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Welcome to your Wishlist Hub on dA!

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Simply click JOIN and you are in! Everyone is welcome here!

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Donations Appreciated

Please consider donating to iLantiis to help the group fund giveaways and help pay for wishlist purchases for the members! Donations are not mandatory but are certainly helpful!

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Mission Statement

It is the mission of DAWishlist to showcase all forms of wishlists made on deviantART by our members. Our secondary mission is to promote and feature our members, their artwork, and their wishlists.

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It is not the mission of DAWishlist to grant wishes. While we will grant wishes when we are able to when points, money, and features allow for it, we ask members to direct their wish requests to our great and amazing affiliate, dAWishingWell.

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Group Rules

Do not beg for points, features, etc.
Do not harass members or admins.
Do not submit anything needing a mature tag.
Submit to the correct folder or be declined.
No theft! No theft! No theft!
Admins make the rules and can change them when necessary.

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Gallery Folders

Edna - Tales of Zestiria Pendant by craftsbyblue
Commemoration to Boris by ChaosFay
Pokemon - Mega Gardevoir by craftsbyblue
RWBY - The Fall Maiden by craftsbyblue
Dusty by MiaRogi
Challenge P1 | Ae-Ri by Blaue-Haut
Feathers by MiaRogi
I really wish I got to say good bye by Starphishy
Vintage Love Letter by iLantiis
Faun (portrait commission) by LualaDy
Koba Sena (commission) by LualaDy
Sweet Portrait (commission) by LualaDy
Nomad by LualaDy
Ritual by LualaDy
Purple Feelings 2 by LualaDy
Cold Stone by LualaDy
For Sale
Customizable Rose Stem Necklace by craftsbyblue
Mary Jane Pole Dance by sunnyday2000
October18 Patreon Rewards by LualaDy
Harajuku Fashion SuperSale Adoptables (3/10 OPEN) by pastelaine-art



Let's Grow Hearts!

November is known for being the month of giving or the month of thankfulness (at least here in America it is). Being kind should be a way of life and this month boosts our confidence to give more freely! What are you giving? Can't give? What do you need that someone might be able to provide?

Please link us in the comments to your journals!
This journal will be updated with new content until the end of December!

Giving Journals

i want to be giving and festiveseems weird, but it is true
So for the 2018 holiday season, I am wanting to do some ACEOs for other people. I get to decide WHO but you get to make my list of deviants to choose from! There is no guarantee I will do an ACEO for someone on the list, but I will only be selecting characters to do ACEOs on from the list made by all of you.
You cannot suggest yourself.
You can suggest only ONE deviant and must tag them please! COMMENT HERE
You must include 1 or 2 mostly humanoid OCs of THEIRS for me to choose from.
IF YOU ARE TAGGED, you can comment NO if you don't want to be on the list and possibly have an ACEO done of your OC - alternately, if you dislike the OCs selected, you can comment different OCs for me to choose from.
If you
  Pay What You WantHow This Works:
Tell me what your budget is (can be anything from $5 to $5000)
I tell you what I can make within that budgetAfter going over details for the commission you pay 50% upfrontI make the commissionWhen finished I list it on my shop and charge only the other 50% + shippingOnce I receive the payment I ship it off to youIf you decide after I’ve begun/finished the commission you can no longer afford it I will keep the 50% upfront payment.  The item will still be listed in my shop at 50% of the agreed cost.
The budget does not include shipping.  Keep that in mind.  If your budget is only $5, and that includes shipping, it’s going to be a no.  Shipping in the US generally starts at $3 for small lightweight parcels. 
If you wish to commission me for more than one item assume you’ll need to have at least a $15 budget prior to shipping.
Specifically for Jewelry
I need you to provide links to three pieces I've made that you favo

Wishlists for things in Need

2018 WishList
2018 Wish List
Just in case anyone wanted to gift me anything.
I want you to link me your wish list in the comments as well!
Obviously no obligations - just in for fun.
Art of the Characters
My little snow lockette really suit the season of winter. She is a very maternal lockette and would probably have lots of gifts for others.
She may look like a spoopy halloween gal, but she love winter and being with Malice on christmas...or all the time.
Sugar or Spice
A cute winter princess and her best friend. Both specialize in ice magic and might kiss under the mis
  Wishlist 2018*nervously laughs* It's this time of the year. I'm too scared to tag people but if somebody would be kind enough to make me a gift, I would be grateful. Im going to draw some gifts as well, like I did last year.
The dream would be more people to join Aldaver ARPG and buy my adopts, since I'm still trying to save for new pc and cannot find job as much I'm trying ;n; 
Ok, going back to real things.
Art of my humanoid characters, drawn single or as couples 
Asheran and/or Canre (Vixeri)Amir (LH) 
Tsubaki (LH)
Marro and/or Neecah (non CS)Narrim (Vixeri)
  2018 WishlistHere is my 2018 wishlist, I want everyone to know I'm not forcing anyone to do anything for me this is just for fun. If you are an artist and I tagged you in here and you want to be removed please tell me. 
Art of any of my characters here, and (I love new characters)Followers Llamas 
Artists I love.
CS I love
I hope everyone has an amazing holiday and rest of their day! 

LF Dainty!!:icondarling-dainties: :icondarling-dainties: :icondarling-dainties:
I am looking to adopt a Dainty BUT they go so fast (the adopts and the MYOs) that I can't catch them in time :/ So it has come to this. If you have a MYO slot for a Dainty or a Dainty you are wanting to part with, I have money! I cannot swap/trade as I do not yet have a Dainty lol I am also unwilling to part with any of my OCs (CS or otherwise). I do have two CS you can request MYOs for if you like, but honestly I'd just like to pay what the Dainty is worth and be done.
Preferences (in order desired)

My Giving Journal
Please read, comment, and enjoy!

  Commission Info [OPEN]examples and prices
These all range from headshots to full bodies. Just be aware that squeezing a full body into an A5 isn't that easy.
Patreons have a 10% discount: Patreon
I'm not taking scene commissions till November 2018.
I am both preparing a convention and a 2 month long collaborative contest.
I will only draw portraits, and simple posed characters.
Coloured pencils
A5: 15€
A4: 25€

2 Toned Sketch

A5: 20€
A4: 35€
Sketch + a touch of colour
A5: 20€
A4: 35€

Tiny portraits
  ART SALE!Last weekend we were at the Salon Fantastique of Paris, our very first fantasy convention with LualaDy.
It was a very nice experience, and we met a lot of beautiful people!
We prepared a lot of stuff like original artworks and collabs, and here are the remaining pieces for sale ~
Emoticon Gallery 
Some infos:
- if interested or if you have questions, please send an email to
- payment by Paypal in €, or bank transfert from Europe.
- shipped international with tracked letter. Shipping is not included in the price
(between 5 and 10€, depending of the size of the picture - cheaper for France)
ACEO - 10€
(please use numbers on the pictures)

Wishlist 2018I'm new to wishlists but... I don't mind being tagged for wishlists! Though I am a shy bean and might not tag people.. orz
I will probably just draw small simple chibis as gifts tho, hope that's okii!
I wanted to draw more and give some gifts for the holidays <3
Want to tag me in wishlists for art of an OC or for fanart? Just say the word~ Or make a journal and tag me in it! I might not be able to fulfill all the wishes but I will try my best to do as many as I can!

Art of any of my OCs in here!
More commissions/art trades.
Maybe a Premium membership to change my name.
Edit: Might tag people after all.. I'm sorry for anyone that doesn't like to be tagged. ; v ;
Just keep in mind you are not obligated to do this! And if I tag you, it means I love your art and you are an inspiration for me!
I'm just gonna limit it to mutuals, and the ones I know are doing wishlists. [Which isn't a lot ; o ;]
  wishlist oofI'd love to get art of any of my babb
but mostly these 2

aerolin berserker myo slot
a myo slot of any Oujikyuu's species
any myo slot of a group i'm in 
feel free to put me on your wishlist if you want to
  Holiday Elf Wishlist- 2018Hello everyone! Welcome to the project Holiday Elf Wishes 2018! I am writing this because I had fun doing this the last couple of years and want to keep it going. Anyone can join and participate! I've stolen this form from saniika and hope to keep it going for years to come. Read the journal to find out more if you are interested!
Christmas TreeHOLIDAY ELF WISHES!Christmas Tree
:snowflake:Step 1.
Make a post in your dA journal. The post should contain your list of 10 holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and fandom-related ("I'd love a Snape/Hermione icon that's just for me") to medium ("I wish for _____ on DVD") to really big ("All I want for Christmas is a new car/computer/house/TV.") The important thing is, make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.
If you wish for real-life things (not fics or icons), make sure you inclu

Chaosfay's 2018 Wishlist1.  I have a couple Amazon Wishlists.  My general wishlist, which is also my more important one, is here with the more important things at the top.  I have another strictly for quilting supplies here, but in no particular order.
2.  My second wish is I want to have my credit cards paid off.  I need $8500 in order to do this. 
3.  I would love to see my work sell.  All my quilts and handmade jewelry are located in my shop here.  I could pay off my credit cards just by selling enough of my work.  There are items for nearly every budget, from $5 to over $1k.
4.  Monthly supporters on my Ko-Fi page.  I have a gold account which permits people to sign in and donate automatically every

Things being Sold you might just LOVE

Custom box: Circle image with side tabs (CSS) by UszatyArbuz
Patreon Rewards September 2018 by LualaDy OPEN OTA Wonderling 0004 by iLantiis
Empyral 10 - OTA PENDING by minkybean

Wanna get randomly featured?

Please make sure you submit to our galleries and make some wishlists! Features are done randomly of all members who contribute to the group.
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