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The Many Forms of Ruby the Echidna



I got a bunch of my old Sonic comics out when I was at my parents' house over Christmas... Got me on a classic Sonic comic kick. I guess that's where this came from.

For those of you who live under a rock, Ruby is my best-known Sonic fan character. I know, I know, as a once and former Sonic "pro" my having a fan character is quite ridiculous. But I love her ever so much, so you can shove it.

On the far left, we have vanilla Rubes - all-out superbitch and pain in Knuckles' side. After that is Hyper Ruby - this is her "true" super form. Then Mecha Ruby - when she has a run-in with a roboticizer, this is what you get. Finally, Chaos Ruby, who would have made an appearance in my New Mettle comic if I'd ever finished it. The idea was to have Ruby use Chaos Emeralds from the "normal" Mobius, which would screw up her transformation, not being from "normal" Mobius and all. Since, in that canon, she can't get back to her dimension, this would probably be her standard super form.

Hey! If you like SONIC, you might just be a SYLVANNA fan - Check out the comic I'm doing with ARCHIE writer-extraordinaire, IAN FLYNN this year, here: [link]
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I know this was made a long time ago, but this looks pretty amazing.