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Morrowind Iron Weapons



Concepts for a mod for the RPG Morrowind, done it a while back, decided to post it now ^^
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Beautiful work. Bravo!

I'm going to critique, an I mean no disrespect to you.
WARNING! I'm about to get nerdy.

These weapons look vaguely Mongolian (and, as such, Orcish) so taking further inspuration would be acceptable and encouraged.
"Asian" weapons come from Akavir ("China", mixed with Japan an other asian countries) in TES so the colorations, shapes, and types fit with Tamreilic craftsmen whom adopted Akaviri crafting techniques (near exclusively the Orcs of Orsinium).

Your design inaccuracies are:
  •Bows (only SOME crossbows are metal)
  •"Goodday" Mace (above the word "Iron"; not a thing)
  •1-handed Axe (axes never have 2 heads, ever)
  •Saber (bloated hand guard. It happens to everyone.)

(I'll look-up the propper name of the Goodday Mace, as it has slipped my mind, but IT is a odd and effective thing that is similar enough.)

Regardless of if you were aiming for accuracy or not, you did a FINE job!

The only things I'd say are missing from this work are "Chinese" polearms and maces.

Oh, man!
It even looks like you have a Jomun Period Japanese dickknife (not its' name)!
A DAMN FINE work! Bravo!