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About dAWishingWell

dAWishingWell is a community-based group on deviantART and only operates on deviantART. Our primary goal is to give a venue where community-oriented and other policy-abiding community members can not only make a wish but have their deviantART-related wishes granted, be featured and recognized for their talents and participation, and for these deviants to have a safe atmosphere to gather and share artistic and charitable interests.

We are not employees of DeviantArt! We rely on the generosity of our members and watchers to grant wishes.

Our wonderful members, watchers and affiliates read and share our journals all over deviantART. Your wish will be seen by thousands of deviants. Aside from our amazing members, the Well grants a very set amount of wishes throughout the year. All Well-Granted wishes must pass a strict review process to ensure those on the receiving end are good policy-abiding deviants. If you are not in that category, the Well will not grant your wish. You may make a wish and have that wish featured though.

The Well-Granted wishes are possible because of donations to our point account TheWishingWidget. All points are used to grant wishes.

Joining our group and membership rules

Every application is automatically approved. Just click the "Join our group" button on the front page. But be aware that we are expecting our members to abide to our group's etiquette. Failure to comply can result in a ban from this group.
  • You can join with multiple accounts, but unless your second wish is a Forever wish, you can wish only on one account. Wishing on more than one account will result in an automatic ban!
  • If a shared account is used to make a wish, none of the account users can make another wish on their own account.
  • Avoid arguing with admins. If you have any issues with the group or one of its admin, please send a respectful note to the group.
  • Do not beg for points or membership. This group has a wish system, use it!
  • Do not harass our members or admins. We have zero tolerance for that kind of attitude.
  • Do not spam the group.
  • Repetitive failure to follow any of our rules will result by being blocked from this group.  
Please be a part of making this group a great place for any deviant.

How to make a wish

:note: Make a wish simply by sending a note to the group. It's the only way we will accept your wish.

If you have a paid wish (premium or forever), please be specific in your note since you can also have a regular wish at the same time.

Wish rules

When making a wish, you are allowed to wish for only one thing. Do not ask for multiple items in the same wish. You are allowed only one regular wish a month, whether it is granted or not. The list is cleared every 1st of the month. If you want to keep your wish, you have to send a new note. You can also make a new wish. Please wait for the "Month hopper" journal or the "Accepting wish" poll before sending your wish for a new month. You cannot wish for another deviant if this deviant already has a wish, and if a deviant made a wish for you, you cannot have your own wish. This applies only for regular wishes.

We do not accept wishes from point accounts. Please, use your regular account to wish on behalf of your point account.

We are accepting DeviantArt related wishes like points, core memberships, prints, commissions, adoptables, features, daily deviations, gift art, critiques, comments, badges, watchers, art trades, super group. Please look at The Showcase for examples of wishes.

You are allowed to mention up to 3 deviations with deviation-related wishes like Daily Deviations.

We are not accepting seniority and deviousness award wishes or wishes regarding mature content, hate, trolling, call out, asking for votes to win a contest, lottery, raffles/giveaways, donate points to a commission widget or anything against DeviantArt policies. We will not accept wishes on behalf of a deviant banned from this group. We will also refuse wishes we find too expensive, like asking for more than 5,000 points or more than a 12-month core membership, or a Daily Deviation on an artwork too far from the requirements to get a DD. Note that smaller wishes are granted more often than expensive wishes and that granters will most likely give you points if you include a reason with your point wish.

Please keep your wish description short!

Wishes are displayed all month in The Showcase and on a weekly journal.

Don't make plans around your wish being granted... The Well is not able to grant time-sensitive wishes nor is here to allow deviants to hold giveaways and contests of their own by granting their wishes for points in a set amount of time. If you are relying on your wish to be granted in order to be able to hold a contest, do a giveaway, give a birthday present, etc, you will most likely be disappointed. Also, we won't make special features for time sensitive wishes.

We cannot guarantee that your wish will be granted - even if you donate to the Well.

Anonymous wishes

You can make your wish anonymous, but you must wish something for another deviant than yourself (meaning no alternate account either). You will not be allowed to make a second wish for yourself, unless you bought a special wish. Note that your identity will be visible to all our admins.

Paid wishes

This section is for paid wishes only! Regular wishes are free and their rules are described in the sections above.

The paid wishes are the Recurring wishes and the Premium wishes. Those comes in different lengths and prices. The Well will keep a running tally of all paid wishes. Each deviant can have an unlimited number of paid wishes. To get a paid wish, simply donate the required amount of points to TheWishingWidget and then note the group with your wish (you can contact us before donating the points if you are not sure your wish is valid).

Forever wishes are discontinued but the ones previously purchased will still be honored (no new forever wish will be sold or given).

Supergroup status is ineligible to be a special wish. 

Common perks and rules of all the paid wishes (recurring and premium of any length):
  • Unlike regular wishes, you don't need to renew your paid wish every month! It is done automatically!
  • You will receive a note when your wish will expire.
  • If you renew your paid wish, you can keep your wish as long as you want. No need to change it like the Forever wish!
  • Your wish will be featured in our weekly wish features every week. 
Recurring wish:
  • Price: 3-month: 50 points - 6-month: 100 points
  • Recurring wishes cannot be changed for the entire paid period, unless it is granted in full! It can be changed if you renew it.
Premium wish:
  • Price: 3-month: 100 points - 6-month: 200 points - 12-month: 400 points.
  • Premium wishes are listed on our front page.
  • Premium wishes can be changed once a month or if granted in full.
Paid wishes, once granted, can simply be replaced with a new wish that will get the same treatment as your initial wish, and will last for the remainder of the paid period.

Forever wish:

  • Forever wishes can no longer be obtained!
  • Forever wishes last forever (some conditions apply).
  • Forever wishes are featured in our weekly wish feature every week.
  • Active forever wishes are featured in our front page (they are removed from the front page if they are not changed after 6 months).
  • Forever wishes can be changed once a month.
  • Forever wishes must be changed every 6 months.
  • Forever wishes cannot be gifted, sold or lent to another deviant. 
  • Forever wishes can be changed any time in the month, but cannot be changed again within two weeks. Exceptions might apply for short events, under the discretion of the admin team.
  • Forever wishes are removed from the group if they have not been changed for 2 years.
Every 6 months, you will be required to change your Forever Wish, including its category, if it was not changed during this time. After 6 months, if not changed, your Forever wish won't be featured in our weekly features anymore and won't be displayed on the front page, but it will remain on the Showcase for 2 years, in a special section. If you change your wish later, it will be featured again.

To avoid abuses of the rules (like changing the wish for a short time before the deadline and then revert to it), we will keep a tally on the number of months each wish has been featured over a one year time span. Therefore, we recommend you to use your Forever Wish wisely, like changing it every 3 months.

Well-Granted wishes

dAWishingWell is granting wishes every month:
  • A few 1-month or 3-month core memberships each month.
  • A few points to some deviants each month.
  • One super group in January if possible.

Granting wishes

If you granted a wish, or your wish has been granted, please notify us by sending us a note or leaving a comment on the journal where you found the wish. It will allows us to mention you in our "Good deeds" journal. Notifying us is important! When your wish is fully granted, we remove it from the Showcase, giving more chances to other members to get their wish granted too. Note that if your wish is only partially granted, it is not removed.

Affiliation requests

Affiliates community-oriented journals are features in our weekly journal Weekend Fun. We feature contests, events, features, news and articles. Note that if we have too many journals to feature, we will skip some like features. While sending your affiliation request, please include the reason why you want your group to be affiliated with dAWishingWell. We are looking to affiliate with active groups only.

If you want your group to be an official partner, you'll have to regularly feature our journals or accept them in one of your folder. Official partners can organize joined events with dAWishingWell or receive prizes for contests.

Admin applications

We hand pick our admins. Applications are never open. We only choose deviant who participate in our events, grant wishes, have experience with group administration and are already an asset for the DeviantArt community.

Deviation rules - features and gallery

dAWishingWell will not feature or accept mature art, stolen art, art containing non-credited resources, doll makers, game/tv screen shots, hate art, art containing offensive words (even in the description) or any art against DeviantArt policies. Admins are not required to feature art that they are not comfortable featuring.

Gallery rules

Gallery submissions are closed. Only admins can requests deviations or journals in them:
  • dAWishingWell's mascot Wishper: If you made art of our mascot Wishper, please send a note to the group so we can request your piece.
  • Donor news: Reserved for those who bought and advertisement package as a way to help dAWishingWell grant wishes. The admins will request the approved pieces of news in this folder.
  • dA Happenings journals: Once a week, members and affiliates can send us a note to have a contest announcement, article or other DeviantArt community oriented blog requested in this folder. We will not accept journals regarding personal content (commissions, begging for money, etc.). No wish is necessary.


If you want to advertise in Wishper's Friendly Bulletin or on our front page, please read dAWishingWell's fundraising.

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I have a question, if i make a premium wish when do i pay? (Btw i’d be wishing for someone to commission me or buy an adopt so i can save up and buy Ledgend of Zelda, Breath Of the Wild. I’ve been trying to get it for a while but no one buys my commissions :,] )