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Hello! I have a concern/question sort of thing. Is registration open? I keep trying to make an account and it says i cant sign up at this time after putting in my info and such
unfortunately the server kinda got struck by lightning so it's down right now, and since forum accounts are tied to game accounts its preventing registration from going through. we're working on getting it back up though, we'll make an announcement when it is!
I do have a question when downloading this, is there any risk for my computer to receive any viruses? I'm sorry for such a random question.
You'll be glad to know that this game doesn't have any viruses and will pose no risk
While I'm in the Forest with the giraffes (forgot the name)
This error will randomly pop up and close the game, sometimes making me loose my kills.
Error Message by StarryKitty05oo

I just walked into (the same) forest and this error popped up and closed me out:
Dawn.EXE by StarryKitty05oo
I specifically recieved the same error when I was attempting to access the jungle portal in Impressive World (Another Impressive Title server different from DoE.) 

Problem: Your RAM (Random Access Memory) hardware (it's those green chips with black squares set underneath your laptop or inside your tower desktop) is not sufficent in processing size to handle the complicated texture files from that Forest portal you're trying to access. 

Solution: Purchase RAM with greater memory capacities (I suggest you to get 2x sticks of 4 GB which equal to a total of 8 GB memory.) or purchase a new laptop with better capablities. 

I attempted solution 1 and it worked on my laptop. I Hope this helps. :)

Note: I'm a computer geek so don't take the tech terms and acronyms too seriously lol.