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Anthro Tauren Commission

OK peoples and peeplets, This is what you can expect from a FULL colour commission! The lines are a bit dated, since it's from my mad period, and so doing not that "new styley" colour friendly, but this is where I'm headed. I got some SERIOUS plans for this, since I'm not limiting myself to pencils only anymore, and painting really did't suit me, but taking a cue from people like :iconlastscionz: and :iconkizer180: , This soft cell is working!
Really proud of it :)
Commissions are still open btw!

This is for :iconkrhainos: buddy!
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This is Fantastic dude. Whats he bothering with the axes for? He could just punch a mofo!
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O heyyy. Totally digging the new look. Sweet as bro :meow:
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the coloring doesn't work and washes out ur joe mad esq. lines... u need to copy liquids coloring style to work..

cell shade is usually for simpler clean lines..
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He's at it again, good work Mr.Strauss
imnnet's avatar
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Thaaaaanks miss toasty
betsyillustration's avatar
*screams!* Totally lovin' it!! O.O
daG-ELLO's avatar
That rocks so much ass.
DawidFrederik's avatar
And he will rock you're if you're not careful ;)
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Nice workout buddy!! I bet my ass that Anthro Tauren is singing that famous song: "Booooornn to beee wiiiiiillld!!" :D :D Nice stance and nice colours dude, so faved!
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Yup, he's TOTALLY into kareoke.
linoc182's avatar

( and I mean "WOW - that is TOTALLY FRIKKIN' AWESOME", and not WoW the game... )
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Aw, can't it be both? why choose?
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Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo problems. Awesome work!
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Looking good. It's been a while since you uploaded, so I'm pretty curious to see the post Mad style.
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Gonna see alot of that from now on ;)
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THAT! is awesome! :D
DawidFrederik's avatar
THANKS! no problem! :D
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