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Age Timeline - Twilight Sparkle

There, here I am once again! Since I decided that, at least for a while, I'll stop with the heart-breaking (or -warming) stories, let's get back to my beloved headcanons! Here we have the first of a series of age timelines, Twilight's one in this case :3 I opted for redrawing the old one, which you can find here -… - because that one looked simply terrible. And, I have to say, I'm very proud of how this one came out, especially in terms of comparison. I mean, look at the difference! How could I ever think that old thing was deserving of even existing?! ç_ç I'm glad to see I improved, and yes, I'm feeling pretty conceited today u.u xD
Anyway, let's go with the headcanon!

6 Years Old

As said in the show, the little filly never loved playing with other foals very much. She preferred reading together with her mother, or spending time in Canterlot's marvelous library. She had always been made fun of or called names for that, but she never really cared that much. And she noticed the bad things her schoolmates said even less when she became Celestia's pupil. Her parents were proud of her, but they were quite worried about her "social" situation: she couldn't make (nor she looked for) any friend, and she sometimes came back home covered in dirt because she had been shoved on the ground by one of the bullies. But she really didn't care: she only though about not disappointing her mentor, and studying to improve.

12 Years Old
Things got even worse when the little dragon hatched by the Unicorn herself was old enough to walk around with Twilight. The bullies now focused on the small creature, and they often played stupid jokes on him. The baby dragon didn't understand, and most of the times he ended up giggling at the colts and fillies around him, until Twilight, who was trying to stand for him, picked him and walked away. This went on for weeks, but then something changed: there was a new student. He was a skilled and talented Unicorn who learned fast and studied as hard as Twilight. And the purple filly soon noticed his presence. The bullies tried to beat him as they did with Twilight, but with no success. Instead, he was quite strong and he could defend himself. When he got to know Twilight was victim of the troublemakers, he stood for her every time. One day, however, the kind and loyal colt received a weird proposal. The bullies told him that Twilight was just playing with him and there was no true friendship coming from her. The Unicorn couldn't believe at such words, but he was so naive that he fell in the bullies' trap. He felt betrayed, which was not what had happened, he wanted his revenge. So, one night, he entered the fillies' dormitory and carefully picked up Spike, who was sleeping next to Twilight. In the yard, a large group of bullies was waiting for him and as soon as he threw the little dragon in the air, any of the malicious ponies aimed to hurt him. The creature wailed in pain even before they hit him, and that so frequently heard sound caused Twilight's ears to perk up. She lifted her head and glanced at the door, noticing it was ajar. The sight of the empy space next to her made her stand up at once, but before she could do anything else, she heard another cry. It was her baby dragon's cry. As soon as she approached the group of bullies, one of them surprised her from behind. Without thinking, she bucked him right in the face, drawing the attention of the others on her. Blinded by anger, she started attacking them one after the other, while the others stared at her, incredulous. That day she sure got a lot of wounds, but she regrets nothing and, on the contrary, every time she defends Spike again she thinks of that moment and finds the courage to stand up for him.

19 Years Old
The Twilight we've known for the first three seasons, the responsible and hardworking librarian and student who loves sorting out problems with the power of science and... rationality (?). The Unicorn that had to go through anything, always supported by her friends, and that found herself as a Princess thanks to them.

24 Years Old
Thanks to her title, she got to visit every country she had always wanted to see, and she could study foreign cultures so to widen her knowledge. It's now her duty taking care of her kingdom and her subjects, but things couldn't go any better and Twilight is very happy with her life, even though she'd like having a little bit more time for herself, sometimes. Her best friends always love spend time with her, and it's not uncommon for them to gather at the Royal Sisters' old castle. The Elements of Harmony have finally decided to give that abandoned place a new life, so after that first time they put everything in order, they dedicated some time at every visit to clean it up and adjust things here and there. And for Rarity's great happiness, she finally had the chance to sew those beautiful arrases.

31 Years Old
A few years after marrying the Royal Guard she'd fallen in love with, Flash Sentry, the Alicorn gave birth to a lively couple of twins, the Unicorn Evening Tune and the Pegasus Morning Star, who she loves more than anything else. She still has royal duties to perform, but she definitely has more time for both herself and her beloved family. Her already great knowledge of magic has largely increased and she loves teaching her daughter every trick she knows, starting from the simplest before learning the most complex. Her son, instead, prefers listening to Twilight's history lessons, which he finds extremely interesting and fascinating. 

~800 Years Old
I don't really plan on expanding the headcanon on such distant future, so I'll just point a few things - Twilight isn't immortal like Celestia and Luna, because she's an ascended Alicorn and she wasn't born as one. She'll reach the age of around a thousand years before passing away in completely natural circumstances. She suffers greatly the death of her beloved ones, from her husband and foals to her best and inseparable friends, and not even the company of Luna and Celestia brings her comfort. Because of this, in the last centuries of her life she spends all of her time enclosed in her now cold and lonely castle.
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strongbad-joe132's avatar
At 800 years old, Twilight must be missing her friends deeply.
Sweetiepoppie's avatar
N0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000! Did I say no?
ShaleZookeeper7's avatar
Poor Twilight...Waaaah! 

Beautiful picture! I also love the way Twiight's mane and tail are colored, too! Very beautiful!Love Love Love Heart Heart Heart 
queenspiritfeather's avatar
It's now cannon that Celestia and Luna wern't born alicorns :o So twilight might be immortal like they are which honestly is actually pretty sad
Dawn22Eagle's avatar
Honestly, I don't think I'll stick with the canon rules. I'd much rather keep the headcanons I created for my AU, so, nope, my Twilight is not immortal
CrazyBrothersStyleR2's avatar
look my friend i love your art, but i don't like flash, her own way is to become like the princess celestia no like this,  is your fanfiction
Your art is truly beautiful, and exquisitely detailed. I mean the manes, the hoofs and fetlocks, the tail feathers, the wing feathers, and the sinuous necks. It was the golden-orange touching to Twilight's primaries and mane gave me the idea for a picture of Princess Twilight Sparkle with eyeshadow of that same colour. The picture is for part of the story I am continuing. In the story, Twilight changes her mane-style, adds the eye-shadow, and disguises herself as a unicorn in order to go to a nightclub her colt-friend (Flash Sentry, ah, we ship the same mare and stallion) found out about from his Guardspony friends. I guarantee she could turn a few heads.
Planning to start on this art-work soon. Wanted to give you credit for the base idea, that of golden-yellow fitting superbly with Twilight's fur colour. 
Dawn22Eagle's avatar
Thank you so much, it means the world to me that I gave you inspiration <3
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
It is cannon that Granny Smith is at lest 300-500 years old, so while ponies may not be immortal(unless they're alicorns) they do live a very long time.
morion87's avatar
When the hay was it ever said she was that old? I'm not saying she isn't old. But this is pushing it.
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
It was the episode where she came to Applebloom class, also another one as well the one with Tenderhoof. Each time they said that Ponyville were centuries old and that Granny Smith was older then the town. If fact we saw her as about Applebloom age when her family founded the town. Ponyville has to be at least three centuries just by how they said it and sense she older then the town she has to be at least a little older then three centuries herself. And sense she a normal earth pony as far as we know normal ponies must live a long time. Also Pinkie seem to believe her parents will live for a few more centuries and the others she more surprise she plan that far ahead then over how long she thinks they will live, and sense that was the third time they talk about ponies living for centuries I don't think it was just Pinkie being Pinkie for once
Thornygirl1121's avatar
DingoBreath's avatar
i feel the same way about twilight too. i love her a lot but i do think she will live longer than all her friends, except spike. living a long time sounds like it sucks unless you can move on easily. 
Dawn22Eagle's avatar
again! I can't believe it To be honest, I think the same way. Your life-long friends won't outlive you if are that long-lived, almost immortal, and making new ones, equally close, would look like replacing them, at least to me. I completely agree with you on that.
DingoBreath's avatar
yeah, and twilight doesn't seem like the one to do that. she will always remember the mane six as her first and closest, best friends. even if she made new ones they wouldn't be the same because the girls were special in their own right. 
Zombier's avatar
~800 years old is so sad. ;_;
qeveren's avatar
I've always enjoyed various artists' semi-traditional reinterpretations of the ponies; this is a great Twi. ^__^

Re: her at 800 years, I imagine she's stronger than that, being the Princess of Friendship and all that entails.  Not that she wouldn't feel hurt and loss, but I think she'd fondly remember old friends, and keep making new ones.

But everyone has their own headcanon! :)
Dawn22Eagle's avatar
Thank you very much ^^

Yeah, thinking now about that makes me believe that what I wrote was pretty poor and effectively not really likely to happen, so I'd probably follow your opinion if I had to re-write it. But since it's so distant in time, I want to keep it as a simple concept I'm not going to develop :3
Scarlet-Mirages's avatar
Twilight looks so beautiful in each passage of time especially that last one. The colors are simply stunning and she looks so majestic and gorgeous. The time passage shows so much in little details.
Dawn22Eagle's avatar
Thank you very much :3
Scarlet-Mirages's avatar
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