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April 17, 2010
Her proper name is Rune, but you can call her Bitch face; watercolor and ink sorcery from *dawndelver.
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Bitch face

Watercolor and ink

her name is Rune, rusty old thing, she spits lava and likes eating steak.

btw , thanks for all ur dragons , i am looking through them :)

THANKYOU FOR THE DD :heart: :heart: !!!! :D
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:star::star::star::star: Overall
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:star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty: Originality
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An exceptionally strong piece.

I think you have done an excellent job with the texture of her scales, horns, and skin. The color contrast is great and really adds to the depth and vibrance of the painting, very eyecatching. I like the use of her breath weapon and it is a nice contrast to the angular textures of the dragon and adds to the visual flow of the painting.

The subtle expressiveness and detailing of her face grabs the viewers attention and adds to the stylized realism of the painting.

There are only a few minor problems with this piece that I can critique. The primary thing is a lack of depth on the back of her head (hair?) and between her neck horns and scales. This could beadjusted with some heavier linework around them and a better use of highlights as you did in the face. The other problem I see is a little disorientation of the scales/skin under her jawline and neck... It doesn't seem to have the same flow as the rest of the painting..

Again, I think that this is a VERY strong piece of art and I love the technique you used with the watercolors...
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thanks for the critque Rob :)
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Stunning!Shocked  You really did a great job here!
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This looks awesome
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the name is really good chosen :D awesome graphics
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Wow, that's.... That's pretty awesome... =0
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Striking image!
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she's like "bitch please"
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I absolutely love your work :heart:
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I remember seeing this a long-ass time ago and seeing it again tonight, it still looks just as magnificent as before :D
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O.o all the different shapes and sizes of the scales are amazing!!! I love it! ;p
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Gorgeous shading!
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wow its so gorgeous!!
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Ughhhhhhhhhhmmmmm...Haven't any words to say how amazing this pic is! o.O
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Dragon!! Love it! :love:
gratz with the DD! :heart:
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I wanted to let you know I featured your artwork in my weekly journal. This week my journal is a tribute to dragons in honor of the new lunar year. I love this piece.
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Great dragon!
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Very nicely done, I'm rather impressed with this :la:

The details are very sharp, her expression is very well shown, this is very a good rawrface! :)

Wonderful work, I look forward to having the pleasure to see more :la:
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wow this is amazing! i love it all!
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