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Mystery Girl- Some sort of Code by dawn-mist Mystery Girl- Some sort of Code :icondawn-mist:dawn-mist 16 4 The Owl- wip by dawn-mist The Owl- wip :icondawn-mist:dawn-mist 4 2
Not Soulmates
As in lovers fated to be?
You talk of two souls linked
By the red thread,
Don't you?
Yes, Soulmates...
I've heard of that before of course.
Heard of souls that were
Split across
The wide universe
Never complete without the other.
Like as if made of the same spark
As if playmates in the wheel
From the first breath to the last
And then all over again.
Not Soulmates.
But lovers whose souls mate
As they gaze through windows
With eye-lids for shutters
At the glory of each other.
There is pain in yearning souls
And pleasure at the contact;
The trembling surrender
In pockets of secret words of hidden truths
And spaces of sacred silence.
The engulfing sweetness
In reflections in the eyes
Whose soul says it knows
The refractions of the other.
The velvet caresses
Of soul melding into soul
Over shared time and
Timeless existence.
So not Soulmates
But two Souls that mate
Invoking the oldest alchemy
Of turning two to one
Finer than gold
A manifestation of
Pure divinity.
:icondawn-mist:dawn-mist 0 0
Happy Birthday, Mom! by dawn-mist Happy Birthday, Mom! :icondawn-mist:dawn-mist 0 0 It's me by dawn-mist It's me :icondawn-mist:dawn-mist 0 0 The Orange Lynx by dawn-mist The Orange Lynx :icondawn-mist:dawn-mist 0 0 Bless India Mssion by dawn-mist Bless India Mssion :icondawn-mist:dawn-mist 0 0
Our world
Funny how it is...,
My nights and days just melt.
Unless used to measure
How long I wait for you,
Is irrelevant.
You are the only drink of coffee
I will ever care to have.
Sleep, exhaustion and weary eyes
Catch up to me in your absence
Because when you leave, you take
With you, your world. Our world,
Where sleep is obsolete, time is frozen,
Our bodies ethereal, our minds infinite
And our hearts
Our magical, nonsensical world
Built of your voice, your breath...,
And mine.
Soon our realities will converge
And sleeping will be just as good as waking
For I'll be with you from
The setting to the rise of your eyes.
Time will be deliciously teasing,
Unfolding every bit of you ever so
Slowly before my eyes.
Our bodies and minds can no longer
Tel their owners apart.
And our hearts...
Maybe they were simply
From the start.
:icondawn-mist:dawn-mist 1 0
Twin Soul
So I spread my arms out and stretch my legs
Finally move through motions I was always meant to.
And then, that reflection that is you shows itself
With every inflection, emotion and movement. A twin.
My twin.
The same eyes, similar mouth and in-sync heartbeat
Growing in stronger planes, breathing in fire while I
Spun round in shifting glasses of ice and water.
Minds and hearts sent out eager bonds. Melding lives-
Our lives.
And here began our curious search
Each delving into the other
Hands intertwined slowly and quick
And finding that our palms fit
Like everything else in our worlds.
Oh! What can we name this or
Should we not name this at all?
Yes. How silly to confine this
Sharing, merging and seeping of
Your universe and mine in words.
...Oh! The universe in you and I.
You simply call and the gates melt-
We meet, we know, we share and marvel.
I take the hum of your voice to bed
And under the covers, I shut out the rest
Until there is only you, and you and I
Just you and I, revealing
:icondawn-mist:dawn-mist 0 0
The Spider web
There I am, right in the middle
Of the stones of the past, the wisps of the future.
Here I stand churning thoughts and motions;
Twisting them to yield, forcing them to still
To the sound of my heart,
.....The power of my will.
   They grow, consume. They sway me, confuse me.
   They rise and fall. They flitter and escape me.
   My feet ain't grounded. The future sucks me in
   My heart is far from peace. The past swelling, smothering.
I want, I need, I wish, I hope,
I yearn, I long just to stop....
Stop. Stop until I hear the sound
                                  of silence.
Stop. Stop until I see eternity!
Stop... Just stop.
And then one thought, one motion
I shall churn and weave,
Sending one end to the future
With the other anchored in the past.
By one tendril and one more and more
I shall cast my web,
Designing my path through labyrinths of time,
Catching m
:icondawn-mist:dawn-mist 0 0
Slicing Shadows
I have a light
Pulsating, coiling, striking
Fighting against the walls
Peering through crevices
Longing to be free
It is a light
Dimming, sleeping, dying
Contained in the dark
Denied of its purpose
Weary of the wait.
Remember the light
It's a promise to keep
To peel off the layers
And let the sun seep.
Remember the light
It's voice and need
Uproot the fears
And burn its seeds.
Remember the light
Keep it aglow
For if it dies,
You die too.
:icondawn-mist:dawn-mist 0 0
The Mermaid's Diary
Still waters and deeper still
I lay musing at the ripples you make
With your queer charm and liveliness
Dancing to the tune of rituals I hardly know.
You are an enigma, a mystery..
A page-turner for sure.
I find myself peering through weeds just to steal glimpses
Of you in your strange glory, in your world I've never been.
Ah! And then you see me!
Troubled waters distort my face.
The one-way mirror has changed.
Disturbed I was and yet,
I could hardly help reaching out to you.
I simply had to rise from where I lay.
I'll swim towards the surface
So won't you step in these murky depths?
Won't you meet me half way?
I'm not as strong as I wish I could be.
It's hard to stand up to the day.
But, ah...
I see you like the sun and sand;
So I guess you will carry on
Dancing upon water tops,
Singing to me your song.
But all I hear is your muffled voice;
All I can see are your reflections.
You have to know, I think you
Underestimate the distance in our affections.
So still waters and deeper still
:icondawn-mist:dawn-mist 0 0
After a long day, he finds his daughter home...... A surprise. She rarely comes over. But he's not complaining. After a long time....., he is not alone. He smiles, sadly though. He walks over and hugs her. She asks, "how are you, daddy?". His eyes looses focus as he looks away. He leans on her shoulder and in a small voice says, "My Daddy is gone, girl...."
Had a wife, had a daughter,
A huge family and pets....
And then slow poison began taking effect
The promise of the ring broke.
The lil' boat drifted to new waters....
And the others have faded to gray.
That which is left is bland.
Mere existance, routine,...
He comes home finds it empty.
Accepts it as a part of life.
And then a spark disappears
The one that had been shunned.
The heart is numb: the mind races.
Shadows of people swarm to comfort.
But they are gone now. And now....
And now....He's alone. Once again, alone.
Acceptance is hard this time.......
The heart ain't numb no more!!!
Yes, he is strong. So what?
The sparkle in his
:icondawn-mist:dawn-mist 0 2
Dancer -digitized by dawn-mist Dancer -digitized :icondawn-mist:dawn-mist 1 2 At the park by dawn-mist At the park :icondawn-mist:dawn-mist 0 4
The Heart's Home
No, not that way....
I'm scared. Its dark and I can't feel a thing.
Stop this treadmill, will you!
I'm fine. I'm good I just-
I fear I might never ever be able to sing.
Say its okay....
I know. The ground shivers and its dark here too
But hear me out, will you?
I'm unsure. I may be a fool but
My heart tugs me north: a place where i can be true.
Let me explain....
I'm human. Of course I don't know for sure what's right.
But believe me, won't you!?
I realize... I might regret but
I wish to walk where the ground breathes day and night.
               ....Where uncertain steps shower me smiles,
                     Mere worn out capes let you fly for miles...
....Where falling just meant getting back up wiser
      And soaring same as walking, just travel li
:icondawn-mist:dawn-mist 0 5


..::Last Period second anniversary::.. by Megan-Uosiu ..::Last Period second anniversary::.. :iconmegan-uosiu:Megan-Uosiu 232 10 Moana by sakimichan Moana :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 24,112 608 Chinese Zodiac.:Dragon:. by sakimichan Chinese Zodiac.:Dragon:. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 18,338 310 Ahri. Nude tag. by sakimichan
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Ahri. Nude tag. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 3,603 0
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WHOA!! Waddya know.., it's another journal entry!!! And the last one was just two days back! What's up with that!!!

Well, yesterday was my birthday. So that means I'm 20 now!!! All I can think about is how little I've done in the past few yrs. Dammit! I should be at least rock solid in my foundations in anatomy and perspective and such.... Man! I want to start my course all over again. I wonder if I'd do better the second time....., probably not! :P

OK!!! Well, so this is my '20-yr-resolution'- I, Sejal, am going to start some serious work regarding my basic foundation. Wait a minute. How long does it take to establish a decent foundation in human anatomy n perspective???

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