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Ponies of a Skyrimish nature

HAH. I have always wanted to draw something with ponies and stuff like Skyrim :3 I am happy. I can die happy now.
...also his armor is not from Skyrim. But. I made it look more Skyrimmy for my own happiness. Also kinda Lord of the Ringsy. Also lots of things. Shsh.

Big commish.
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May I please use this for my fan fiction cover? I promise to give you credit and here on deviantart a link back to your work. 
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Hey there! Sure--I'm fine with that as long as there is a clear link to my work. ^^
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Hey, me too! :D !
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* tackles and hugs* OMG YOU'RE AMAZING
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-Absolutely beautiful! :)
I have no idea what it is... might be the eyes... But that Pegasus stallion reminds me of Edward Elric
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Well this is beyond glorious.
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Yay! Thanks ^^
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Oh yeah, this atmosphere is stroking my imagination. Really enjoy this piece.
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It looks absolutely beautiful~ I love their costume~ XD Can I know what type of program you use? I can never manage to get a smokey effect no matter what I do. . .
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Thank you! :D I used Photoshop CS3 for this. The smokey effect took layering a few soft-brush puffs with differing opacities over the foreground and background of the picture. :3
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You're very welcome~! And I see! I only have photoshop elements, and I think they're made more for photo editing rather than artistic drawing~ I'll definitely keep CS3 in mind, and using different opacities~ XD I absolutely love your artwork, I'm a bit of a novice with digital drawings, but seeing beautiful artwork like yours always gives me inspiration to keep going~ Thank you so much!
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This is TOO COOL! I love this - the atmosphere, the mjolnir pendant, everything about the mare on the left... bucking AWESOME. :iconsoawesomedashplz:
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Truly awesome. 
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Do you mind if I use this picture in a fanfiction of mine?
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surprising I haven't seen much MLP/Skyrim art heck they have a ton of Halo/MLP pics and a ton of others but hardly ny for Skyrim one of my fav games sad that.

Anyway really love everything about this pic the Unicorn reminds me of Sarena the vampire from Dawnguard which is great.
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Ha! Skyrim ruined for my big Brother!
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You better watch your step lad in these parts Talos is outlawed I would hide it if I were you. not that i'm saying I have anything wrong with him just a fair warning some ponies in these's parts will not be so the Empire or worse the Altmer dominion.
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that colt has and amulet of talos or should i say Celestialos?
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[link] It's Skyrim, but with PONIES! read it, its great
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Gods. Bless this artist.
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I was about to ask where I remembered that holy symbol around the stallion's neck from, then I read the description. Been playing too much Dungeons and Dragons, now I think everything fantasy is somehow linked to Dungeons and Dragons. God, I wish they made more Dungeons and Dragons CRPGs D: Elder Scrolls is good too.
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