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A Holiday Twi

Merry Christmas & Happy holidays to y'all,

have a holiday horse. Inspired by my   Beep by Celebi-Yoshi  from two years ago, was going to just redo my OC this year.... but then realized Twilight would look cute in this look. :>

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Duck me this is too cute!
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I want to give her more candy now.
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Why have I not seen this everywhere already.
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omg super cute! Heart Love 
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Oh my gosh it's so cute!!! :squee: :thumbsup:
*snatches the candy cane*
Level up, Smiley! >8)
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Aaah too much cuteness!! Fluttershy Scream  *die*
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*nomming noices*
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[Tiny alicorn nibbles]
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Dawn, this is like the most betes inducing thing... 
Dawnf1re's avatar
I tried my best ;D
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Daaawww! Who's a chubby buk horse? X3
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Wonderful work. The taste must be bringing her back many memories.
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"Look I has candy cane !"
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Cute pon with candy <3 
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She looks like she's about to have an utterly almighty sneeze there.
More Twi is always good. Love the scarf and mane texturing. Well done, and thank you. Happy assorted holidays!
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Thanks! Happy holidays!
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This year I got diabeetus for Christmas. What a world!

Merry Christmas!
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