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stroll with Fluttershy

Haven't had time or energy to do any personal work or commissions, but here's something I did for my digital imaging class. I did NOT draw the background--I just had to insert something into a real photo, and so, Fluttershy. :3 Photo was taken in the woods behind my house.

mi facebook pony page:
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OMG! I love it so much!
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I would stroll with her!
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This is so amazing, I've always wanted to do something like this, but I don't have the software to do it :(
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This is thee example of perfection👏👌
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i love it but how is it in a real life background
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Well, I drew it over a photo. xD
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The hunters have found food!
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I wish I could go for a walk with Fluttershy! 
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If this was a real place I'd visit it with no hesitation and never leave!
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This is a real place :3 But without Fluttershy. x3
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Gorgeously well-inserted~ :iconmonkeyloveplz:
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Nice, this is like some "song of the south" or some "Who framed roger rabbit" type stuff. I know 2d blending into a 3d environment is difficult. The lighting has to not only be good, but relative
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Very nicely done! :love:
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Wow, that's so simple.. and beautiful <3
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Flutterbutt AND the smell of freshly crushed fallen leaves?  What's not to love?
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MF! THIS IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Omg this look so real love it 
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Oh man, this is cool! You did a fantastic job of mixing the 2D image with the photograph. As someone who has done his fair share of ponies-in-real-life, I can certainly appreciate the skill that went into this!
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this looks so real, it's scary!
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<: ehehe thank you :D
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