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Princess Luna

Princess Luna :D
Been working on this since December, phew o-o

P.S. file is quite large--it makes a nice desktop. :)

P.P.S. Celestia Princess Celestia by Celebi-Yoshi
P.P.P.S. other fancy pones
Those flowers are not a joke by Celebi-Yoshi Princess Cadence by Celebi-Yoshi Queen Chrysalis by Celebi-Yoshi Fluttershy by Celebi-Yoshi My Magical Caravan by Celebi-Yoshi
2016 update: and the redraw-ish version is here
Princess Luna v2.0 by Celebi-Yoshi
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that shading and light is amazing! you definetly earned that SAI. Your father is such a loving father

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Our princess. Our dream protector of Equestria: Princess Luna!

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Do not fear the darkness for I am its gatekeeper. Never shall I allow the emptiness and darkness to swallow a other sould whole. Should the deep be requierd I will stand before its jaws to let the light shine strong and pure.
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hey, can i make a base of this? i make sure i put credit Twilight Sparkle Smile? plz 
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someone reuploaded this.

Princess Luna by deidaraakatsukinya
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OMG she's so beautiful Love 
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Oh wow that's amazing
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So beautiful, I love the blend of blues and purples :aww:
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i love the mane its so preety <3
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That's very lovely work) I love the light colors)
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This is so beautiful, the smooth coloring looks amazing!
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Very pretty! <3
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HOW U DO DIS?!?!?!?!?!?!??
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This is so beautiful ^•u•^
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Your art is very pretty ^^
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