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Commish: Starstruck

My last commish of the bunch for :iconsugarrushmlpoc: :)
OC Starstruck.
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Awwww she's so cute =3
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bat-pone is best pone. 
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I love those wings <3
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Bat pony! :dummy:
Interesting colours, too!
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Wow you did awesome (like always) on this one!!!
^^ (i'm a suck up XD )
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If you're already aware, I just advise you to be careful about Trollbro. Err, I mean Hasbro.

They've been more uptight about stuff, which includes fan-art, so be careful about commissions and such...

I don't know, I just feel obligated to say that...

Cool character though.
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Really? Have they cracked down on any artists you know of? o-o; I just know about the recent Fighting is Magic issue...
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They risked losing legal protection of their IP, which is why they made a preemptive strike against those games (at a bad timing, perhaps, but I ain't in their legal department and don't know why they had to act NOW NOW NOW rather than later or -earlier-.) I'm sure Hasbro's execs are sitting on an uncomfortable fence right now, balancing their act between legal matters regarding their IP and their shows/products' fandom. Anyone in their position would -want- to protect their IP, yet, at the same time, the last thing you want to do alienate the fan base, as they happen to be a source of revenue. No one like to cut their revenue. :la:
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No artists have been struck down, but it's just I'm worried about what may happen if commissions = money in a way which then add to copyright issues.
Technically using any IP in any shape or form is illegal as it is not your own, however some companies are more lenient than others. For instance, Pokemon is fairly lenient unless you get access to leaks or hack, because they haven't struck down on too many fansites and such... yet. I only say this because I'm worried about what could happen if you made money on doing commissions by doing MLP, Pokemon, or other stuff.

I don't think so, they mainly cracked down on My little Pony: Online because they got fundraisers (donations = money) and Fighting is Magic went to EVO and some strange stuff happened. According to some people their IP was threatened, as in their legal use of their own franchise was challenged, which is why they responded. I don't think doing fan-art is an issue, but I am saying this because I'm worried about commissions and such.

And, NO, I am not asking for commissions. I am not saying this because I want you to suddenly give away free fanart. That is not my intent. I am just advising you to be a little careful about that.
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looks amazin ^^.
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Eeee so cute! I just want to hug and hug!
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this is amasingly cute !! nice work !
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adorable!!! sweety can you explain me how do comission works?
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All my commissions are done differently--I assume you are referring to this style?
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well... the question is... what are commissions?
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oooOOOOoooh. XD Commissions are artwork people do for others, for payment.
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oh!! well i wanna do some, to get points!! thanks sweety!! im lucky to have a smart friend like you :heart: *hugs*
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