty Whiterock
30. Shikieiki Yamaxanadu
31. Shizuha Aki
32. Koakuma
33. Keine Kamishirasawa
34. Tewi Inaba
35. Aya Shameimaru
36. Fujiwara no Mokou
37. Medicine Melancholy
38. Chen
39. Daiyousei
40. Lily White
41. Hatate Himekaidou
42. Hina Kagiyama
43. Momiji Inubashiri
44. Kogasa Tatara
45. Nazrin
46. Merlin Prismriver
47. Wriggle Nightbug
48. Lyrica Prismriver
49. Sariel
50. Wakasagihime
51. Star Sapphire
52. Yumemi Okazaki
53. Renko Usami
54. Elis
55. Lunasa Prismriver
56. Eirin Yagokoro
57. Kaguya Houraisan
58. Minoriko Aki
59. Utsuho Reiuji (Okuu)
60. Rin Kaenbyou (Orin)
61. Kanako Yasaka
62. Yamame Kurodani
63. Yuuka Kazami
64. Rika
65. Layla Prismriver
66. Kikuri
67. Gengetsu
68. Marisa Kirisame (PC-98)
69. Yumeko
70. Alice (PC-98)
71. Yuki
72. Kurumi
73. Orange
74. Shou Toramaru
75. Iku Nagae
76. Suika Ibuki
77. Kisume
78. Satori Komeiji
79. Koishi Komeiji
80. Ichirin Kumoi
81. Mononobe no Futo
82. Soga no Tojiko
83. Luna Child
84. Kyouko Kasodani
85. Seiga Kaku
86. Hieda no Akyuu
87. Watatsuki no Toyohime
88. Watatsuki no Yorihime
89. Kasen Ibaraki
90. Kosuzu Motoori
91. Reimu Hakurei (PC-98)
92. Kana Anaberal
93. Chiyuri Kitashirakawa
94. Ruukoto
95. Rikako Asakura
96. Myouren Hijiri
97. Shingyoku (Female)
98. Tokiko
99. Benben Tsukumo
100. Konngara
101. Reisen (Manga)
102. Maribel Hearn
103. Elly
104. Yuuka (PC-98)
105. Rinnosuke Morichika
106. Mamizou Futatsuiwa
107. Meira
108. Mai
109. Mugetsu
110. Luize
111. Sara
112. Shinki
113. Shingyoku (Male)
114. Hata no Kokoro
115. Ran Yakumo
116. Kagerou Imaizumi
117. Yuugi Hoshiguma
118. Rumia
119. Mima
120. Toyosatomimi no Miko
121. Raiko Horikawa
122. Yatsuhashi Tsukumo
123. Shinmyoumaru Sukuna
124. Yoshika Miyako
125. Youki Konpaku
126. Great Catfish
127. Genji
128. Unzan
129. YuugenMagan
130. Evil Eye Sigma
I'm super bored, so I'm doing tons of memes.
[x] You have a big aim in life
[x] You hate to lose
[/] You feel that your eyes change colors with your behavior (They change colors, but not because of behavior)
[x] You are obsessed
[x] Your intelligence is superior in comparison with another person's
[x] You don't mind hurting others as long it helps you to get to your aims
[ ] You have talent to seduce the opposite gender
Total: 5.5

[x] You love candy
[/] You don't care about how you look
[/] You walk/ sit curved
[x] You are a genius
[ ] You have dark circles around your eyes
[x] You are very thin no matter what you eat
[/] You don't have many friends and you are a total failure at love (Well, I don't try to succeed at love...)
Total: 4.5

[ ] You love someone blindly
[ ] You would do everything for that someone
[ ] You dress in a very peculiar way
[ ] You can't tell when people are joking around with you
[ ] You can't handle alcohol very well
[ ] You are very jealous
[/] You can make people do what they don't want to do.
Total: .5

[x] You love chocolate.
[ ] You were confused at least for once with the opposite gender
[ ] You always dress dark and tight clothes
[ ] You are always second.
[/] You have a burn/scar on your face. (Yeah, but it is so tiny it barely counts)
[x] You are intelligent, but sometimes you make mistakes
[ ] Near creeps you out a little bit (He's kinda cute, but I hate him.)
Total: 2.5

[x] You enjoy always playing video games.
[ ] You smoke.
[ ] You wear streaky shirts.
[ ] You would do anything for your friends.
[ ] You use glasses that look like goggles.
[ ] You are always relaxed.
[ ] You are very affectionate to your best friend.
Total: 1

[/] You are patient to the limit.
[/] You always win.
[ ] You have Peter Pan syndrome
[x] You love to wear pajamas
[x] You are very intelligent.
[x] You have a lot of ability using your hands. (Umm, like art?)
[/] Your hair is a weird color (It has a random white streak in it, if that counts)
Total: 4.5

[x] You believe in a god.
[ ] You search for justice in everywhere.
[ ] You use glasses.
[ ] You are/want to be a lawyer.
[/] You don't care about following orders as long as it's for justice's sake.
[x] You support Kira unconditionally
[/] All your life is perfectly planned.
Total: 3

I got Light, no surprise there.
Shikieki Yamaxanadu
[x] You believe it's your duty to make sure justice is made.
[ ] It's actually true.
[ ] You are very strict.
[ ] You hate it if your employees slack off.
[/] You are quick to punish, but still forgive. (Quick to punish, don't forgive)
[x] You tend to say something special if someone does something bad.
[x] If someone ignores you, you get angry.
[X] Sometimes, you try to give someone a lecture, and that person will ignore you.

Aya Shameimaru
[ ] You are always the first to gossip.
[ ] You are the fastest in your class.
[ ] You don't quite care about how, as long as you get news.
[ ] You are/want to be a reporter.
[ ]You are playful.
[ ] You're quite small.
[/]You don't really care about what people think.
[ ]You admit you have a small like to...embarrassing moments for others.
Score: .5

Medicine Melancholy
[/] You have had a hard time before.
[X] You generally keep away from people.
[/]You are sad often.
[x] You hate the world.
[x]Sometimes, you feel like people is unable to understand you.
[ ]You like poison.
[/]There is something you love that most people look down on, and you would want to fight for its right.
Score: 4.5

Reisen Udongein Inaba
[ ] You love the moon.
[/] You can be quite crazy.
[ ]You love action movies.
[x] Frustration can be maddening.
[ ] You like guns.
[x] If someone talks badly about you, you feel like beating them up.
[X]You love rabbits.
[x] You're courageous.
Score: 4.5

[ ] You love meat.
[/] You say "Is that so?" a lot.
[ ] You often have your arms stretched out.
[x] You love the dark.
[x] You are told you're scary.
[/]You tend to grin strangely.
Score: 3

[/] You think you are the strongest.
[/] You aren't too good in math.
[ ] People have called you stupid.
[ ] You are the strongest in your family.
[x] You love the cold.
[ ] You hate the warmth.
[x]You have a great self-confidence.
Score: 3

Hong Meiling
[/] You fall asleep a lot.
[ ]You're deadly afraid of losing your job/getting fired sometime.
[ ]You go to/ Like karate quite a bit.
[ ]You meditate.
[ ] Kung Fu movies are the best!
[x]You are told you're a bit strange.
[/]You have overslept.
[ ]Your boss tends to be angry with you. 
Score: 2

Patchouli Knowledge
[/]You are a hermit.
[x]You love reading.
[x]Your books is your life.
[ ] You have asthma/anemia.
[x] You prefer to stay inside.
[ ] You have a bad health.
[x]You never want to do sports.
[/]You cough a lot.
[x]You think of certain others as ignorant.
Score: 6 (We all knew I'd score high for her...)

Sakuya Izayoi
[/]You have ways to get your job done faster.
[ ]You feel like you can do anything in five minutes.
[x] You have a bad temper.
[X]You like Rock.
[/]You hate inconvenience
[ ]You would do anything for your boss.
[ ]If someone tried to do something funny, you would be the first to stop it.
[ ] You are sweet and gentle, but can turn wild if you get angry.
Score: 3

Remilia Scarlet
[ ]You like vampires.
[x]You love the night.
[x]You can be a bit bossy.
[ ] You look young for your age.
[x] You are mature for your age. (My parents don't think so, but I really am...most highschoolers are idiots.)
[x] You don't like sunlight.
[ ]You don't eat much.
[ ]You have excellent table manners.
[ ] You have a younger sister that you look a bit down on.
Score: 4

Flandre Scarlet
[ ]You like vampires.
[x]You love the night.
[x]You are told you are a bit strange.
[/]Sometimes you can be quite a troublemaker. (I used to be)
[ ] You look young for your age.
[ ] You are immature.
[x] You don't like sunlight.
[x]You love sweets.
[] You have an older sister that you look up to.
Score: 4.5

Wriggle Nightbug
[X]You love insects.
[x]You like fireflies.
[ ]If someone doesn't like something you do, you can get offended.
[ ] You look like a boy.
[x] You wear pants.
[ ] You like the night's breeze.
[X]You space out.
[/]You like to be the leader.
Score: 4.5

Mystia Lorelei
[ ]You like to play tricks.
[/]You love birds.
[x]You get irritated fairly easy.
[ ] Someone has/is picking on you.
[/] You are told you can't sing as well as you would want.
[/] You sing anyway.
[ ]You are told you are cute.
[/]You like to boss around a bit.
[ ]You easily get friends.
Score: 3

Keine Kamishirasawa
[ ]You love history.
[/]You hate it if someone doesn't know something you know.
[ ]You love humans.
[ ] You want to be/ is a teacher.
[ ] You are strict and firm in public, yet actually kind and gentle.
[ ] You want to help everyone.
[ ]You always have an urge to help when someone needs it.
[ ]You love children.
[ ]You despise cruelty.
[] You prioritize learning over fun.
Score: .5

Marisa Kirisame
[ ]You have kleptomania.
[/]You appear egotistical, but really is one of the nicest there could be.
[ ]You can be a bit sly.
[ ] You are tomboyish.
[/] You like to be "cool" (Umm, maybe?)
[ ] You are quite popular.
[x]You have a friend you love dearly.
[ ]You can be oblivious.
[ ] You are teasing.
Score: 2

Reimu Hakurei
[x]You are a bit lazy.
[x]You have a natural talent in something.
[ ]You always do something if needed.
[x] You hate someone that causes trouble.
[ ] You tend to jump to conclusions.
[x] You'd rather sleep.
[ ]You don't get all that much money.
Score: 4

Alice Margatroid
[/]You play with dolls. (I used to)
[]Sometimes, they feel like they are alive.
[x]You are almost never seen without a book.
[ ] You are/was in love, and you denied it.
[x] There is someone you hate.
[ ] You like hip hop.
[x]You deny things.
[/]You spend most of you time alone, although talking to inanimate objects.
[x] You can be jealous.
Score: 5

Yuyuko Saigyouji
[x]You eat a lot.
[x]You like the concept of ghosts.
[x]You can be a bit bossy.
[x] You can be a bit of a weirdo.
[ ] You are immature.
[ ]Your voice is very light.
[ ]You are really nice to your employees/would be if you had some.
Score: 4

I'm Patchouli. No surprise there.
1) Choose one of your own characters (OC).
2) Make them answer the following questions.
3) Feel free to add some questions of your own.

I'm using Ketrech the sorcerer from The Gift of the Dreamseer. Because he is awesome.

1) What gender are you?
Ketrech: Male

2) What is your age?
Ketrech: 27.

3) Do you want a hug?
Ketrech: No. I would rather not have a hug from whoever is asking this question.

4) Do you have any bad habits?
Ketrech: No.
Fera: What about all that potion you're always drinkin'?
Ketrech: It strengthens my magic. I would not consider that habit "bad."
Fera: You are completely addicted.

5) What is your favorite food?
Ketrech: There is not one food in particular I would consider my favorite.

6) What is your favorite ice-cream flavor?
Ketrech: What is icecream? (He lives in a medieval fantasy world...)

7) Are you a virgin?
Ketrech: Yes.

8) Have you killed anyone?
Ketrech: Yes, I have killed people, though I do generally reserve that job for Fera.

9) Do you hate anyone?
Ketrech: Well, the king of Marazzin, whoever put up the Veil, my aunt and uncle, and a large portion of this world's population.

10) Do you have any secrets?
Ketrech: I blame myself for the death of my sister, but place that blame on others to prevent depression and self-hatred, as that will distract me from my goals.

11) What is your favorite season?

Ketrech: Probably summer.

12) Who is your best friend(s)?
Ketrech: I do not have friends so much as allies. I travel and work with the assassin Fera Danizzar, but do not trust her at all.

13) What are your hobbies?
Ketrech: Practicing magic spells, forming elaborate plans, trying to steal a forbidden spellbook...

14) What is your favorite drink?
Ketrech: The strengthening potion, though it does not have a particularly great taste.

15) When is your birthday?
Ketrech: July 29th

16) What age did you die?
Sorry, but I'm not spoiling that for you.

17) Are you nice or mean?
Ketrech: It depends on the person I am with, but generally more mean than nice.

18) Are you social or shy?
Ketrech: I tend to avoid people, but I am definitely not shy.

19) What do you think of your parents?
Ketrech: I never knew them personally, but they were fools who got themselves killed

20) What's your weakness?
Ketrech: I care more for my sister's life than my own.

21) How long can you stay under water?
Ketrech: I have never timed myself.

22) What do you do on a regular daily basis?
Ketrech: Attempt to bring my sister back to life.

23) Do you love someone?
Ketrech: My sister, Ketlin.

24) When was the last time you wet your self.
Ketrech: When I was very young, I suppose.

25) What's your favorite band(s)?
Ketrech: I have no idea.

26) Ever worn a dress?
Ketrech: No.

27) Willingly?
Ketrech: See above.

28) What do you consider fun in the day-time?
Ketrech: Magic.

29) At night?
Ketrech: Sleeping?

30) Ever kissed anyone?
Ketrech: No.

31) ...Of the same gender?
Ketrech: See above.

32) If you could have any super power, what would it be?
Ketrech: I'd just want to be the world's most powerful sorcerer.

33) What's you're favorite thing to touch?
Ketrech: The forbidden spellbook.

34) Anyone loves you?
Ketrech: My sister, if that counts.

35) What's your favorite colour(s)?
Ketrech: Red, gold

36) When was the last time you cried?
Ketrech: My sister's death. I was 15.

37) Do you have a pet?
Ketrech: No.

38) What did you name your pet?
Ketrech: See above.

39) Are you crazy?
Ketrech: Only slightly.

40) What are you?
Ketrech: A sorcerer. A very powerful and intelligent one, in fact.

41) What's your nickname?
Ketrech: I don't have one.

42) Do you consider yourself a happy or a down person?
Ketrech: Generally more down.

43) If you were a superhero, you'll be...?
Ketrech: I'd rather just be a sorcerer.
(He's not exactly the heroic type.)

44) Favorite movie?
Ketrech: Movie?

45) What is your current occupation?
Ketrech: I think I have already made that clear.

TAGGING: GiangTien and Happy-Cat-Graystripe 
List your fandoms:
1) Wheel of Time
2) Code Geass
3) Death Note
4) Game of Thrones
5) Inuyasha

1. The FIRST character I fell in love with:
  1. Mat Cauthon!!! (Fictional crush #1)
    • Lelouch vi Britannia!!!(Fictional Crush #2)
      • Light Yagami
        • Jon Snow
          • Inuyasha

2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
  1. Nynaeve. I hated her at first.
    • I dunno, C2 maybe.
      • Misa. I hated her at first but she is honestly hilarious.
        • Hmm, maybe Sansa.
          • Miroku definitely.

3. The character everyone else loves that I don't:
  1. Min Farshaw. She bores me and is kind of useless overall.
    • Rollo. How does this guy have fans?
      • Mello. He is very irritating.
        • I think I like all the fan favorites.
          • Hmm, Renkotsu. Again, why do people like this guy?

5. The character I used to love but don't any longer:
  1. For me there are none of those. Even though Lan got worse after he married Nynaeve.
    • Again, there is nobody like that. Though I temporarily hated Lelouch.
      • Again, nobody.
        • Nobody.
          • Nobody....

6. The character I'd want to be like:
  1. Moiraine because MAGIC
    • Probably Lelouch
      • I'd say Light, but I already am like him, so I don't know.
        • Daenerys, because DRAGONS
          • Kagome, because TIME TRAVEL.

7. The character I'd slap:
  1. Elayne
    • Rollo
      • Near
        • Joffrey. And Walder Frey.
          • Miroku. I love him, but he deserves it XD

8. A pairing that I love:
  1. RandXMinXElayneXAviendha
    • SuzakuXEuphemia
      • Ummm, I don't know. MatsudaXMisa, maybe.
        • JonXDany
          • InuyashaXKagome

9. A pairing that I hate:
  1. MoiraineXThom has always seemed weird.
    • LelouchXRollo
      • MisaXLight
        • Any Stark incest pairing
          • KagomeXSesshomaru

10. Favorite character:

  1. Mat
    • Lelouch
      • Light
        • Jon
          • Bankotsu

11. My five favorite characters (NOT including #10):

  1. Moiraine, Rand, Aviendha, Asmodean, Lanfear
    • Euphemia, Suzaku, Nunnally, C2, Kallen
      • Matsuda, L, Ryuk, Soichiro, Mikami
        • Arya, Dany, Bran, Tyrion, Robb
          • Inuyasha, Sango, Shippo, Sesshomaru, Rin

12. My five least favorite characters:

  1. Elayne, umm, I don't dislike anyone else
    • Rollo, Charles, Diethard, V2, nobody else
      • Near, Mello, Higuchi, Naomi Misora, that guy from Sakura TV
        • Joffrey, Walder Frey, Cersei, Ramsay Bolton, Roose Bolton
          • Renkotsu...I sort of like everyone else.

13. Which character I am most like:

  1. I honestly have no clue.
    • I dunno, Lelouch?
      • Light, definitely.
        • Probably Arya.
          • Probably Inuyasha.

14. My deep, dark fandom secret:

  1. I like the way Brandon Sanderson writes Mat.
    • I like the character Nina.
      • I support what Light did.
        • I think Jon's dad is Ned Stark and he is not a Targaryen.
          • The thing that made me the most sad about the ending is that Inuyasha will never have ramen again.
Stolen from NoHomojaku 

1. Do you like animals?

I love animals! Cute animals are my greatest weakness,

2. Have you ever met an online friend in person?

I once coincidentially met an online acquaintance in person, if that counts. She happened to go to my school.

3. Are you athletic?

Absolutely not.

4. Are you: thin, fat, athletically built, etc?

I'm very thin.

5. How much do you weight?

Around 120 lbs

6. What's your height?

5'9". I'm very tall.

7. Shoe size?


8. Girls - are you tomboyish, girly, normal, etc?

I don't know, neither.

10.How old are you?

15, almost 16.

11. When is your birthday?

June 2

12. Do you like to receive giftart?

Yes. So give me some giftart, mortals!

13. Are you sociable?

I'm generally antisocial.

14. Do you have many friends?

Yeah, but not many.

15. What's your race?

I am God.

16. Do you like to talk on the phone?

Generally no.

17. Are you single or taken?

Single, and intend on staying that way. I hate romance and don't see why I would want to waste my life with another person.

18. Do you eat meat?

Yes, but I don't like meat much.

19. Are you paranoid?

Very much so. If you want to take over the world, you must always be watchful for the many enemies plotting your death. I trust no one.

20. Do you read a lot?

Yes, I read all the time...constantly. Fiction is far better than this terrible reality.

21. Do you listen to music, what kind?

Who doesn't listen to music? I like basically anything but classical music. Right now my favorite band is Area 11.

22. Do you play any instruments?

I used to play piano, but I can't afford lessons anymore, oh well.

23. How long have you been drawing?

Umm, forever? When I was little I drew dinosaurs and fairies. *laughs.*

24. What's the meaning of life?

42, of curose.
Tagged by pokemonsonicgirl123 

1. What's your favorite pizza topping?
Cheese, tomatoes, and spinach.

2. Favorite ice cream flavor?

3. Do you eat Asian food with chopsticks?
No. I have attempted and failed to many times, though.

4. Yaoi, yuri, hetero, or all three? Meow :3
All three, I don't really have a preference.

5. Preferred music genre?
I don't know. I like a lot of different music.

6. Favorite animal you would like as a pet?
For actual, realistic pet: a cat
For a real animal that is not usually kept as a pet: a wolf
If I was in a fantasy world: A dragon.

7. What eye/hair color you would like to have?
I don't know, I'm fine with my current hair color. Purple eyes would be cool, though.

8. Vanilla or chocolate?
I prefer vanilla flavored things over chocolate flavored things (ex. ice cream and cake) but actual chocolate is the greatest.

9. What is your favorite TV quote?
"I will take a potato chip...and EAT IT!" -Light Yagami, Death Note (I just find this one really funny)

10. Favorite video game quote?
Video games have quotes?

My questions:
1. Have you played the game Age of Ishtaria?
2. What is your favorite song?
3. Have you seen Code Geass?
4. What's your favorite art medium to use?
5. Favorite fantasy book series?
6. Favorite anime?
7. Least favorite class in school?
8. Worst fanfic you've ever read?
9. Do you prefer writing or drawing?
10. Favorite fantasy creature?

I tag: :icondoom-duck::icondarlingcerulean::icongiangtien::iconhappy-cat-graystripe::iconmarshmallow-turtle:
I just finished watching this anime and it was AMAZING. The ending was really sad but also really perfect. ALL HAIL LELOUCH!
Yes, I know, I've been terribly inactive lately.

Do any of you know of any good animes I should watch? I'm looking for more series.
I'm honestly not even sure why I post my artwork on this website. I only have like 4-5 friends on here now, and I used to have so many. Nobody likes or cares about the current stuff I post. The only thing people seem to want from me is more Warrior Cats stuff, and I'm not really writing those any more. I'm very proud of my current artwork and it makes me very dissappointed that nobody cares about it anymore. Seriously, usd unwatch me if you don't care about my art or just me in general. 
Does anyone here play it? My invite code is 09gw2q.
I am failing terribly...someone help me. I'm starting to get writer's block...
Happy Halloween! I dressed up as Arya Stark from Game of Thrones. Also, NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow!
I just finished reading Test of the Twins. 

That's not okay....


I think I need a hug. I get way too sad over fictional character deaths...
Today is Hetalia day. And also World Pasta day. PASTAAAAAA~!
I am not sure why I haven't told you all this, but on October 8, Brandon Sanderson is coming to my school! (He's the author of the last 3 Wheel of Time books, Mistborn, Elantris, and the Stormlight Archive)


I am so excited!
My character Tristine Dennin is practically an exact cross between Daenerys and Ygritte from Game of Thrones. Seriously.

Here's what I mean:
She's a white-haired queen with a pet dragon who lives in a snowy northern country, fights with spears and a bow and arrow, and teaches a foreign guy that she falls in love with who's hair is done in a long black ponytail about how to survive up North.

I find this really weird for some reason, even though all similarities really end there.