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The Reckoning
Can you give me but one reason?
Show me a justification for your existence.
As a species you have done greatly.
As an intelligent thinking beings you've failed me.
Your mother earth is dying.
She weeps acid tears in pain.
Waters flow as blood from pollution.
You foretold signs of a judgement day.
I am no god nor creator.
I did not place you upon this earth.
I am simply personification of judgement.
To me you must prove your worth.
If you cannot justify your existence.
If there is no reason to go on.
Then here and now you must all die.
So that all life does not fall. 
If you cannot truthfully answer.
Than we both know the cost.
If you cannot prove your worth.
Than all is lost.
Your evolution is backwards.
Survival of the fittest has been abandoned.
Your people writhe like worms in disease.
Victims of your own genetic code, make more and feed.
You are beyond yourselves, intelligence comes with a price.
I cannot fault an animal for its coded desires and emotions.
Its not within me to
:icondawnfad:Dawnfad 9 0
Ever The Same
You march on the fields of war, crushing the skulls of your enemy.
You do not speak their language, you do not understand their ideologies.
Good or evil? Its you who decide.
What is wrong?
Who is truly right?
They will scream to their mothers like all other dying men, 
they will plead for their lives, even if you cant understand them. 
Blood is shed over simple misunderstands, greed leads to decoy and that decoy to war. 
In god we trust, because we want more. 
March brave hero's, march soldiers of fortune.
March to the beat of the war drums, to the very end. 
Go forth into the meat grinder, do not be surprised when you do not return.
Go forth with your able bodies, come back crippled and broken and battered.
You will never learn. 
Pray to your gods, pray to your fathers and mothers of past times, pray to someone, who might hear you as you die.
These are the moments, this is the day, when the world ends.
Your points of view shall be forgotten, your usefulne
:icondawnfad:Dawnfad 3 0
This Is The End
I've walked this road before, a billion times and more.
The results are always the same, nothing is going to change.
I'm leaving you all behind again, so that we can be together one day.
Down the center of my world, the sky and beyond.
A black line of agony foreshadows the end. 
Gaping gash in the sky, black and pure as Stygian.
Bleeding outwards from the wound is the crimson taint of death.
Heaven cries on us tonight.
This endless night.
Clouds in crimson blanket the heavens.
Stars like diamonds illuminate the world in their dusty glow.
The sun is out there, behind the clouds.
The ruin of this world, melting away in the rain.
Cities flood as icecaps melt.
Oceans like blood, drowning our remains out.
The acid rain does not burn me, yet the world melts away.
Trees and buildings, all the same.
The corpse of the world weeps, mother nature mourns.
This is the feature we reaped, the end we forewarned.
Here we are now.
Lost in this ocean of red.
The shoreline is jagged, the edges cracke
:icondawnfad:Dawnfad 0 0
You're the pain behind my eye.
Scratch inside my skull.
The whisper in my ear.
The fears I push down below.
Slithering inside my stomach, you're my instinct that I neglect.
Pushing against your boundaries, you make my muscles twitch.
Venomous lies is all you'll speak. 
Tempting me when I'm weak.
To give in is to let go, to tear apart the life I've always known.
Replace stability with insanity and taste the bittersweet.
You've always longed to be excepted, to show the world what you were really meant to be.
If you just listen, we can leave them their deepest scars.

Kindness is fleeting in this world of eat or be eaten.
To give up on it and let lose this boiling hatred. 
Would be to become whole again.
We're caged inside conformity.
Denied a life where we can be truly free.
To deny the cruelest and most "Evil" of basic instincts.

We're the monsters they make.
Forced to hide ourselves until we break.
People like me... 
they don't last long, the
:icondawnfad:Dawnfad 2 3
Inner struggles
The tempting fruit that hollows me.
Late in the night, when you're asleep.
Temptation founds a lure, after years free.
The fruits sweet scent calls to me.
I'd dug my grave years ago.
A man now lays in it, that I used to know.
As I stare into that deep abyss, he stares back.
And I wonder what I've missed...
From parted lips she whispers my name, 
a temptress always changing her shape.
My demon in all her need.
With her hungry claws she clings.
Sweetest voice, like pure ecstasy.
The creature inside its raving mad,
Nothing sates its hunger but that dark act.
She whispers for me to give in.
With wordless motions of her lips.
My strength is fading, I'm weak at her fingertips.
The fruit drips carmine red.
In the moments while it lasts, there is no care to be had.
Given in to the need and desire to have it.
Given into my darkest demons.
Personal sin that tears away my flesh.
A heart twisted and confused, that dreaded a relapse.
The fruit bleeds as it beats, a heart in agony.
All the pain
:icondawnfad:Dawnfad 2 0
Fluid filled lungs cease to move.
Limbs cold and tired give in.
Scarcely has peace found me in my dreams.
The waves above glimmer a brilliant red.
The burning star in the sky shrinks as I drift deeper into the abyss.
Down, down I go.
Deeper into this nothingness soul.
The cold of this ocean, gives way to warmth, even as the light above grows dim.
Flesh seems to melt into the darkness and all but the sound of a heartbeat is extinguished.
There is no weight here, gravity seems to have ceased.
But I know I am still falling.
Slowly one by one dots begin to form, they bring no light but their own here.
This darkness is impossible, like deepest pitch black silk scattered with glimmering rubies.
I feel my hand move, clench and release.
My body still exists, but no effort seems to fill this void.
I sink on deeper into this warmth and soft heartbeat noise.
A thought seems to take a thousand years, though sense of time has no meaning here.
The lights are many and they cast a crimson glow.
:icondawnfad:Dawnfad 1 1
After all
Dragging you along my shoreline of content.
Waters opaque and red.
Shoreline of emotions.
Our sky is dark and overcast, weather broadcast says its to remain indefinitely.
Am I the last man on earth? Ain't no one calling my name anymore. 
We stained our oceans red, the sky followed suit. 
Rains black and muddy.
yet the birds keep singing to you.
Ankle deep in these waters rising high.
You're easier to pull along now, less weight then before.
Washing us clean, with this acidic rain and sea. 
We pitched a story to the heavens and made them cry black tears of death.
Insane madmen are all we've ever had. 
Bits and pieces floating away, you're little more then a skeleton at the end of my days.
You refuse to hold my hand, so I drag you by your wrist.
Still you're so content.
This my sea of red, our world bleeding like we had.
I let your wrist go and you couldn't follow on your own.
Too tired as we both had always been, I'm leaving you my friend.
Marked a stone with your na
:icondawnfad:Dawnfad 2 0
Oculus caulum
From high above I watched hidden away,
Through my window the horror unleashed,
Earth erupted in great catastrophe.
Great mountain of death,
flaming giant from beyond escape,
cosmic collision and end of our days.
From high above I watched as all I loved was burned away.
Adrift in my satellite doomed to meet your fate, just delayed.
:icondawnfad:Dawnfad 2 0
From where we begin, I shall (Not)return.
Burning mark in my hand, accursed seal of the past.
A world of rot and decoy turning to frost and dismay.
animals die and the seasons change.
What once was flesh now is where it once had been.
I have become the keeper of time, a forsaken lie.
no man to worship me, no heart to care.
Soul ownership of a universal failure.
humanities care taker.  
So many names for me pass your lips, 
but by the caress of time you all forget. 
Where this world once began, I shall dwell in.
All time defies your wishes to be remembered, memories fade, minds die and erase.
You all go extinct, a failed design in the human race.
I will walk alone in time, an undying reminder of what could be. 
I could not defy my father, my god. Don't you see?
I walked with you from birth, gave you the fruit that gave you worth.
Gifted feeble children tools and knowledge to survive, I am the instinct that drives.
And yet I shall ever remain a forsaken nameless king. 
Your cities will turn to beaded gla
:icondawnfad:Dawnfad 2 0
To be heard
We're twisting and breaking, creating a new being. shattered and broken, breathing in the fluids. Submerged in our own filth, a divide of self.
Blood has drenched our skin, eyes blinded to the inky darkness within. The crowns are cast aside, a throne abandoned, none left alive. You're the jackal in me, the thriving dark fantasy.
God you're so ungodly.
I'm born for this moment, raised to bring the end of it. I can see the fields of fire, the sky, the spire.
Your heavens burning down, your trees dead now. I've got the world in my palm, devour the fruit.
I know I've won.
I've desecrated your grounds, burned away the stars in the sky. Falling from your paradise.
Did you hear me father? Can you see me now?  I am war, I am pain, I am instinct to destroy this race.
I am the jackal in this, the burning crucifix. You've not got a lead, I've made the world bleed, the seas are waning, life isn't sustaining.
A new earth being birthed, an image of my own, you're dust on your throne. 
:icondawnfad:Dawnfad 1 0
For I am...
I am wingless, created to mirror madness within.
I am soulless, never to die for a single sin.
I am everything you can never be.
I am eternal and the end of everything.
No man nor god can transgress my omnipresence.
Every string of fate leads to the same ultimate consequence.
Look around you, I am in all you see.
Have you finally found your god?
Or have you found me?
I exist outside of time, watching and testing your race.
The weak cannot survive.
I’ve made you who you are today.
You are sparks of life, made up of energy I’ve lent you to survive.
But all comes back to me, flowing through an endless cycle of  decay and agony.
All you’ve made up is in your head, no angels exist, all gods are dead.
I will show you the abyss, all flows through me in the end.
I will bathe you in darkness, as you contemplate your flawed existence.
For I am…  
:icondawnfad:Dawnfad 2 0
You’re pathetic.
Not needed in this world.
“I give up on you”
You will never be wanted,
Never be needed by anyone.
“You’re a monster”
What is love?
Do you really need them at all?
“Don’t fallow me”
You think you care about them,
You believe you know what love is.
Then why do they always leave you, forsaken you?
“No one will ever love you, you’re pathetic and useless”
“I don’t love you, I don’t need you”
Kill it all…
Fuck you all.
Everyone, no everything can go to hell.
You’re pathetic children.
Cheaters, lairs, failures…
Go to hell.
:icondawnfad:Dawnfad 1 0
A cruel promise...
Did I need to explain to you my feelings?
Was I never clear with what I said?
What gave you the right to take your life, when you said you loved me to no end…
You knew without you I was better off dead…
I’ve gone down that hole again, on and on down into, the very thing that took you…
We both knew it from the start…
Two of a kind, feeding each other our bleeding hearts…
We promised the pain wouldn’t take us away…
We bled out to be alive, we screamed to be heard…
How could you do this to me?
Left me alone with myself, deep in a darkness I begging for your help…
Screaming in agony…
The pain was to much, you couldn’t feel my love…
You made me promise never to die…
Made me promise no matter how pure the darkness, that I would always reach for the light.
At that moment I knew it was over, the two of us, forever star crossed lovers…
You had spilled the waters, taken your poison for the last
:icondawnfad:Dawnfad 2 1
Drift away
I'm further from the coastline then I used to be, lost in my own sea of self hate and agony.
And for the love of god, I feel happy drifting away from all that I was...
Even though I know, I should be sad...
I only feel some kind of fear for what is to come.
:icondawnfad:Dawnfad 1 1
Slipping away.
My nature is changing, as the lights are seemingly dimming.
Pieces of myself falling off, being discarded to insure survival.
No one could understand what is happening to me.
Inside the darkest tragedy.
What character should I play for you.
Who do you most desire for me to be?
Even without a mask, they choose to deny the crucial defect.
I’m alone in this endeavor to hold myself together.
No one will stand by my side, they're all my enemies as long as I’m alive.
I’m afraid of what I’m beginning to become…
Behavior almost unnoticeably changing.
Subtly shifting personality.
I’m afraid of myself but this feeling is so good.
I’m slipping away from me.  
:icondawnfad:Dawnfad 3 1
One people
Let it all go away from you now, let all your hopes and dreams flush away its ok.
Lets all watch the stars fall on down and part the clouds, its ok its alright, in the end watch it all go down.
We had a moment in the clouds, so beautiful wasn’t it?
But now its raining down all of the cares in the world, all of the hopes that we helped kill.
It is alright, we can all watch it go down together.
Isn’t that right, we’re all here for the end, in the end.
It is such a beautiful thing isn’t it.
For a moment we thought it was all figured out,
Like we had found a spec of god here in the clouds.
Its alright, its ok.
We’re all here together right now, today.
No more war, no more grief, no more sorrow.
Please don’t speak.
Its alright, we can smile now.
Please don’t panic, just except it,
The worlds going down.
It was all effortless, we took it out of our own hands.
Let it all go away from you now, let all your hopes and dreams flush away its ok.
Lets all h
:icondawnfad:Dawnfad 3 1
hello come and take a look :D


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here lie my faves give them some love :3




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