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Sort of a redo of Rarity at work by Celebi-Yoshi.

First completed new poster for Bronycon this August ^-^
Rarity is my fav pon, so naturally... xD

I'm kind of in deep doodoo for finishing all the posters I had wanted to do, I have no time juggling my new job and the art I'd like to do >3< Merr. Next up is probably Twi, and Pinkie is in the works.
What else would y'all like? I haven't done one of Derpy yet, or Discord... alternatively I could redo the popular Luna or Vinyl pics as well. Thoughts?

tumblr link: dawnf1re.tumblr.com/post/89379…

Actual image is larger in all dimensions but I've cropped this one for posting.
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Nice picture of Rarity.