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Yeeeeaaahhhh. I'm getting better. ;D
But, I think I'm allowed to have such a simple title as this is my FIRST painting of Fluttershy! Crazy, neh?
I'm on a kind of painting-all-the-time overdrive right now. Help.

P.S. Makes a lovely desktop

A few steps in the process --> [link]
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This is the kind of drawings that I would love to have it framed on my wall
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May I please use this as cover art for a song? I will credit you, link to the art, and share the song link with you.
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Sure! Sounds great. ^^
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Thank you! :) I'll make sure to tell you when it comes out (might be awhile).
I am an author, I have written 3 children’s books in a series of 8 books. I am looking for someone with time to illusstrate the books. I would like to ask for a drawing sample of a Pekingese with an alter ego of a Foo Fu or Lion dog. It’s for children, one of the main charactors  is Princess Peony a little girl who is a Princess in the Qing dynasty so her robes should be consistent with a royal child and her hair with the traditional ornamental hair combs. We have a publisher and just looking for the right illustrator. I like rich jewel tone colors so fuchsia, moss greens, pinks gold. If anyone wants to send drawing samples please do, my email is
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Hi there! Sounds interesting. If you were truly interested in my work, I would ask that you send me a private note here on DA. Thanks!
Hi Celebi
I like your work.....
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Fluttershy is best hummingbird!
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I love how she has grown in confidence.
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Really love the hair!
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This is amazing!
It's a very soothing peice, I love it!
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Really great - looks a bit better than my works
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So cute awesome work btw 
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Hello, I'm making MLP themed Yu-Gi-Oh cards on my account, I would like to ask your permission to use this picture. You will be given credit
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Sounds fine, go ahead ^^
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Thanks, I'll get on it
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So beautiful, so evocative of oneness with nature.
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It's so pretty I love the art style
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This is a beautiful picture. Fluttershy looks so lovely among the flowers. Fluttershy Clap Fluttershy dance 
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