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St. Patty's Lyra

An exclusive piece for the BronyCAN charity artbook 2017! I chose to draw a picture for the holiday St. Patrick's Day with the character Lyra. And I figured I'd post it today (that seems fitting, right? ;P)

I hope y'all enjoy!

Please forgive my big signature on there, as an exclusive piece it's important that this doesn't get stolen.

Almost completely unrelated, this is my response to the MLP season 7 trailer (only click if you've seen it)…
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whats the chance of getting this print at Babscon?

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As this is an exclusive piece for a charity artbook, I can't sell it, sorry! D:
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Kiss me, i'm Lyrish!
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So adorable. :)
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I love this image so much!
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You're welcoooome.
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Confused Bonbon - Sweetie Drops :iconsaysplz: Lyyyyra! Where are you?!
MLP Lyra Heartstrings (Smug) Plz :iconsaysplz: I'm right here Bon Bon!
Confused Bonbon - Sweetie Drops :iconsaysplz: I can hear you, but I can't see you!
MLP Lyra Heartstrings (Huh?) Plz  *Goes up and touches Sweetie Drop's face.
:iconbonbonplz::iconsaysplz: Oh! There you are!
MLP Lyra Heartstrings (Smug) Plz 
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Thats so cute!
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It's actually spelled "Paddy". 
To difficult for me to fully explain, but all I can say is it has to do with the name Padraig.
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Oh lol gotcha. Well, I think the most recognizable and commonly used shortening of St. Patrick's Day for Americans is still "St. Patty's" u3u
Say that to an Irishman and be prepared to be decked.
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I don't think that's at all true, but thanks for your opinions. xD
Go to YouTube and watch the video called "Jacksepticeye's St. Patrick's​ Day Irish Tips!".
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Psh, Jack is always wild. Plus he isn't an American Irish person, he's Irish IN Ireland! My points are moot for non Americans. =P
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