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Thank you to my fellow artists and friends, who organized and participated in commission streaming events to help me with my financial struggles following the passing of my father three weeks ago. Everything you've done has helped me so much. One of the most comforting things for me over the last few weeks has been knowing that I'm part of such an incredible art and fan community.
Thank you to those of you who came by these streams, thank you to those of you who commissioned my friends, and thank you to everyone who simply donated to me (through patreon or otherwise) to help me get back on my feet. You're all fantastic.

Normally it would be rare to see me producing pony paintings during school, but I had a week where I was at home with my family and I spent a lot of that time painting this. This picture's actually about half SAI, half Photoshop. Paint tool SAI is on my old laptop, which I keep at my family's home outside the city. I remember when I wanted SAI really badly maybe four years ago, but I couldn't get it because I had a Mac. My dad bought me Windows and helped me bootcamp my laptop so I could run it. He then caught me trying to pirate SAI, at which point he helped me buy that, too. I remember sitting on the couch with him and setting everything up for the first time. This was the first picture I painted with SAI right after that:

Princess Luna by Celebi-Yoshi 

Now another Luna, too.
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I almost NEVER see luna paired with warm colors and youve done it so well!!??