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Happy (pony) Halloween!

Thank you for all the responses to my journal regarding a Halloween picture--I'm sorry that I couldn't include everyone's OC, but I'm sure there will be another opportunity in the future!

If it weren't for Hurricane Sandy, I imagine my Wednesday night would have looked a little something like this. Well, except I'm not a pony, and I'm going as a Jedi knight. 8D (I bet trick-or-treating will be cancelled, and moved to another day, like last year. I'm fine with it--as long as it happens eventually ^^ )
Even college students can trick-or-treat!

OC's belong to:

Halloween pony group picture created to inspire those lovely Halloween feelings. :) I hope you enjoy!
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Happy "pony halloween?" I believe you mean, happy Nightmare Night! cx
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Who are all these ponies!
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I'm a college freshman and I like trick or treating, too!
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soooooooooooooo cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Clapping Pony Icon - Sweetie Belle 
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Hey! Can i use this art in my video?
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no is ponyween XD
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I like this simple art style.
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Thank you sooo much! that Kuruguy is ADORABLE, and so is everypony else!
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OH MY GOODNESS I am SO sorry for missing this ;___; I've been so busy and inactive on here and hfsfjsg sorry! *kicks self in the head*

This is so adorable! I love all the ponies and their adorable costumes. Especially my Freckles. ;w; She looks so cute with that little fez. Thank you so much for including her, I appreciate it so much and I love this picture! Great job! :heart:
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This splendid! I love love love the atmosphere. And those ponies and outfits are so adorable. :D <3
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what a neat style. derpy pumpkin :D
prussiancrimsonheart's avatar
Awesome! I love there costumes!
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How very thoughtful of you :D I think they all like it ^^
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OMG It's BEAUTIFUL ! *0* ♥
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Wow! It's very cool.
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Magician, Witch (x2), Vampire, Ghost , Night Guard, Mummy and Turkish Gentleman. Oh wait, that's the Doctor.
WeirdPonyGuy's avatar
Or Nightmare Night, as you wish.
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Ha, spotted Feather Flight right away :D
And I LOVE how you made her costume - I really had to laugh XD

Thank you for including her ^.^
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Ah, another good picture from you. Good job! :D


I may as well watch you.
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