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Varulv World Map

By dawnbest
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Drawing maps is fun... I oftentimes sit around and think, "dammit I don't want to draw a map..." but then I get started and I enjoy it, and I start thinking of all kinds of fun things that could have happened to the world throughout its history and that in turn gives me story ideas which in turn makes me want to do more fun stuff with the map... blah blah blah.

Anyway, dA still doesn't have a "Cartography" category, and you might recognize some of the continent names from an old map I did:

And yes, the map itself is based off of current global geography. That was intentional, since my story too is based off of actual history, world mythology and real places in and of our world, but is of course, not taking place in our world. Let's break it down:

- Northlands: Based off of Scandinavia and Northern Europe. This is where Blaidfästt is located and where the majority of the VARULV story takes place.
- Cantyre: Based off of Britain. The name is derived from Kintyre in Scotland.
- Lyria: Based off of Western and Central Europe. There are trains that run through France, Switzerland, etc. called Lyria, so that's where I stole that from.
- North and South Gondwana: Africa, obviously. Gondwanaland was a region of Pangea.
- Ardeel: Eastern Europe. Ardeal is another name for Transylvania in Romania.
- West and East Elberian Territories and Tundra: Asia and North America. I have no idea where the name came from except to say I was looking to run with "elder", since I figure the land houses some older cultures... then I changed it a bit.
- Backlands: Based off of Australia. Backland is just another way of saying a land that isn't as developed as its neighbors.
- Avalonia: South America. This is a very tropical region -- its name is based on the mythological island of Arthurian legend.

Enjoy and thanks for looking!
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This is AWESOME! May I use it as inspiration for a personal project? It fits almost perfectly!
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I really like this; the colors are great, and the cross-hatching works really well.
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Thanks so much! Really going for that old-world feel :)
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Thanks hon :D Always nice to get compliments on my maps!
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Very nice style you have there. Good stuff. :)
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Thanks so much!
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I love maps of mythical places. They are such fun!

And hey, this could have happened this way. If the plates had moved differently on this planet.
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Troof! I love dinosaurs, that's probably obvious... but geology is a big part of that, and the way the continents formed and the species that came out of it all are pretty amazing.
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I like the East Elberian Territories :D
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That one was fun. Gotta wonder about the abundance of islands around a circular spot of ocean with that one. What happened THERE? (I have yet to decide, but I have a few ideas...) Thanks! :)
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Excellent art and design, Dawn.
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I really like the Design :)
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Oh yay!
My geography knowledge is helping me recognize some words XD
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