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Princess Cadence

Please check out my art tumblr: :3

(I'm surprised that no one has brought it up, but I will just state it here as well.. I like spelling it "Cadence". I think it looks nice. That's all. XD)
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Can I use your image for my deviation?

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Cadence is my second favorite out of the five alicorn princesses. Here, she looks beautiful.

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So fragile and yet so strong. THe emotions of our hearts are the purest one, and the feelings we can not deny, desires we may not forget and dreams that never dies.It all cracks and breaks easly enough to be a thin piece of glass, yet each time it comes back it grows a bit stronger, never truly leaving us.
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Wow this piece of Cadence is so beautiful ^^
So beautiful and detailed.
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So glad i got this as a wallscroll! Yet to hang it but with proper tools, be up soon.
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This is such a beautiful painting. In addition to being very detailed and unique in style, it also conveys a very endearing sense of emotion. Really quite lovely. Sweet Eyes Emoticon 
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Don't worry, I spell it Cadence too
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This is a beautiful piece, but my favourite part of it by far is the crystal. It reminds me of some particularly gorgeous jewellery crystals that Swarovski sell, I could stare at it and admire the details for hours =)
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someone has stolen your artwork: Princess Cadence by lady223

I wouldn't bother asking them to take it down, they will just report it as spam and block you, I'd just report them right now
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Isn't that... the way it's spelled? aldshgkla
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Oop, nevermind. It's spelled Cadance. My bad adjlgha;
I also like Cadence better. It looks just fine~
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The crystal heart is so bright here and Candance is so cute! Pink Heart Icon 
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love the fan art Heart Love plz check out my account popywolf
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Oh, I love this!!!!!!!!! :D
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I felt bad for Cadence when a changeling -hell, the changeling Queen- took her place and fooled everybody.
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I wish I could draw like that :l
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This is probably my favorite fanart of Princess cadence ever.
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Thank you!! That means a lot :)
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Seeing as she married Twilight's brother, I find it appropriate that she should find Twilight's future husband.
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this is the pony fairy, it hoovers over the rest of them and protects from trouble :D :D 'glitter'
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